DAA of supernatural aspiration from/of DNA’s maturity. Towards models of deeper layers of the infrastructure of/for the neo/creation of the matter and/of life. 8.a.

Aspirations, production technology raise the scientific and civilization bar to a higher level of matter and life.
It’s just this new stick, a box in the hands of … a man. A stick for more and more and more developed man.
Just the desire to reach for that stick higher, the stick of the next generation, the stick of the lever directionally elevating utility according to its ever higher aspirations.

Or maybe not. Simply a new hyper / evolutionary stick through, to achieve new goals / involuntarily / consistent with the growing potential of broadly understood DNA (from the side of other systems, the so-called natural/so-called mass of the existing process structure) and DAA (from our system, i.e., artificial / vector-distinguished resources from this natural mass, that is, simply from the mass of other systems in which we live, our matter “lives” -)
the mechanism of DNA creation and the mechanism of DAA neo-creation …
DAA is an exponent of our stick, the box through which we reach; we broaden our fields of influence to other systems called natural, on the power systems of classical DNA relations.

Like a stick, a fire, a wheel became a contribution to the explosion of the civilization BIG Bang; the DAA is a permanent Bigbang of neo creation taking over the DNA environment.
-DNA is the hand, and DAA is the stick.
Not even a multiplier but over a multiplier vector factor can radically change the systems of forces, ratios, the laws of classical DNA, and other soft and hard systems of the mass of matter of/and/for life …

It is not about inventiveness itself but about over-spatial decisions, the courage to leave the existing circle, momentum,
a strong anti-resistance lever of the existing trends, activities of other systems inside and outside of us … in each of them there are more or less negative/positive impulses DAA
Because neutral – just on DNA on the current assumptions, physics, biology, economics … production achievements.

DAA that everyone can use negatively … like deteriorating climatic conditions, neutral like ecology, and positively like hyper evolution / hyper ecology … to what extent this system will use this impulse to change more or less negatively / positively… by DAA.

The DAA issue is a matter of momentum, momentum of the movement, creating a generic basis for increasing the moment of interference, structure implementation, reaching, intrusion, ….., matter metallurgy, processing, acceleration … not like scientific discovery … but rather more as an economization/production/exploitation of ever deeper layers of DNA of matter and life.

It is not hand-made manufacture, alchemy, but rather productive, economic acquisition of new areas, existential and developmental levels, raising the level of existence, and generating external and internal neo DNA.

Negative or positive investments.
This potential DAA impulse can be used by everyone negatively – like the climate right now -, neutrally like ecology, and positively like hyper evolution / hyper ecology.
To what extent will this system use this impulse according to DAA … like expanding the market of new impulses, areas of the micro and macro space market, i.e., implants, nanorobotics rockets, planetary engineering, inter-planetary, stellar, atomic engineering, biological/physical element particles, etc. …. we need billions of billions of robots today in the area from nano to space serving trillions of light-years … then we can talk about the meaningfulness of a DAA investment for changing the infrastructure of this natural DNA of the micro and macro cosmos of matter and/of life.

Therefore, no longer nature, no god … as absolute barriers.
Because all refer to them through themselves invented laws-justify their passive evolutionary attitude-
Responsibility is the basis of any action or chaos. Still, it could also be responsible for a given person’s negative trend, a system, with this attitude more or less hyper evolutionally responsible or anarchic or passively waiting.

There are no absolute laws of nature, God; we are responsible .. among other systems equally. Nobody can help us. Not the so-called neutrality or passivity as a pseudo-natural, pseudo-religious moral attitude.

Real faith is simply a sense of responsibility for all the entire cosmos’ fate. Only such an attitude can be respected by nature or god.
So co-creation is investing in mega spaces from nano microns to trillions of light-years and further and deeper.
Investments only hypernatural, only macro microcosmic, biological, physical scale have some sense in striving for better systems than the current DNA, than the current structures of elementary particles … it was and is in the development of systems, including our civilization system. ..the question of working out this mechanism, more effective enforcement…

This is the basis of life … not DNA, but DAA is the basis of the mechanism of development, matter existence, and life in terms of science, religion, and economy !!!

(Mega) DAA investments as usually infrastructural, economic locomotives, as an idea for a sensible opening of new economic/scientific accelerators.

Not blaming nature or god or fate.
We and any other systems define hyper/evolutionary trends.
The question is how much we will be more or less passive/active in it.

To be continued slowly more and more with models/formulas matrixes of/for life and matter vitality/potential Esk = … mDNA but … 10/2E (sk) = 2mx5DAA/1DNA …

DAA’s singularity inflation. Breaking down all mathematical, physical, models and formulas, or rather seeing them on a different side. 7.b.

DAA is an absolute exponent of all relations and values, their interpretation in the long run …
Admittedly, it is based on Newtonian law – and this is the only evidence that influences any preceding processes … with decisions of vectoring, scaling, an infinite but some sequence of actions.

The data, mathematical, physical, and economic performance are convergent on some section, as long as no further DAA action is taken on “DNA” (DAA is actively an index of any processes in the zero, negative, positive vector and scalar degree, it is a precursor of all formulas, calculations – because this DAA has always been more or less consciously taken into account)
contemporary matter, lives are subject to these present calculations and relations to achievements … we are talking here about shaping a new interactive space of the potential of matter and life.

This quasi-Newtonian model is only a small cover also to refute…itself … The DAA model indicates the absolute decision-making power of targeting more or less deeper factors, deceptions of influencing any processes … sometimes convergent at some levels of potential parties, systems, perceptions, affecting given processes, background / DNA processes/structures.

Such tangible evidence of the influence of the “unnatural” course of natural processes/structures on their redirection, absolute engineering, is climate change, which, simplifying for reasons of Esk = mDAA/DNA, i.e., the quasi of the Newton/Einstein formula, indicate the contribution of the change to the “m” mass of the existing processes / climatic structures of biomass due to the action of the DAA to DNA ratio, while maintaining a given level of energy/kinetic economy towards thermal/selective due to over “natural” decisions and artificial actions of DAA of people’s economy of vanity or rather of the negative selective economy.
… and geothermal energy is this technological example of changing the vision of the positive/not negative trend coexistence of DAA with other systems.

This example of DAA’s technological coexistence in essence
gives indications for the technological, production, scientific, economic, civilization trend of entering further new levels, DAA spaces as if the 4th dimension, its constant re-creation to break new technological barriers for resource and economic constraints that are increasingly better than mathematically current, opening up infinite spaces resource physical-biological … eliminating political civilization tensions, between systemic, including ecological, hyperevolutionary …

Crossing nature DNA “constancy” constantly by inventions, mega-production for a new dimension of potential and opportunities breaking previous actually classic models predictions, prejudice.
Of course, today’s science enterprise som ISS, CERN can always be helpful for multiplier subsidiarity technological mega-production.
But these inventions, projects may only serve crossing DNA of matter and life for DAA technology of/for new DNA background of exploration/exploitation/generation.

Such a game, life in building DAA accelerators, where the direction of manipulation, the creation of “nature,” and its background depends on us.

Accelerating, self-driving energy, and material processing.
Like a game of chess or a hyperevolutionary game in the DNA of the race of micro-macro cosmic matter, and what its processing technology and technology itself, developed for this reason, of life.

Taking off, sorting out own giant / generic “DNA” background of matter and life of micro-macro cosmic, own cosmos in a race for areas of influence on the background of “DNA” of matter and life.

To be faster than god, partner, a superman in the race / at work for own laws of “nature” and …not nature anymore.

To support the formation of a new cosmos, a new “DNA” of the cosmos/background breaking out of the gravity/matter/light / biological and material bases of the life DNA of cosmic velocity …
On the new factor, the hyperphysical, hyper biological factor, a hypernatural factor of acceleration of moving the boundaries of resistance velocities and other physical, biological values ​​including the time/speed limit factor of mutual properties …

So far, self-replicating, self-evolving robot cities are needed as first components, auxiliary embryos, hyperevolution models, as necessary elements in the race against … light and other “unattainable” natural phenomena
As well as the active components (no longer DNA) of DAA in the race, and maybe selective / kinetic cooperation with nature … with god …

To be continued.

Proof/model of the course of neo creation Esk = mDAA/DNA. Perspectives and concepts of application. 7.a.

Fatalistic, random, wishful, ambivalent describing, expecting phenomena no longer, but a working, responsible view of all processes and structures.

Not vanity economics / kinetic energy (Evk) = (mDNA) residual mass (phenomena) triggering,
but selective economics / energy (Esk) = (mDAA) directional conquering / reconstruction / redirection of phenomena / mass space.

No longer a wishful, random, constant attempt to explain processes and structures. No longer passive but 100% active, a different look at internal, as if external, phenomena, … working character, because this is the only thing that drives any structure/phenomenon processes … and not random or constant.
Massive work, controllability, and on our part are the interpretation of all events and further implementation of expectations./DAA.

It is a breach of the principle of absolutely existing and expected states in terms of not only philosophical, moral but purely scientific, economic … of course, selective … but our entire economy is also subject to an active, selective perspective, but today it is now(ecologically, futuristic, mentality) just only simply subject to a more random, ambivalent interpretation of events … the border between selective economics and vanity economics is not sharp, depending on the levels of interference in given processes.

The goal is no longer an empty wish but with a path to implementation,
key mechanism, pattern to the road (pattern to happiness) .. the internal pattern of neo creation, as a pattern, tool, physical literally and figuratively proof, as a continuation of the Newtonian, Einsteinian mechanism of changes, conducting with kinetic achievements at a given level of action, aspiration / .. it is not the final pattern, but a proof of the infinity of the potential in influencing mutual processes, and at the same time a contribution to further activities, its development, its next references, interpretations, perspectives for further decisions, actions.

To achieve a given goal, everything must be done, and there is no justification because the potential for decisions and actions in obtaining the existing mass of phenomena for processing is infinite Esk = mDAA/DNA
Increasing the infrastructural, mass and administrative advantage, initiating to achieve the goal of the economics of selective energy … kinetic and, in return, to emphasize the structure of the internal and external background of a given phenomenon, process, structure, among others, the speed DNA of c of spinning of processes for a given space/mass DNA of phenomena.

Selective kinetic E = mxDAA/DNA
the more DAA, the more m, the more the rest of the mass, literally the rest of the mass of the broadly understood process/structure to be transformed (from inside DAA) to DNA
of a given system of the distinguished mass to some selected selective / energy/processes backing
… an ever larger and more directional background.

This formula, the key, can be used for the production of any services, goods, including economic vanity, including some mega space investments, but in this case, also DNA/DAA of micro-space construction … micro-cities(completely/autonomously energetic/processing independent artificial supercells and their DNA for further DAA actions )for the appropriate extraction of the economic, energy selectivity of background productivity.

Newton’s, Einstein’s, DAA’s formulas prove the basis for the meaningfulness of hyper-evolutionary, hyper-ecological, neocreational activities for vector interference in
Esk = mDAA/DAA ratio of mass and hyper system investments, … that ultimately everything can be changed, with all the speed and direction issues … but then we can/have to use the maximum and unconditional mechanisms to achieve our goals without looking at any prejudices … we use this artificial tool for generating, vectoring process changes … mass, according to DAA – an accelerator of internal Dynamic Artificial Administration of processes/structures and their external behaviors.

Influence on vectors and scalars in biological/physical processes of DNA inside and outside of us
the greater the DAA/DNA ratio, the greater the potential for engineering / = interference
genetic neo-creation, planetary, hyper ecological on a mass scale.

By definition of the creation mechanism
what is supposed to have the character of internal DAA at a given level … may, however, have the character of external DNA and vice versa
they can blend … like their functions.
For example, very intense external space investments at a given level may affect an artificial background-environment-mass
DNA for expanding the technological potential useful for changing the properties of the given levels of the structures/processes of interest to us and their relations.
It is up to us to determine our external or internal investments and how much the ratio E = mDAA/DNA will hold.
You can artificially increase the DAA share by increasing the Esk (i.e., selective economics! As interpretations of process management as immanent/generic energy interpretations/vectoring!) And the DNA mass applied to the DAA.
For example, external and internal factors affect the behavior of the “mass” relationship to gravity DNA / DAA background and reciprocally and at higher, deeper levels of interpretation and interference.

This specific external and internal DNA/DAA policy can be applied to all phenomena, including the modern economy, from the atom to other smaller or larger structures.
DAA of internal investment accelerator and external but internal applications in this education on various variable, deepening levels.
administration of application from the inside, which may be DAA on the outside at lower levels

It’s all about hyper neo-creation investments … from the back, from the inside
as if independent environmental investments for a given structure, a process that we want to create, as if on its old crumbs, straight from its crumbs … independent of its behavior, more of its new DNA rebuilding, or simply building new DNA new structures/backgrounds … To improve the so-called natural ratios, … for fun, vanity, but ultimately for new generations of DAA, which are to influence, ultimately preserving old structures, their service, bypass, i.e., increasing the share in the Esk = mDAA/DNA system.

Esk = mDAA / DNA
Kinetic energy (vectoring) / = selective economics (targeting) = activation, mDAA work, and vanity mDNA, triggering the rest of the mass as a given state, including classic kinetic energy, i.e., DAA neo-investment economics, pulling to a higher level, raising the ceiling both figuratively and literally spinning DNA of the matter of life, and thus increasing its functional potential.

To continue the neo economics/mathematics of matter and micro life of the macro cosmos.

Hyper evolutionary idleness? We are just the background for nature’s evolutionary, creation processes … but that could be on a completely different side. 6.c.

First, an explanation of the ambiguous meaning of value.
Values ​​and features meaning
We are talking about values ​​according to the discovered, wasted given features, properties of relations, which can alternately change the face of a given features/ratios=/values.

Any actions are hyperevolutionary vector, a scalar. Whether they weaken or strengthen the initiator of these actions towards the surrounding systems, oneself in a given, designated direction of vegetation/existence, development.
What exactly does this movement consist of, an action that would accelerate, strengthen, or vice versa, the given values ​​and features?
Firstly, it is more about making people aware, defining an active, smaller, or larger, a developed role in this process.
Possibilities to engage in this infinite mechanism, an object of interdependence and influence.
Economic / “energetic” winning, improving its values, in exploiting the DNA of the “mass” of processes, structures, that is, in DAA.

Improving our workshop potential to improve these values
Of course, try to increase this potential and properly direct it.
This awareness of responsibility supported by this process’s actions is the opposite of hyperevolutionary laziness/idleness.

A kind of conscious mass, more and more intense expansion/release/discovery of further, deeper byproducts, raw materials as the rest of the mass potential as all existing states, the values ​​of the existing DNA/DAA of matter and life, physical, biological, micro-cosmos as/to be opposed to random, constant attitude to the processes of creation, neo/creation of matter and life …
For the comfort of maintenance, development of living standards, including ecological ones, but already at the neocreational, hyperevolutionary level … securing comfort against phenomena outside the system of our vital (literally) interests including, of course, ecological at the micro and macrocosmic level, to an absolute and infinite degree.
This is exactly how to engage in deeper levels of structures, mechanisms, initiate new ones through our own background/DNA/DAA production engineering/economy.

Yes, we are just the background for nature’s evolutionary, creation processes … but that could be on a completely different side.

Seemingly simple looks at phenomena and processes, and at the same time, we need to prove them and indicate processes that will allow us to draw the right conclusions that will be so obvious soon. A further developed interpretation of phenomena from Newton to Einstein for the delineation of ever-larger fields to apply the phenomena of influencing further processes for deeper creation spaces, neo-creation, naturally, technological, economic, physical and biological values, for their mass, wider application.

Actually, this is what it is all about, more intensive interference with properties … possibly effective, non-passive connection to this mechanism of neo creation of all processes of interest to us, structures according to the mechanism of creation for the gradually evoked potential of the rest of the mass of existing systems/relations, according to our selective economics/…=kinetic energy of directivity and action.

Each of our movements can have the hallmarks of an evolutionary … passive, active – here the boundary is not sharp – more or less dependent actions depending on the direction, level, strength … from what side do we come out? As the initiator/supplier of this specific kinetic energy/selective economy of all the chosen direction and the level of DNA/DAA of the mass of events, processes, or as recipients of these phenomena.

Is hyper, or actually awareness of our strength, potency, weakness,
or the awareness of directing our goals in evolutionary, hyper-evolutionary struggles with internal, external structures, processes of ours and other systems, interested to some economic degree in finding their existential, developmental position.

We are talking about the degree of conscious involvement in this process, not leaving the development of our background, our DNA/DAA just by chance. Still, a more and more developed mechanism, as with a more or less conscious evolutionary race, our civilization has been realized so far.

This is. The preparation of this neo-creation mechanism of DNA/DAA gives a different perspective of seeing one’s environment within and beyond, new ecology, new science, new economy, a new policy of raising the level of civilization.

It is said here as if known behaviors, known mechanisms of development, evolution, neo-creation hitherto,
but that’s about their proper awareness and application.

To what extent it will be possible to smuggle in, connect, apply the mechanisms of more conscious selective / hyperevolutionary economics, energy/massDAA to the economics of economies, modern sciences, which would heal political, ecological, civilization relations, the position of our planet, our system/system towards the internal and external force vectors of the micro macrocosm of matter and life.

Investing in parks, self-propelled technological incubators gives this strength a technological advantage in the more serious process control; today, it seemed impossible, and not long ago (e.g., geothermal energy, nuclear energy, DNA engineering).
It is an entrance to a more responsible, higher technological, production, hyperevolutionary level … we have no way out … if we want to survive literally personally and in a civilizational way.
Simply supporting, raising the kinetic/selective E of DNA/DAA spinning from the potential of the broadly understood (remaining) mass potential of matter, and thus our life in the macro and microcosmic dimensions … from the engineering of smaller and smaller elementary particles (including photons) light and photons … of DNA) to planetary engineering and more.
Yes, this is a threat … but each step forward is a threat but at the same time a chance for survival and development … the question of how much directionally conscious this step will be.

To be continued.

The neocreative acceleration of the hyper economics of the hyper evolution of physics, biology, and other values ​​mutually supported by aspirations, =/systemic responsibility. 6.b.

The liberation of the existing system … of mass and others, values ​​and relations, from the side of 4-dimensional intervention … according to maturing social aspiration, systemic aspiration.
Of course, the aspiration and responsibility itself are based in reverse and immanent on the vector, scalar forces, the developed potential to release more and more of these crumbs of the mass of the so-called constants or random values ​​and physical relations, biological micro-cosmos of matter and life … and further they overthrow these constants of randomness, freely building this potential for shifting values ​​forward, in place (keeping the constitution) and … back!

This main thread of neo-creation is exactly the exploration, liberating mass literally and figuratively(“mass”) of all existing values ​​and ratios.
We have here the so-called external activities, traditional technologies working according to the existing systems of conquering planets, classic ecological, economic and medical goals,
as well as we are talking about internal activities massively changing the existing systems/”masses” of hyper/evolutionary DNA on the physical and biological level, that is simply DAA. So I call the Dynamic Artificial Administration of control of the existing DNA of systems and relations.

This DAA policy, hyper-evolutionary economics, generally influences politics, economics in the existing … but already more directed, civilized, hyper-evolutionary principles.
… also in the conduct of education science
Leverage of processes, including energetic ones, e.g., energy directed in the so-called mass (rest of mass) and other processes, structures … is a mechanism of directing, redirecting these crumbs contained in this mass / “mass,” each crumb and between them …
Specific engineering of mass minuteness … mass and other so-called random and constant values, that is, intruding to structures, arrange them according to our systemic and inter-systemic aspirations … yes! Between civilization (of the structures)! at the micro-macro-cosmic level … that is, elementary particles, physical, biological, chemical, more or less alive, … simply civilization of systems (so-called not animate), …that today are simply neglected or ambivalent by us!

So we come to the heart, the brain of the neo creation mechanism system, or rather the accelerator mechanism, this already hyper evolution in the 4d version, from beyond the hand of the so-called random, status quo of 3d systems.

Selective economics of all processes, including physical, biological matter, and life as an accelerator of evolutionary and creative processes, but also neo- and de -, re -, creative transformations, redirection of frozen values ​​contained in frozen crumbs, particles of mass and “mass” =/ potential/potentials.
Again, according to this infinite acceleration mechanism of the micro-macro cosmos, there is no constant, that there are also no random phenomena at any level. Does it mean that only forward can we indirectly maintain processes/structures at a given level … yes, but I will say more according to the logic of further interpretation of this accelerator, or rather the process controller, here we can talk about the possibility of undoing processes, bringing to maintenance, evolution according to not only new, but simply older, structural and process models and patterns … we are talking here about full controllability processes … at that time, and other so-called constants of today’s DNA biological (or rather physical) cells or DNA physical (or maybe also … biological) … mass / “mass” etc.
We are talking about a hyper revolution, hyper-evolutionary, hyper-economic (i.e., selective) processes that seem impossible to move. Of course, you need just an event accelerator …

We can start this process of events at any time. We have the technological and organizational potential for this. This potential is based on our systemic and inter-systemic aspirations and responsibilities.

To be continued.

Aspirational discretion/neo creation of feature DNA/DAA for support of our values and life. 6.a.

Developmental aspirations precede, determine decision-making in further control, generate processing direction, and restructure the DAA of phenomena management. And mutually, the level of this restructuring, neo-creation, the level of application of this DAA can mutually build or destroy, inhibit this level of development of social aspirations, but between systemic-we and other systems, that is, other so-called natural systems.
That is, civilization and development aspirations in the field of physics, biology, medicine, cosmonautics … but not only to the outside of the cosmos but above all inside the cosmos/microcosm – determining the properties as a whole … models, processes.

This is the proper beginning of the dynamics of the pattern on the mechanics of the world, the mechanics of DNA / DAA processes of matter and life.

There are leveraging, muscle shaping, skeletonization, and organizing behind these decision-making, steering, and discretionary DAA processes. Hyper ecologic/economization of the environment outside and inside, biologically, physically … and the need for mega changes, neo-creation of the internal and external environment.

For this strategy and technology, technology and production strategy, implementation of this strategy, or rather mega/production, organization of this production …production, economization, hyper-ecologic, dynamic/not passive raising of developmental and existential standards, environmental levels .. but already more in the DAA scale, not DNA … it is supposed to be a focus, a neo-environment for the next creation, neo-creation, revitalization of life, and not its folding according to fatalistic models/dogmatical systems.

Not depending on the current state, technological and production level but creating a scale of economic advantage, a systematic self-driving autonomous investment mechanism … increasing the potential of the rest of the energy, kinetic…/selective.. mass in the processing of phenomena according to our leverage vector … affecting the multiplier effect in generating the pace of neo creation in the course of a race with other systems of “nature” as the main goal … and it is all about making this process run as efficiently and smoothly as possible. So the efficiency of processing these phenomena is the greatest challenge of the whole concept.

aspirations and selective economics define
(perspective) of all physical and biological values
Selective economics as kinetic energy determined by the generated leverage of the mass, i.e., the rest of the mass
They determine, decide, administer, use contemporary values, contemporary resources ​​, and develop their further and deeper interpretations, usefulness.
The methodology of technique/technology and the development of science and teaching influence the level of social aspirations … that is, hyperevolutionary in relation to us and other system centers of the micro and macro cosmos of biological, physical … specific “social” systems.
The need to develop this specific hyperevolutionary policy is higher ecologically and economically, and scientifically and socially.
Demonstrating new models, patterns, developing the role of the economy/administration of the life of matter and for reaching a civilization level worthy of the cosmic level and size, on which this potential and mutually cosmic ecological, the hyper/evolutionary potential is based, depends on our properly underpinned aspirations.

The fate of our future is in our hands. We bear 100% responsibility and 100% potential in shaping/redirecting all values ​​and properties. Not a given value or ratio, but our decisions determine its potential.

All the properties of nature can be changed in any developed technological and production process.

So not the ambivalence of Europe/scholastic centrism – in science, but rather assuming the responsibility of processing “nature,” the Asian discipline in unconditional non-model approach to new, further challenges, struggle with “natural” micro and macro space systems.

Developing the right discipline, attitude to the systems of nature.
Not to exalt yourself with your god of self-confidence, your fatalistic dogmatic constant in “the inevitability” of a position in “nature” systems as opposed to further confronting, arming the industrial park machine to hammer into nature’s micro-macro systems, industrial park micro-macro.

Without self-pseudo-confrontation, without justifying oneself as infallible in the relationship of physical, biological systems of “nature” … it is about discipline in this technological-economic race with the systems of “nature”. So masks, adhoc vaccines are not everything
Because we will end up as a system like the Roman Empire or other civilizations and systems of nature, certain of their positions … desperate … at our own request, because this is the mentality of most dogmatists, after all … downward slope as opposed to the civilization of selective/responsible economics of matter and life.

To be continued to/for a technology of the fourth dimension for the fourth dimension of the model, the foundations of the neo creation of the existing environment … a ever deeper neo-construction, neo-process interpretation.

Proportionality of the structural and process depth of science models to the dynamics/aspirations of the growth of technological and production potential of/for selective economics/for economy and science generally. 5.d.

Selective economics as the basis, or rather aspirations as the engines of specific administrative discretionary decisions according to our needs, our civilization niche, the niche aspirations as the greatest potential factor of shaping, selecting, leveraging/directing the stored energy (kinetic) resources to an infinite degree.
Of course, the potential of selective economics / kinetic energy of processes/structures creating and vice versa is strengthened on its basis, supported by … scientific, economic, civilizational aspirations, determining barriers, or rather the possibility of overcoming them.

It is about maintaining, improving the state corresponding to our niche of interests on the possibly higher and safer spatial arrangement in the absolute micro and macrocosmic relation.

Not the classic E (mc2 / p / mv) as energy as a process determinant that can always be leveraged, rearranged, redirected, vectored/scaled, but …
E rather as a selective economy, it is a fundamental factor in vectoring changes to further decks (including energy) DNA / hyper DNA of matter and life, as an immanent component of DAA / = Dynamic artificial administration … administration as a tool for implementing the aspirations of a given system administration = … aspiration and further selective economics with of course feedback effect.

Thus, further denials of fixed / constants and random systems in favor of selectivity, the economics of process selectivity, historically and prospectively affecting the visions and activities of training centers, scientific centers, technological centers, economic centers, political centers, civilization centers defining new perspectives, visions, plans, doing. As the pro-ecological economic policy is defined today, I would call the proposed hypernatural policy as the initiator of a further breakthrough based on higher potentials, aspirations, as well as obvious costs and threats based on which we should create “vaccines” of … DAA of/for strengthening, immunizing, and developing our environment inside and out.

Are we talking about a revolution that breaks the existing rules, basics of physics, biology, economics …
Are these new scientific assumptions … or maybe rather technological, so that by chance, this new science does not enter the state of scholastic barrier again.

The dynamics of the depth of models of nature descriptions are directly proportional to the level of the current, potential, strategic, technological, production .. selective economics in a given direction of the described model.
And mutually, the ambivalence or directional intensity of the DAA models equitably influences this selective economics, production.

The aspiration to administration decision as core/engine for the neo creation as a key factor for directions of our system, our humanity, our new DNA / = DAA.

Thus, the specific administration of aspirations/or rather the opposite, and selective economics is opposed to the scholastic ambivalent approach to the process/barriers of nature …
There are no nature/barriers anymore, but infinite perspectives/opportunities and threats to direct coexistence with other systems within us and beyond.

To be continued to the end of scholastic centrism … and more.

Dimensions of mechanisms/economics of process dynamics. From Newtons p = mv /= via Einstain’s e=mc2 …to/= e selective=DAA. 5.c.

Dimensions of mechanisms/economics of process dynamics. From Newtons p = mv /= via Einstain’s e=mc2 …to/= e selective=DAA.

That is… the development of agriculture/industry of mechanisms/dimensions of DNA of matter and life/= DAA.

There are no phenomena of constancy or randomness … but they can be artificially maintained, created, primitively imagined, described… However, it will still have a deeper base, or rather a background … DNA background, or rather more or less primitive, known or not known to our or another system of nature, which is not in the description! rather, we are talking about a dynamic description, the production of DNA fields to further maintain the status quo or further changes, creation.

We are talking about a deeper definition of the processes in which we participate and about the mechanisms of acceleration, direction, and transformation of these processes on the old ones’ crumbs.

We are talking about defining patterns, models of intervention, … their temporariness, building potential as an inherent component of the decisive part of our as host, which is the selective economics of hyper DNA, DAA of phenomena evolution, hyper ecology … possibly on a higher and higher safe spatial system in relation to absolute micro and macrocosmic … processing in every field and application.
Not passive, primitive nomadic, collector, but a higher and higher level of processing in deeper and deeper layers of the micro-macro cosmos.

And so you need to see the strategies of processes, not an ambivalent look at the processes, it seems impossible to achieve today … through the dynamization of processes, not passive approach, not modeling/= not natural DNA … but DAA for our and other micro-macro-cosmic systems in physics, biology …

It is already about the new economic policy, politics, economics, science, ecology; it is about the new hyper ecological, hyper economic policy …
The policy of mitigating and strengthening appropriate processes to raise the level of ecological, economic civilization to a degree worthy of the civilization of our planet earth, and much more.
Dynamization of selected processes through selective economics .. as the specific kinetic energy of/for vectoring/scaling/directing/leverage all(more and more) DNA processes of the micro-macro cosmos of matter and life.

As for Newton’s descriptions of generalizing dynamic mechanisms of nature, Einstein’s descriptions was higher/deeper in the spatial/dimensional/temporal processing of dynamics/kinematics of processes, so for Einstein’s view of nature of the DAA definition of selective economics as a higher definition of DNA of creation, action, energy/movement, reaction, the mass of their interpretation mechanism. .. in an increasingly dynamic tendency, more multithreaded and more optimal, more flexible, more holistic, as will be the definitions of further 4 dimensions of a given state of the 3rd dimension of knowledge and activities

As for Newton’s descriptions of generalizing mechanisms of nature, Einstein was higher/deeper in the spatial/dimensional/temporal/ processing of dynamics/kinematics of processes; for Einstein’s appreciation of nature, the DAA definition of selective economics as a higher/more dimensional/or rather deeper spatial definition of DNA of creation, action, energy/movement reaction, a mass,/ interpretation of their mechanism … in an increasingly dynamic tendency, more and more multithreaded and more optimal, more flexible, more holistic, as will be the definitions of further 4th/ignition/more manipulative dimension of a given state of the 3rd dimension of knowledge and activities.

selective economics = DAA = …
E kinetic = mc2 = mDAA manipulation of processing quantum matter etc according to DAA as factor of/for further dimensions of/for, contribution(“rest of mass”)

The directions of the ” selective e “development depend on the background of those interested systems and the lever vector/scalar. In total, the lever vector weighted average … vectors, scalars sides of the systems, including our /dependent on the DAA/DNA multiplier.

Multiplanar multiplier / DAA dependencies breaking all mathematical formulas, followed by all DAA/DNA processes of phenomena …
A breaker is needed to come out of the illusion of randomness, constancy, and resource scarcity… strengthening a technological/civilizational trend of crossing barriers.

To be continued to crossing further economic (selective)barriers of physics, biology …of/for the whole economy.

Not random multiplier leverage of any processes as the background tool/DAA of hyper evolution/neo creation of any phenomena. 5.a.

Ever deeper resources of factors of our potential and strategy and deeper factors of other systems determine position and status one another on certain levels of interests and existence.
It is not random, but the mega-production tool leverage of control, leverage of selected structures, processes with the use of this new leverage tool background for further change is.., the background from our civilization system in competition with other systems of matter and life.
The level, opportunity, potential in this multiplier/leverage competition of selected phenomena, processes depend on the developed park and the micro-cosmic tool strategy influencing further processes in the macro and micro scale … as it has been in the process of civilization development and other matter systems and life…by tool interference in ever deeper structures of materials we could further develop our level of life and our environment for …further development and ingenuity on behalf better and better mega-production background hyper evolution, neo creation…and so on exchangeable in feedback development pace an speed.

The multiplier effect of our actions, the operation of any system, may be intentional or not dependent on our or other systems of matter, life, and behavior. Therefore, determining the multiplier effect of given processes depends on external and internal factors within us and beyond. We can vectorially contribute to the multiplication effects trends according to our more intentions.And this is the most obvious scientific and existential attitude of any being interested in continuing his existence and development in the infinite ocean, cosmos of various multiplier trends.
Will it happen accidentally in the so-called economics of consumption, vanity economics … rather not .. but a selective economy, the core of which will be struggled, development strategies of the basis of existence and development, that are not ambivalent, and not passive to the multiplier vectors of behaviors of other physical, biological systems.
In the world, the cosmos of powerful, very complex biological, physical and chemical structures with a multiplier effect of their operation, we need adequate thoughts, behaviors, economics, science to have any chance in the co-creation of the environment inside and out, at the lowest possible economic cost, social, ecological, … production … that is automation, mass production, processing, construction of new foundations, new background, new DNA, DAA in this hyperevolutionary race in the micro and macrocosmic, in any case on a mass scale. First of all, on the scale of defining the strategy to face the entire environment’s forces, sometimes against, sometimes for.
It’s about creating a multiplier background.DAA backgrounds for achieving hyper evolutionary goals.
The same multiplicative DAA can also have applications in selective economics, and other hyper DNA processes and structures of matter and life, in every area of ​​life.
There is no randomness or randomness of phenomena, processes in the cosmos, but only deep structural dependencies, multiplier DNA/DAA of all structures, a process dependent on our or other systems that multiply structurally process-based actions and reactions.We are talking about creating, discovering the next layers of hyper DNA/DAA interactions, and our and other dependencies of our activation, neo creation of/for next multipliers DNA/DAA data.
We can call accidental discretionary administrative decisions of DAA, which depend on the state of phenomena based on which these decisions were made, but not always one option …Because depending on the state of the strength of the sides of systems, including ours, whose interests did not always intersect on one side of interests, and DNA/DAA trends … the same at this point DAA, but derived from the intersection of interests/trends of various environments, various systems including ours.
Therefore, we are talking here about the intersection of the Mendeleev matrix, the DNA/DAA matrix, with the interests and interpretations of various systems, including our active one, if in fact, it takes a very active, not ecologically ambivalent, hyperevolutionary participation in the correct vectoring of the processes of this dynamic matrix of matter and life on a total scale … because only such a scale has any meaning and gives some chance for our basis of existence and development in space within us and beyond.
I am not interested here in playing in the construction of primitive space and urban toys, but in creating the basis for hyper-production technology as the basic factor in determining, establishing our position, platform, a specific DAA multiplier in the micro-macro cosmos, literally and transferable…co-shaping the whole space environment.I am not interested here in playing in the construction of primitive space and urban toys, but in creating the basis for hyper-production technology as the basic factor in determining, establishing our position, platform, a specific DAA multiplier in the micro-macro cosmos, literally and transferable…co-shaping the whole space environment.
The DAA multiplier is an auxiliary element of hyperDNA/DAA responsible for translating the so-called administrative/divine/human decisions into mass processing, production of structures, of course, based on the crumbs of old structures and processes and only on a mass scale … because only this level of challenge awaits us as homo sapiens, not as an ambivalence homo self destroyer.
The crossing of hyper DNA / DAA and Mendeleev table for determining the foundations of formation/administration (as if by chance but through this crossing) of infinite sets of physical and biological phenomena in a mega-productive, hyperevolutionary race of systems/decision-makers, including ours.
Sometimes/”randomly”, the functions of the DNA / DAA mechanism can be an active multiplier, passive multiplier, passive(outside/passive reaction) or active(from inside intervention/action), positive or negative (e.g. climate …) depending on the level and direction of these DAAs used on their homo sapiences or other systems, behaviors, and strategies…of a given level of faith, the economics of behavior, actions, levels, directions and sizes of activities.
To be continued on/in fundaments of the mechanism of re/neo creation of life and matter.

Definition of the mechanism of neo-creation of life and matter- multiplier/generator 5.a.

In creating each process, structure, we and any potential feature are internal factors, generators, igniters, new life decision-makers, and matter.
This is the basic definition of the active component of further physical and biological processing of all structures and phenomena.

More consequences on the definition of creation / DAA.

Placing us/any other factor or not in the position of a transmitter, multi-transmitter, multiplier determines our/anyone passive or active role in generating processes in the internal, i.e., active or external/passive reaction, (multi)influencing the environment in us and beyond.
It defines us and other positions. It is also a description of the phenomena of (only) mega construction/production development of matter and life’s evolutionary relationships, moving up or down in this hyperevolutionary ladder.

As far as we work out, we will implement this more active role of a DNA converter/driver/multiplier, as long as our position will be, our life; our position will be collapsed or developed.

The same goes for determining the reciprocal / hyperevolutionary positions of all other structures and processes …

This is. We are not only a potential but a constant component of the hyper DNA/DAA multiplier that (can much better) generates changes in all selected levels/spaces of structures, phenomena, processes, models, relations, patterns …
The is a need for this development of hypernatural mega-production, the transmission of the multiplier ratio of our component participation in the multiplication of phenomena, processes, structures.
Enhancement, indication, creation, awareness of this translation of the DNA/DAA of phenomena is the driving force behind the generation, neocreating.
The magnitude of this translator’s application, its application, and its mega-productive influence determine the prospects of relations, mutual, evolutionary, hyper-evolutionary, neocreational, mega-productive relations of all phenomena, and biological relations.

This multiplier basic element of this neo creation mechanism has the character of building an empire for internal systematic/hyperevolutionary and…
external ad-hoc activities of DAA / alongside external ad-hoc activities of adaptation
That is, (re)actions corresponding to actions, treatments, improvement/deterioration internally of a given organism, expected or not expected / … actively and passively multiplying behavior … mega-productive as for diseases…

Mega production, automation, selective economics can catch up with or even overtake this hyper DNA/DAA process the phenomena of structures that work equally based on this multiplier of the DNA mechanism of matter and life.

We are talking about giving directions of ratios, systems of forces, vectors, pol position reconstruction, evolving on a mass scale on which is supported the functioning of working out the position of given structures, systems, factors, including the factor of our contribution or its absence, is symptomatic or more dynamic, active and above all not ambivalent action to the environment inside us and beyond …

To be continued of further consequences of determining one’s position in the mechanism of neo creation.