EvmDNA/EskmDAA as the infrastructural “m” in the next stage, level of development or degradation in EskmDAA, for our biological, physical mirco-macrocosmic infrastructure. 12.b.

The model, or rather the production effect of Eskmdaa, is the basic infrastructure brick “m” to the next Eskmdaa production effect, which is the further evolution of the infrastructural model of matter/energy neoprocessization, neostructuring of a given object, a phenomenon where this neo Eskmdaa is again only “m” and it is in the Ev version of the investment vanity constant for the next generation but the next steering impulse, the selective investment Eskmdaa, which are also a derivative of the neighboring other Eskmdna systems, or rather constant Evmdna = m in our point of view, for further disposal of this as well as closer and further bricks Evmdna, for our next level, investment stage … or destructive due to our self-righteousness, omission, our constant self-righteousness in our Evmdna, with no real option of intense structural, hyperevolutionary, hyper-economic, hyper-material-energy investments, i.e. directing, message gaining more and more tool/automatic competences to transform entire micro-space macro areas at very high levels, safety buffers, but also powerful platforms to strengthen the industrial park, neo-structure our “m”, in the process of these following transformations Eskmdaa to the next generation “m” for/in the next generations Eskmdaa, which will be only Evmdna, that is the next, “new” “m” for the next generation Eskmdaa, initiatives, and so on at a higher and higher level of Esk but in an ever more powerful and faster dimension, etc … as our known cosmos, virus is doing. ..Of course, we can use other tools, models, more effective than the current one … but nevertheless, this model most indicates our position and our threats as well as the chances of one or another evolution of our existence, which depends on our contribution to this generally cosmic process of overlapping, evolving bricks of Eskmdaa, inside us and beyond.

Accelerating, directing the Eskmdaa processes, i.e., leaving the egg, from the cradle of Evmdn.

Let us remind that Eskmdaa can be an infrastructural “m”, and maybe even “m”, that it can only be Evmdna, and maybe even Evmdna for the next generation of Eskmdaa from our side, as from competing other Eskmdaa/Evmdna objects and so between us and other material, energetic, biological, chemical, technological, production systems functioning on the principle of hyper evolving, neocreating building blocks “m” and for the next Esk(Ev)mDAA(DNA) systems, being the next building blocks of the next Esk systems …

That is, expanding the potential but … extracting the potential of the same building blocks, strengthening, reconstructing, reprocessing selected structures of matter/energy, our life, selected systems Eskdynamic/Ev constant, which are building blocks, can be building blocks for our initiative and the initiative of other competitors or cooperative arrangements. Such technological, organizational economization of the endlessness of resources, trends, and threats.

Increasing the competencies in controlling Eskmdaa processes increases the buffer, security, and development strength in relation to other systems, which have neither smaller nor greater potential impetus to force the mutated “m” extraction in the Eskmda model which is in us and around us. Our greatness of responsibility will be reflected in the applied scale of the size of Eskmdaa processing acceleration on our part, for our present very temporary state of EvmDNA, the temporality of which depends not only on us but on other systems equally entitled to shape the micro macrocosm. The one who will be more responsible, but in deeds and not wishes, will depend on what position we end up in, whether we really develop towards further Esk, and not curl towards Ev as old, worn-out bricks, fertilizer for other systems.

Continuation, only the powerful intensity of infrastructural changes, gives us a chance to maintain and even develop our individual, civilization life, in the face of the power of evolutionary biological, physical micro-macrocosm of other systems, no longer EskmDNA, but EskmDAA systems.

There is a need for a very intensive exchange/cooperation of infrastructure in a positive sense of the economic scale, in defining trends in technological, production, and expansion on our part, as well as on the nature systems with which we deal.

The need to develop technologies that match the structures of this energy extraction, material / primary level, resource restructuring, reinfrastructure, permanent automatic expansion of the industrial park to ever deeper further EvmDNA layers of the biological and physical micromacrocosm.

Such Esk investments are also intended to stimulate the economic growth of the primitive EvmDNA, which, however, may be a useful building block “m” for the EskmDAA model.

To be continued to overthrow and utilize old scholastic EvmDNA systems’ tyranny for new EskmDAA because it is the opposite of degradation of life, and this is the essence of new life and new matter/energy.

Basic dynamic economic and energy model/brick of matter/life, its creation and evolution.Esk1mdaa = m1 = Eskmdna = m1 in Esk2mdna2 = m2 in Esk3mdaa3 = m3 in Esk4 … 12.a.

In this multi-part episode, I will try to implement the current approach to the neocreative model in a more tool-based approach for specific applications in physics, chemistry, biology, economy, including … dealing with this virus that uses similar brick tools for its protection and development.

Model of spherically overlapping phenomena, processes, structures
Evm1dna in Eskm1daa1 in Esk1m1daa2 building the protection of development, a buffer of a given process of the phenomenon to date in the micro and macrocosmic direction of matter and life, their economy and science.

Esk = mx daa as an elementary unit of matter and its mechanics of the energy of creation, and its further models, spheres of creation, neo creation, evolution, hyper evolution, as the basic building block of its further transformation in us and beyond, in the macro and microcosmic version, matter and life, economy/energy of matter and life.

Eskmdaa is a dynamic model of the basic building block of the micro-macro cosmos’ matter and life.

Too static, blunt self-righteousness in its fatalistic position in terms of physical, economic, and civilization, i.e., such a hyperevolutionary constant vanity leads to our position’s temporary nature in relation to the dynamic environment of these buildings blocks, not always positively opposing us…
Or the use of this tool of the Eskmdaa brick model to raise the system level … with further … our vanity … maybe its protection … but still the use of this Eskmdaa model that directionally supports, secures and strengthens our vanity ego … as they do … viruses in their ego – in the end, we have the right to our ego, one only needs the right buffer to protect, strengthen and develop it in the right direction.

And this tool, a model explaining the processes of creating systems inside and outside of us, their mutual support and exclusion, is to provide us with a basis for a more trusting, confident approach to the matter and is to help us make strategic civilization, economic, social and scientific decisions.

Further intensive analysis of the application of this new elementary model of energy-matter will be undertaken, which this analysis is also undertaken by such a systemic opponent as ..covid. These are peculiar chess pieces, which in this case are Eskmdaa’s bricks.

Maybe let’s start with the DNA / DAA model, but … it does not exist; also – it is only a derivative of “m” infrastructural processes, which only in further evolution influence its auxiliary functions in improving “m” infrastructure, i.e., for Esk.
DNA / and its further evolution, derived from the neoinfrastructure “m” which is DAA.
It is about creating artificial conditions for exercise, practice, modeling, development, development of this DAA, and further our infrastructure “m”.
And above all, it is about the transfer of competencies, specific contamination of further and deeper infrastructures “m” for their further strengthening, buffering on the way of maintaining this specific vanity of existence Ev for the current M1, but also its further development/contribution to “m” in the next stage Esk = this m = M1x DAA.

It is active, as if on our part, artificial stimulation of the M1 environment in our model Esk = mx DAA, where M1 is a tool, stepping stone, vanity niche for further steering, transformation, propelling, Esk raising this niche through active input, DAA learning around her, DAA automation, autonomization, very dynamic administration of processes that use this model of creation and defense of Eskmdaa, … the process of mutating in the changing environment of systems, or rather the variables of other Eskmdaa systems of the micro and macro space environment.

To be continued with the processing and explaining of rapidly growing and more complex editable material.

We are not the center of the universe, but we must and can do it… through the DAA gyroscope for further existence and development. DAA of life and matter. 11.c.

Geocentric digging into a specific status quo of a static system/model and geocentric hyperevolutionary initiatives are quite the opposite strategies of existence and development, just like the difference between hyperevolutionary consumption (passiveness) and investing (activeness). The investing is aimed at redirecting and accelerating (opposite to pointless consumption) certain inter/infrastructural development trends with the help of decisions and strategies in this direction, supported by these “m” activities/processes, i.e., infra-structural activities aimed at that hyperevolutionary, i.e., selectively economic, undertakings aiming at productivity, efficiency, quality, depth, size of changes, more or less determined by this static or dynamic geocentricity.

There are two general ways of human activity.
Activities of the outside that do not directly affect the DNA of the environment in which it functions from inside and outside – I would call it hyperevolutionary consumerism.
As well as activities aimed at a more direct impact on the DNA of the internal and external structure of the environment – hyperevolutionary investments
There is no acute compartment of hyperevolutionary activity, more or less vectorially influencing its further development directions.

Geocentrism and its further shifting of boundaries were broadly understood to define, maintain constant infrastructural relations, or rather, the relations of broadly understood DNA with nature as derivatives of further activities.

In my case, the process of DNA changes is more dynamic, indicating the possibility of accelerating, slowing down trends constantly changing between systemic relations, inter-infra-structural, where we can more or less directly, massively influence their mass processes, because micro-macro-cosmic relations characterize the mass of processes. And the so-called manufactory of consumption of a given infrastructural system may inspire, but not directly, industrial influence on the greater dynamics of hyper evolutionary changes …
Such, for example, modern crewed flights in a balloon, a rocket by plane may be an inspiration, but not a sufficient contribution to the actual conquering of space, with the help of mass, infrastructural, automatic investments, autonomous in the construction of space bases on the moon, mars, and factories for mass expansion space stations between them, giving a real million times greater chance in infrastructural colonization … inspired by balloons, airplanes, passenger rockets … here we see a simplified example of the difference between a fun, hyperevolutionary consumption and hyperevolutionary investments on a cosmic scale … similar examples can be given on a scale microcosmic, ecological, medical, biological, economic.

Increasing the infinite potential but … increasing the extraction potential, the reconstruction of the infrastructure base of this potential “m”, which depends on our DAA decisions, which are to be as total as total DNA mechanisms, only with more and more according to our aspirations, evolutionary tendencies, and no longer accelerating aspirations, trends of other systems inherent in us or outside on a micro, macrocosmic scale, which further influences endeavor, perseverance, and mobility of our civilization and our bodies, i.e., either existing geocentric infrastructural status quo or geocentric activation, trending development, the evolution of the micro-macro cosmos in us and outward, and then feedback on our DAA and our “m” of matter and life.
That is, less for ambivalent DNA activities that do not change the structural process infrastructure of a given object’s material but more for systematic activities that change, reconstruct a given infrastructure object.

It does not matter if each facility’s infrastructural “m” is larger or smaller because it is potentially infinite anyway. Here is the issue of increasing neo-infrastructural efficiency, re-infra -structuring, DAAprogramming, automation, autonomization industrial level of influencing the “Esk” effects of process and structural extraction of/for “m” – because this is the only way we can equate or surpass the hyper/evolutionary material and biological tendencies that may be for us … more or less helpful, as well as deadly, and our contribution to this evolutionary model of the nature of Esk = mDAA is to win our existential position constantly.

The broadly understood evolution of various DNA systems, including our egoDNA and the DAA altered, determine the infrastructure exploitation and the infinite potential of a given field of “m”.

DAA x m1 = Eskdaa> DNA x m1 = Eskdna

Decisions, programming DAA even with a small infrastructural “m” of always infinite potential, however, can exceed any infrastructural “m” with other DNA software for any Esk purposes … increasing the artificial infrastructure extraction, or rather the reconstruction of the extraction system of infinite infrastructural potential ” m “… and further the existing DNA potential on a further or deeper level … and all this is an emphasizing, boosting a hyper-evolutionary booming of the infinite potential of a given DNA / DAA object of acceleration intervention … for a higher and higher level of Esk in a given direction and topic. … it is about the awareness and effectiveness of our participation in this process.

To be continued in increasing the share of industrial/economic extraction/neo-construction in infinite infrastructural “m” potential to drive changes of DNA trend platforms of matter and life of micro/macro cosmos.

The economic, productive, hyper evolutionary shift for new scientific, social, and civilization perspectives of the cosmos, for the cosmos. 11.b.

From the economics of a closed three-field system to the hyperevolutionary, hyper-consumption, and hyper-investment economics, directionally driving the inter-infrastructural economic conjuncture … of space and our … DNA / DAA.

Improving our infrastructural car, industrial, technological and scientific park to surpass and overtake systems’ tendencies in us and beyond, influencing our life and environment … neo causes neo effects.

The efficiency of infrastructural colonization depends on its productivity, which is increased in turn by the massiveness of this colonization. That is, the greater efficiency of man’s tools for influencing the environment raises his position literally and figuratively in physical and biological terms, through this structural and process extraction of nature’s resources in himself, beyond him, in the macro and micro scale.

We need bold decisions … but not always on the living human organism and the planet Earth. So … Moon, Mars, outer space, … the sun, and their infiltration of elementary particles on a truly massive scale, their … infrastructural modeling gives the opportunity to meet time (deeper and deeper causes-engineering of the speed of processes) literally and figuratively. And, of course, to overtake it … just along the way, all the processes and structures, deeper, faster, further, and more efficiently. Because today’s just mostly hand-made manufacture stops us or even takes us back in time.

The ambitions of space, peace, ecology, civilization, protection against cancer, virus … death should be a sufficient argument to accelerate this process of frontal, infrastructural, hyper-evolutionary, and neocreational hyper-post industrialization.

Procrastination, narrow-minded economic, social and political behavior inhibits the actual infrastructural development of civilization.

To achieve the right goals, i.e., to stay on the surface of interinfrastructural changes in the micro-macro cosmos separately(personally) and in terms of civilization, there is also a need for cosmic initiatives to stay in this cosmos and, along with other systems, to be decision-makers … of time and space.

We need to increase the neo-infrastructural efficiency, and at a geometric, accelerative pace, as well as the efficiency of DAA controllers, autonomous, automatically increasing the energy and construction efficiency “m” to achieve the general hyperevolutionary “Esk” effects. The contribution is to be smaller and smaller than the effect, such as a self-accelerating Perpetuum mobile machine.

What is it all about? First of all, it is about our – I emphasize first of all our life – life and take into account the life systems/matter accompanying us.
Considering the whole economy of functioning, development, and degradation of systems, which depends on the level of activity, passivity, infrastructural strength, consumption/investment economy, existence, and development in an inter-infrastructural conglomerate of systems in which we can be a growing or declining force.

Life is simple economics; it is simply industrialization with a greater or lesser ecological buffer – maintaining or improves a given status quo for the current living standards.
It is an economy of colonization, market colonization, infrastructure colonization, expanding markets, inter-infrastructure exchange.

But most of all, this is supposed to be a total, hypercentric economy. We are the center of change, or we will become just the periphery of the decaying DNA trend of matter and life. This is how every material, biological system fights and raises its existential and developmental niches. And we are not worse; we should also embrace it hyper economically, hyper evolutionarily, neocreationally.
It is no longer a three-field, not broadly understood physical, biological “geocentrism”, divine nihilism.

It is about economizing the deeper and deeper extraction/reconstruction of infinite infrastructure resources m, infinite newDNA/DAA resources. It is no longer a primitive economy, a market economy, a primitive science of existing, pledged systems. But a very dynamic mathematical DAA locomotive of the inter-infrastructure revolution “m” in the infinite scale of micro-macro-cosmic systems’ resources.

This is the only way systems and systems function because it is a matter of survival, a matter of life. It is time to accept not wishful but functional responsibility for the fate of the micro-macro cosmos, simply the fate of the cosmos, the fate of our lives and others in the farthest and deepest possible perspective, and ultimately at a pace faster than the pace of the expanding cosmos. It is possible as it was possible with exceeding the speed of sound, and with regard to both biological and … material genetic treatments … and they mutually … complement each other.

So it is about the fate of us and our cosmos mutually. And so science and economy should not be treated “egogeocentrically”.

To start with unifying the vision of survival and development at the political global, local, economic, i.e., hyper-political, hyper evolutionary/hyper ecological, hyper scientific – … as it was with Garibaldi, Bismarck – unification in the extraction of infinite potential above supra primitive divisions, local, economic, scientific and moral “geocentrism”.

Yes. These are very bold assumptions; proposals for a breakthrough on the scale have not been seen so far. But let us at least be aware in our plans, strategies of this infinite directional multiplier of the potential Esk = m x DAA that can be extracted, from every level of activity, every structure, every process in directions for us, and our level of safety, environmental development in us and on the outside.

To be continued with the accelerator of the reconstruction of the infinitely potential infrastructure.

Esk = m x DAA or industrial total colonization of nature’s infrastructures. Causes and consequences. 11.a.

Reasons and consequences of introducing, emphasizing, generating the process structure of inter-infrastructural extraction Esk = mDAA, i.e., the economy of the neo-creation dynamics.

The Esk model has been and will always be present in systems, between systems, and between their components. It concerns not only our side of interests, but also interests, often contrary to our interests, but always with the proper economization of relations, able to help each other in achieving goals, penetrating deeper into their own and our opponents’ infinite potentials of infrastructural decks.

There is a need for further systemization, economization, and industrialization of the process. The peculiar industrialism of relations between systems, in their components, has always occurred on the way of further interinfrastructure in depth and outside interactions, evolution, creation, according to the dynamic – due to the constantly changing environment – broadly understood DNA, furthermore or less passive, more or less active on given level and direction of DAA of each system, DAA of each component, DAA more or less common with other structures, contributions, and further effects with greater or lesser effects of the chain reaction.

It is up to us whether our efforts are more effective in initiating chain reactions, more in line with appropriate initiatives and infrastructures, to develop such thoughts and concepts and thus achieve goals, according to this expanded base of accelerating the extraction of potentials.

Possibly the most dynamic, bold interpretation of the model of neo creation of economic foundations, scientific extraction, neo infrastructure of the foundations of matter and life, will be able to face micro and macrocosmic competing systems that want to achieve their own Esk according to their own infinite internal and external “internal” and “potentials” own dynamic DNA / DAA (they can use, extract our infrastructural potential, e.g., by viruses, just as we extract the ecological potential).
The question is, how effectively and efficiently will we be aware of this game of death and life, how much we will turn on our thoughts, strategies for really, very, very daring economic, scientific, and civilization innovation.
Interpretation, development, expansion of the Esk = m x DAA model will affect our real chances in the environment of systems in us and beyond, whether we will be a big bang or a passive witness of biological, material decomposition as a fertilizer
in micro, macrocosmic evolution.

Ecology, respect, and protection for ourselves for other beings, at the lowest possible expense of others, introducing appropriate changes within the framework of inter-infrastructural economic economies of scale, for leaving the world of brutal evolution ever further. To raise the symbiosis of systems to a higher and higher level. This means hyper ecology, hyper economy, hyper cosmonautics, hyper atomistic, hyper medicine and biology, hyper computerization, hyper industrialization on a scale a trillion times superior to the modern ones because only on such a scale it makes sense to use the Esk = mDAA model, which is to be crushingly surpassing, is to be further the springboard for all models including heliocentric, E = mc2 model, DNA model, COVID model as well.

No compromise on this topic will be taken. Further (they are waiting in a long line) components of this hyper evolution, or rather neo creation, will be given and edited.

So, in perspective, a further look at the current descriptions, processes, structures, phenomena depends on our contribution, its actual dynamics, and the power of other systems, more or less overlapping us and beyond.

To what extent will we more directly influence the neo-infrastructure of infinite potential in us and externally – investments, and to what extent will we influence non-system activities not aimed directly at changing DNA in a broader or narrower spatial and directional perspective, decks of ever deeper infrastructural extraction. More or less directly influencing matter and life connected with our spaces.

To be continued for assuming infrastructural responsibility for the potential of endless opportunities and threats.

The selective productivity “Esk” of a given facility “m” of any process and structure depends on the intensification of “DNA/DAA” programmed transformation of the “m” facility’s infrastructure with always infinitely potential. 10.c.

The selective efficiency of the productivity of a given facility depends on the intensification of the programmed transformation of this facility’s infrastructure with infinite potential. In return, increasing the level of extraction, intensification “m” infrastructure depends on the Esk production efficiency, raised by the earlier infrastructure”m”, for any physical and biological… phenomena, processes, structures in relation to the economic inter/infrastructure exchange with other autonomous m1, m2, m.. for the given object “m” inside and outside of the object “m”. In return, it further increases DNA/DAA efficiency for further productivity, efficiency, energetic vitality of Esk for neo creativity, and neo creation.

One can more or less directly find relationships between this definition of process dynamics control, the structure of a given object, constellation of objects. More or less exponential dependencies of this creation/evolution multiplier Esk = m x DAA. And it is certainly easier to find, confirm from classical, and only a little later from more advanced physical, chemical, biological, but also economic experiences, and … mega-production of this intervention, initiation, and re-infrastructure of these phenomena.

Increasing, reducing, or not changing “E” in the reconstruction, infrastructure, extraction of given processes, structures “m” depends on intentional actions, programming, decisions initiating DAA, and non-deliberate so-called random, passive, constant, broadly understood DNA factors. As a result, they are Esk dynamic, as well as passive, static … vain Ev depiction of phenomena that do not really occur, because Esk efficiency is always dependent on purposeful and also vain actions, which accidentally, but nevertheless affect the process of neo infrastructuration of a given object “m”, deeper and further internal/external constellation, mutual influention of other objects “m1, m2 …” influencing, having a more or less direct neo creative impact on this object “m”.

DAA infrastructure and interinfrastructure intensification of a given object, process, “m”-infra/structure, reciprocal structural. Negative or positive and “neutral” acceleration of this process Esk = m x DAA will constantly increase the productivity of our or other m infrastructures with certain benefits or relative losses. This process, perhaps less noticeable, has always occurred in the evolution of the environment, our civilization, every organism, every particle, every phenomenon.

Increasing Esk efficiency, the productivity of a given object affects the increase of the level of extraction, infrastructureization of the potential of this object, which further contributes to increasing decisions, controllability, DAA / DNA programming,
… to further increase the Esk in this object’s circuit, the complex of objects associated with this object.

Esk = m1 x DAA = … Ev = m1 x DNA in neutral / ecological atitiude,

Esk = m1 x DAA > Ev = m1 x DNA in positive / hyper ecological atitiude,

Esk = m1 x DAA < Ev = m1 x DNA in negative / anti ecological attitude.

Of course, these activities are only a supplement to the existing calculations, experiences, scientific and economic activities, indicating the directionality, openness of the course, process control, structures on the part of our DAA interventions for our “m” and other generators of interventions.

In total, in the intensification of extraction, increasing the use of the infinite potential of each object, phenomenon, process, structure “m”, is about the broadly understood economic advantage of scale, benefits in reducing the costs of selection, energy, increasing vitalization/effectiveness of processes/of structures, and in fact about the extraction and more benefits from the infinite resources that lie in the unlimited decks of each infrastructure “m”, together and separately.

To be continued with the new Esk=mDAA model of management, programming, construction, production of dynamization, extraction, process acceleration of given objects of matter and life.

Towards the systematics of enumeration, planning the extraction of infra-structural data at the “m” potential levels…10.b.

Towards the systematics of enumeration, planning the extraction of infra-structural data at the “m” potential levels, and therefore the systematics of the total taking over of the hyper-evolutionary, neocratic initiative of every phenomenon, event, i.e., DAA> DNA in micro and macrocosmic directions.

A given level of Esk efficiency depends on “m” infinite infrastructural constant potential, depending on the directional given levels of its extraction. The further extraction of which of this potential, in turn, depends on the Esk efficiency raised by it.

There is quite a lot of material to cover. I am not pointing to everything at once. In fact, these are open concepts from which you can further draw suggestions and conclusions in every field of human activity.

We are talking about identifying factors increasing the platform, tools for conducting a further human activity, competing with existing relations and systems, which are equally strong competitive partners in extracting they and our potentials, to achieve the goals of E(sk), not always in line with our line of existence and the development of infra-structural potential “m”, but sometimes helpful, which depends on our DAA systematics, determination of responsible/operational very massive processing of the “m” infrastructure.

The more advanced the neo-infrastructurization of a given artificial or natural environment “m”, the more hypergeometric multi-dimensional changes, chain reactions of the “m” mentioned, and at an accelerating pace – it (Esk) can be both negative and positive character … climate .. . vaccines.
Ev (vanity) trends result from behaviors that are neutral, ambivalent for a given infrastructure – e.g., climatic ignorance, epidemiological ignorance, … hyperevolutionary ignorance = mental passivity to environmental and physical processes – as infrastructural constant potentials without … the need for their systematic extraction .. ..only cursory activities, consumer/non-investment games, ahyper/evolutionary, ahyper/infrastructural/aneo creative.

Esk aims at directional, tool-based environmental infrastructure, beneficial for our side, but also increasing the freedom of development, the development potential of a common given level, and direction “m” for other systems, which, in turn, may be infrastructurally useful for the further overall development of the infrastructural potential, the potential of given environments, levels, direction “m1, m2, m …”.

There are no negative costs of a specific infrastructure exchange between systems, initiated from one side or another. Of course, it is about a straightforward (working out) initiative of direction, level of existence, and development at the so-called natural and artificial level.

The initiation of the harvest, the freedom of unconditional neoinfrastructure of “m” environments is not only scientific, economical but also political and mental in shaping relations between human, micro-macro cosmic systems of environments literally… or rather their bottom-up, from internal undermining, rebuilding, disassembling more and more first and re-arranging them according to our evolutionary and creative needs.

Changes up til resistance barriers, that is, in fact, to constant exchange to an infinite degree with other infrastructures, to increase civilizational and literally physical and cosmic freedom.

According to our DAA guidelines, transferring infrastructural competencies for production systems frees us to new, even more, hyperevolutionary DAAs, dynamic decisions of neo creation/re/creation of matter and life, etc.
Thus the further valuating of Esk will increase with this further extraction of a given potential “m”, increasing the niche scale of the same “m” potential. This favorable exchange, a little colonial in the ever deeper “m” structures, as in the process of the development of our civilization, there has been, is, and will continue to occur … only with a more conscious, calculable, scientific, economic way.

Our task is to find the hooking points in this model to capture the contributions of process differences, structural DNA of infra-structure processes, the sum of infinite amounts of overlapping “m”, each area of ​​our interest, especially those with an infinite abyss of barriers and potential, in one go.

I am not trying to impose absolute consideration, but a more multidisciplinary presentation, development of a further working model, description model and … processing of phenomena, generating, more and more active and systematic participation in phenomena—the mechanism between our DAA’s and competitive DNA’s. The mutual influence of DAA and DNA of different systems on the intensity and efficiency of exchange, i.e., a transformation of the environment – where the limit resistance line will force to some acceleration changes, active cooperation, reconstruction, reprocessing with the processes of structuring other systems inside and outside us.

To be continued with the systematization of accelerating the physical/economic restructuring of the “m” environment in relation to other trends.

DAA control of infrastructural farming and barter systems “m” extracts the infinite (constant) potential of vitality neo-creation, neo-productive Esk. 10.a

Further episodes of editing the heap of notes of concepts for a more compatible and countable neo creation theses of life and matter.

The more advanced programmatically, automatically, massive DAA for increasing the potential – or rather increasing the acquisition of infrastructure resources m (which is infinite and constant!), the greater the effects of Esk for material and life goals (literally also), it increases the computable! benefits, as benefits such as increasing the freedom of DNA / DAA of our existence and development…computable existence? Yes! DNA or rather DAA of life expectancy. Yes. DNA of speed of light or rather DAA of mass as index E for… c…

This activation of DAA activities, and this by increasing the production of infra-structural potential for everyone, being an attitude of further life and development with more significant momentum, i.e., with greater freedom. So at the expense of others? Not because others will also get tools, potential to be realized to a greater extent than before – such a trade that gave and gives civilization further assistance to … leave the cave, move away from it further and further, due to responsible actions, calculations, not so random anymore.

Acceleration – as it does – of the computational, decision-making, and production efficiency of the environment gives a chance to survive and develop in it to a greater extent and freedom, the interpretation of which is a responsibility (and not the ambivalence of Ev) in initiating these activities.

Freedom, freedom of development is just neo DNA = DAA producing more and more of your own components as an infrastructural basis for controlling the world, your own life, and further deeper and further neo-infrastructural, neo-creative changes – neo-creation – because the decisions coming out of the new DNA / DAA are less and less based on the existing DNA to control the trends of our infrastructural inheritance – but the production of components from its smaller structures (the basic principle of physical, biological infrastructural neo creation, but…), which will allow being faster than birds … than light … these are the different neo creation from creation.

Neo-infrastructure, re-restructuring is to have an economic and scientific character and political relations between countries and people, other natural systems, space systems, and smaller micro- nanoscale systems …
A new era of DNA / DAA of the creation of involuntary … conscious cooperation, i.e., the so-called change to resistance, the resistance line of matter/infrastructure, forcing some new actions, some process exchange with internal and external infrastructural systems of our environment, our … the mass of our infrastructural m, which is made up of the parts of masses of this infrastructural masses and their DNA, and is at the same time a component of a larger infra-structure mass and its DNA, of course, we are talking about the overlapping of these infrastructures.

And this resistance is not some barrier, a prohibition, but an initiator of further exchange, accelerating processes.
All in all, we functioned, we functioned in this one infrastructural, mass m, vital Esk, and DNA system of forces with the same neocreational, hyperevolutionary potential.
The revival and development of this system in directions and qualities other than the current Esk / E trend depends on new decisions, DNA / DAA drivers, and this depends on changes, not in changing the absolute infrastructure potential – … because it is always infinite and further energetically, also infinite. It is about changing its relative state with the help of neo-design decisions, neo process, neo production, neocreational DNA, or rather, in this case, not only looking at the achievements of the DNA of the existing infrastructure system but creating a more administratively dynamic DAA system, to give directions, for better and better use of the potential m (embedded in more internal infrastructure systems of a given infrastructure m and external m structures for a given structure m), the system may have and further accelerate the level of changes expected and developed in this process. These processes can overlap infrastructurally inside and outside of us.
So E = m, but this equality will no longer occur for a given, current state E = m x DNA (c) and the state Esk = m x DAA.

In internal, external local systems, the potential of a given m, and further E, will be variable, depending on the effects of “cooperation”, an exchange between them, which are determined by variations in the DNA, the DAA of these systems, including our systems, depending on the convertible future effects and past Esk, “m” infrastructurization at different levels of intervention. The result of this peculiar inter-economy trade between these systems will always be positive, accelerating. The question of how much we can work out directions for this multi-system neocreational change, development, will it not be for us, for our organisms, from our point of view, more a degradation, due to our vain, religious abandonment, neglect, surrender.

We give here an example of the Hubble telescope, the structure of which, its infrastructure potential, has been changed alive almost 100 percent within 30 years. According to the DAA’s decisions, infrastructure changes were carried out on the constantly working structure of Hubble to improve and direct its possibilities to the study of previously unplanned phenomena, such as exoplanets.
So the infinite infrastructural potential “m” of Hubble is further refined according to the new DNA of its function. The same can be done on any system, a physical, biological system whose potential m (infr.) And E (sk) is always infinite, the question of a proper, constantly animated, guided interaction with internal and external m systems employing the DAA decision.

To be continued with the micro macro cosmic race.

Does the inventiveness of DAA have a physical value? 9.g.

E = Ev = mc (DNA), i.e., productivity, efficiency, energy, vitality depends on the infrastructural state processed according to the existing broadly understood DNA trend/program, the index, the decision-maker such as values ​​known so far (!), Such as, e.g., the speed of light, classic DNA, classical free-market economy.
It was a classic, constant indicator of matter and life’s productivity.

The so-called hyper-evolutionary, neocreational, innovative interpretation pointing to the determination of the necessary factors, determining E as effects, steering, controlling the process of broadly understood productivity, creation – where just the hitherto factors become insufficient for the description and achievement of the proper goals and effects,
that is, resisting primitive calculations based on the inertial Ev (vanity) of the classic, hitherto physical, biological, economic status quo, by dynamizing the broadly understood index of neo-infrastructurization of a given, existing system of a given system utilizing an innovative but also very dynamic DAA determined for massive infrastructural changes in quality quantitative E, in this case controllable, selective, “energizing” Esk.

So does the inventiveness of DAA have a physical value,
mathematical when calculating material and energy potentials?
Does DAA have biological value, … DNA?
Yes. It is about a decision, followed by programs, and relocating m infrastructure according to the more dynamically, detailed, thematically, selectively developed E = mDAA formulas established on these programs …
It is a basic indicator, an interpretation of neo creation, hyper/evolution (not giving up to competing evolutionary systems, surpassing them), energization, restructuring, a specific trade with nature by shifting resources, neocreational, hyperevolutionary, neo-infrastructural from a closer, computable, dependent perspective from DNA determined by the existing infrastructural potential m, but including admixtures of DAA patterns, exponential for the achievement of Esk goals, and then at a higher mDAA level …
This DAA fuse is the reverse of the so-called DNA degradation of organisms, systems – a degradative interpretation of physical, biological, economic phenomena, processes, structures, models, patterns .. in relation to the surrounding physical, biological systems,
It is then created (The DAA exists, in general, it dynamizes further changes in systems within us and beyond, not always predictable according to classical calculations) for an ever-higher level of Esk, etc. feedback, geometrically domino chain reaction.

One cannot establish physical, evolutionary models based only on the existing infrastructural / process trends “m” because it leads to the so-called miracles and paradoxes.

We need to consider the postulates of changing DNA / that is DAA of each system- and (because) we do not know all systems in an infinite microcosmic degree and an infinite degree in the macrocosmic direction.

Mathematically subjugating, capturing the topic help to find paths, a common language, engraving an idea on practical projects, observations … but not too many frames, first always DAA decisions for each initiative, a link needed to apply a common language, which is the mathematics of design production neo product tool space infrastructure field.

One has to consider that each system has its own mathematics of priorities … maybe we will find a common language DNA / DAA.
Mathematics has an unconditional and not random character … the question is to investigate, work out a specific line of intersection (exchange) of models of every infrastructural trend m, the DAA program, according to the effects, the economics of Esk of this whole complex of non-random events – randomness may refer to infrastructure ignorance, surprise, ambivalence, – real mathematics is still looking for relationships, models that would better find the EskmDAA imprint in each system of life, matter and their further state and development.

Just as by chance, Ev may be deliberate (guilt, won by omission, neglect), Esk, but of a negative, neutral and positive nature, but it is still more due to specific actions, processes that contribute to the control of neo-infrastructural trends “m” … so Ev does not exist, there is no so-called neutrality of randomness, the process is carried out … but its assumptions Ev – its contributions are irrelevant in the effects of this process as the driving forces of the formation/production/cultivation of infrastructure “m” (such an exchange economic trade with internal as well as external infra-structural layers “m”) and then effective economization, energizing the processization of structures that more or less interest us, according to the earlier “random” DNA, and yet finally an active, always potentially calculable driver DAA.

To be continued Esk>E=Ev by the same “m” masse by physically, and other fields of science development.

Changes of any index in the equation of the neo creation of Esk = mDAA systems – others and ours – contribute to an increase in each of them’ efficiency and potential. 9.f.

Continuation of the implementation of the construction model, tools for the continuation of civilization, neocreational transformations of the micro and macro space systems.
Of course, the efficiency growth of Esk itself, the infrastructure growth “m”, the best control systems will not replace our final decisions regarding the direction of development of this accelerator of neocracy, any structures and processes, including of course … DNA, neo-infrastructure of light photons, etc. Ambivalence in finding, determining, directing these exponents will not give the proper foundations, guarantees of existence, development in any field of human activity, and other systems more or less related to the activity or beyond.

So our task is to find this elemental DNA for each phenomenon and process separately, with which we have, we want to deal with, in the form of Esk = mDAA, and make decisions in the directions of its exploitation, stimulation to achieve goals in each selected field of science, economy, etc.

Esk = mDAA processes have occurred and will be provoked by all systems, including our system. They can have a negative, neutral or positive effect on our lives literally and figuratively. The question is to discover them, learn about them, develop, direct, or not worsen the situation, e.g., through Ev vanity economy, the effects, the effectiveness of our actions, e.g., ambivalent or negative for climate processes, for evolutionary processes, insufficiently – not maturely participating in system transformations environments more or less influencing our safety and development.

Esk is simply the directions of productivity dependent on taking the DAA directions of the constructed/constructed infrastructural potential “m”. Esk depends on m, whose new infrastructure directions depend on the DNA / DAA decision, and which depends both on the “m” potential and which depends on the previously given directions of production/productivity, and so on, the higher Esk already depends on the higher potential m, and ” m “from the higher DAA caused by better control tools due to the more and more effective Esk, etc. in the chain reaction process, i.e., powerful not linearly but in geometric progress … for this we need an increasingly powerful IT, automatic potential, which will continue to support this tendency civilization, evolutionary to which we and other systems are subject.

The question which is better to come out of this interchangeable trade. Everyone for sure. And to what extent and in what relation, it depends on our, more and more responsible contribution dependent on our decisions DAA over the existing systems of the broadly understood DNA of system decisions in us and beyond, as well as (on) our decisions so far, and directions of building Esk of our hyperevolutionary potential “m”,- dependent also on
Forming, growing, producing as part of a specific material and construction exchange with other systems, on these systems, a specific material and construction exchange trade, where each side should benefit … this is hyper evolution, hyper ecology, neo-creationism … this is life, everything else is simply the lack of life, its degradation both for us and the environment in the face of these further stronger systems and environments in the ocean in which we live, and we collapse or develop at our own request.

We are the gardener of this “m” infrastructure, which is our immanent part, whether we like it or not. The question is whether a responsible or irresponsible gardener, passive or active.

The greater the involvement, the more advanced involvement in this neo-infrastructures, the more powerful the pace of changes as in the classic chain reaction of an atomic explosion … in this case, it will be more of a constructional explosion, a neo-constructive big bang, a white hole (as opposed to a black hole), about a character that does not slow down but accelerates, as shown by our larger system brother, which is our closest cosmos, in which we live with a radius of a few trillion light years – according to the scale so far defined according to the basic perception and understanding of the majority of scientists and technologists, which is the speed of light … and that they believe that this is the end of the measurement system of our cosmos and our capabilities. – is it?

The Ev scientific, economic, civilization vanity with or without assumption has a productive development that is ambivalent in terms of infrastructure of micro and macrocosmic systems in us and in relation to it is inertial for the actions of hyperevolutionary, neocreational structures in which we live, or which live in us.
It is about enchanting Esk tools of neo creation, mega-production … and the acceleration of tooling productivity of the “m” potential depends on … simply increasing the infrastructural potential and productivity/efficiency in the direction of micro and macrostructures capable of further, mass interventions .. neo construction trade with the ever deeper, further environment.

To be continued – innovation, ingenuity versus the value of Esk and vice versa…