What kind of person is he who does not improve the world? Esk = m DAA < Esk1 = m DAA1 <Esk2…, where m =… E=mc2, DNA and other formulas and models of life and matter, technology, physics, biology, economy… 12.l.

Esk < Esk1< Esk2 <… a set of events in higher and lower sets of events, directly and not directly connected, …. are the next cosmic speeds – higher and lower micro-macro cosmic levels of current functioning and mechanisms of their further artificial and natural changes in all variable and unchanging ratios. We are this natural shareholder and at the same time an artificial contribution. We generally know the dependencies in given domains, and it is about comprehensive recognition and influencing, managing incidents, processes, structures in an increasingly mass approach, as in other more or less living, more or less physical, economic systems of interest.

m as a constant, but also as a given variable of the processes / structures so far.
The same pattern of the result, e.g. E = mc2, caused by the influence of a higher level of a kind of different dimension of the pattern absorbing the principles of the former and the latter absorbing may already be variable from the pattern of the further dimension, space, specific technological and organizational speed, i.e. EskmDAA is over m, which is including Emc2 potentially in every variable ratio, because of this overriding EskmDAA, where m is that of Emc2, and then these EskmDAA may be in a further change according to an already later version of EskmDAA1, and so on those EskmDAA1 subordinate further in EskmDAA2, etc where m includes the previous lower all model EskmDAA1 for m
in EskmDAA2.

m contains all the current levels of perception, technology, belief, and models. And Esk and DAA are elementary factors influencing these models, their effectiveness, level of transformation, and their influence on the so-called constant components that change due to the effectiveness of DAA / Esk.

Ev to DNA is a mutual accelerator of infrastructure exploitation, the use of a given m according to the existing Ev / DNA or further m1 according to Esk / DAA, and then m2, accelerating when it comes to the new EvDNA, i.e. EskDAA, i.e. … EvmDNA and then EvEskm1DNADAA and further Ev … m2..DNA ..
inverse of the pattern

Esk affects m, and further through improved technology production on DNADAA, and further literally and figuratively automatically on m and Esk, i.e. more active evolutionarily more responsible Ev … so but always Esk is the initiator.

It is a mechanism of production, technological power, free-market, developmental power.
Lego soldiers, automatic, productive influence on further expansion, maintenance of life, living environment.
Esk DAA as a stimulator of economic expansion,
Esk’s economic expansion for the technological development of its own environment and, in turn, technology for the economic one.

Driving into the environmental infrastructure and its transformation as part of acquiring economic, Esk, living, material, energy space, increasing the ecological service by means of production, for further production …
Create mega-park robotic tools

Construction of mega natural and artificial models in the construction of new organisms, services, engineering of energetic material mining, infrastructure engineering towards micro as an anti-entropic guarantor of biological and material development for increasing the level of existence of the development of factors of matter and life inside and outside us, outside for us, from within and within for external development and so mutually infrastructural.
For this we need the economy and from that the economy will be strong and able to support further development …. Investment economy of models and tools for consumption, a hyperevolutionary economy that raises, directs, serves the vanity economy / Ev, which is to further stimulate this development in such a way.
These mega-investment parks are needed to break through the barriers to existence and development.

By building large models, we can develop expansions to micro-space infrastructure projects …
The bases of these undertakings as embryos of future independent operational, infrastructural teams / supersets of previous absorbed systems m <EvmDNA <EskmDAA <ESk1, <Esk2 …

This is the basic right to accelerate development, that is, life. So we’re talking about the right to life … against stagnation = (self) destruction … against entropy.

It will be continued on entropy, anti-entropy and … what the stars don’t need to know and apply, and we can.

Processing of m “fixed” values ​​of a given bipolar Ev = DNA system. 12.k.

Further searches, indicating paths to break out of a given system of “unchanging” relations of matter/energy and life.

The basic model of the further course of any further processes and structures and their implications for the current state of material/energy, biological relations depends on the strength of mutual relations in the given spatial systems of influences.

This model indicates perspectives and directions of influencing mutual dependencies. Our position may be properly developed, dependent on the properties, massiveness, size of these relations in a mutual, equal, economic, natural, and artificial exchange system.

The vision-the proposal- of the model in the formation of structures, relations in the environment in us and outside in an open, infinite perspective also has a psychological and political character.
Attitude, defining oneself in the passive or active shaping of one’s own environment in the perspective of the potential of the infinity of magnitude influencing all the properties and phenomena on which we can have an unlimited influence, places us no longer in the position of a vanishing point, but a steering powerhouse, transmitting own competences in ever-increasing values ​​and further and deeper spheres of influence on any course of all phenomena and processes.

It is supposed to be a policy of fighting and working to strengthen one’s position in the living space – in space and time. It is directly influencing the management of further micro and macrocosmic phenomena through internal infrastructural restructuring.

This changes the model of consumerism, the economy of matter, and life. It introduces new issues, approaches to the topic of existence and development, development for existence, existence for development. The Esk of selective, hyperevolutionary, hyper-investment and Ev economics of the vanity of passive, wishful and pending evolution in terms of the classical economy as well as physics, biology, cosmonautics together and separately.

It is about a pattern, a model that would indicate the formation of passive and active dependencies of any process phenomena.

Any pattern is good at determining its position. It depends on the interaction and contribution to this interaction, if we want to maintain even the most static status quo relations.
To what extent this formula will take into account our and other systems’ contribution to keeping us in any position.

Briefly, the size of changes or their absence is directly dependent on the amount of our contribution or the lack of it. And the size depends on the possibilities, abilities, willingness to work out the transmission of our competencies, willingness, mechanics, processing economics, directing us to further infrastructural levels in us and outside, the more inside us, the more outside, the more outside, the more inside us changing mutual mapping on an ever higher, lower level of the structure, us and the processes that interest us, at an ever-faster accelerating pace, as has been and is happening so far. The issue is the right direction, the belief in the purposefulness of managing this process and achieving all goals.

Colonization, infrastructure exploitation … the extraction of patterns, models, and incorporation of this system for one’s own purposes.
Entering the DAA programmer, … a virus forcing cooperation, endless exploitation, strengthening, …, self-current Bigbang in restructuring, exploitation of material, energy, biological and physical micro-macro cosmos.

The actual physical and biological parameters of a given process and structure are irrelevant, but rather its application, depth of exploitation, and processing. Proper interaction with a given infrastructure “m” gives the right results, although the infrastructure data may sometimes be the same according to classical standards. A kind of big bang can emerge from any infrastructure, with its own explosion of growth for a kind of contamination with transformations to other systems.

There is an obvious need to break through micro-cosmic barriers, specific micro-macro-cosmic velocities of the further level of transformation and exploitation.
Infrastructure is needed to break through these barriers and displace them on a mass scale so that these barriers, which in the normal infrastructure resource, would be impenetrable.

So the “m” of a given level is the neutral one, and Esk is the 100% factor of the feedback from DAA, which comes from this transformation of “m” Esk, and further automation of DAA to break through the classic DNA barriers of matter and life.
No models, physical formulas will be absolutely adequate in this system. All of them will have the features of variables in the changing environment of the next internal barriers, neo-infrastructure spaces “m”.
“M” is passive, variable to Esk depending on active DAA feedback.
Ev is a derivative of a given level “m” and its DNA of the evolutionary trend of systems of this “m” environment.
Esk is an expression of influencing the deeper processing of this “m” supporting DAA intervention feedback action.

Esk is an expression of a specific strengthening, ascending, resurrection from a given static, entropic EvmDNA system.

Happy Easter! Happy resurrection of our mind and so responsibility for the future in infinitive degree!

Ev is the evolutionary DNA entropy of stars and life, and Esk is the DAA antentropy of the hyperevolutionary investments of these stars and this life. 12.j.

Nothing is for sure/known – there will never be enough knowledge in planning and shaping your future. Flexibility in predictions, not based on the so-called scientific dogmas models, etc., gives a chance for our survival and development in a changing environment where there will never be finite and absolute knowledge.

Entropy occurs, but only at a given infrastructural level of exploitation. There is no definitive model for determining the environment’s influencing factors at any level, except with a limited, primitive model. Entropy is a passive behavior of a given Ev system, which wears out in the absence of supra-environmental Esk support, infrastructural exploitation into deeper, so-called internal and external areas of a given physical and biological system at some or other levels.

One cannot build economic, ecological, physical, and biological knowledge on too dogmatic assumptions because it can often lead to opposite effects. For example, the Club of Rome report presenting the views of a large group of scientists more than 40 years ago indicated the prospect of catastrophic shortages of energy resources over the top of several decades. However, the real specific entropy of our civilization, as we know is this entropy results more from ecological reasons, i.e., efficiency reasons in maintaining the proper level of the environment and raising it Ev, with the support of appropriate hyperevolutionary, hyper-environmental, hypernatural, hyperproductive investments, and this is due to deeper further infrastructural transformations in the exploitation of the infinite potential of this environment. Infinite potential to increase endlessly material, energy, and biological and cosmic performance in macro and micro versions.

Of course, these transformations are intended to transform the environment, which does not always want, or does not always receive, appropriate incentives for these changes, potentials, directed more according to us, our system, and not only according to of other systems directions. Increasing the features of the processes and structures that interest us. Properties, that is, for example, the DNA of stars, light, given cells, given viruses, through the active participation of these processes, i.e., DAA, through the intensive accelerator of Esk investments, i.e., antentropia – not negtropia- in maintaining or developing a given level of Ev of our life and environment … greater protection of the lives of not only us people but all living creatures that interest us, are close to us.

That is Esk, hyperevolutionary, infrastructure-based hyperevolutionary investments as a remedy for dogmatic entropic scientific, social, and economic Ev.
That is, improving the conditions of the environment, more than nature gives and gave so far.
So we have to be stronger than nature, than god. Yes, because responsibility shapes each item in its environment. As much as you will be involved in its co-formation, you have the rights and the chance to survive and even more. In a responsibility supported by very intense action, it is the basis of any existence and any development. This responsibility defines some foundations of laws, patterns, models of matter, and life for everyone and everything, together and separately.

To be continued deeper and deeper in economical and environmental mechanism with the rEvolution by infrastructural performances E(sk)xploitation of life and matter.

Supplementing of infrastructure “m”. Any DAA-controlled stimulation leads to the expected Esk achievements, the improvement of any chosen “m”. 12.i.

The question is whether we want, not whether we can, how much we want …
According to our Ev the dignity developed, but the previously developed infrastructural “m” in this mechanism of the EskEvEskEv… accelerator.
There is a general assumption that nothing is impossible to achieve any great micro-macrocosm goals. It is a matter of guiding the process of complex mechanization of the massiveness of this process.

Maintaining/constantly increasing a given Ev level of life/civilization in other systems’ very dynamic surroundings is very expensive.
It also requires a very costly permanent, very comprehensive hyper-competency Esk of pro/contra environment biased macrocosmic investments.
-Ev – that’s why it degenerates or not, and that’s why Esk is supposed to prevent or support it.

So if the EvmDNA of a given dynamic level is not to degenerate, we must constantly support it with the next m1m2m3 infrastructure building blocks and for its constant increase … against negative internal and external environmental DNA tendencies.

Each such brick, depending on directions, vectors, infrastructure, will more or less help … or be an additional stone around the neck.
There is always a chance in this infinite potential .. the question of the depth of its exploration, re-structuring, effectiveness, strategy for its further improvement … mechanization of the mass of processes and structures.
And in achieving exactly any goals, exactly any goals even which seem completely unrealistic at present; it is a question of employing the apparatus … about which these doubts stumble.

A weak, backward economic apparatus inhibits development.
Once upon a time, there would be cities on the moon, Mars. A long time ago, our robotization of production, the construction of more and more efficient complexes, mechanisms could increase the facilities of not only macro-cosmic exploration but also through it and for it, exploration, the effects of physical and biological microcosmic processes …
There is a need for a more accelerated, more automated production base for the development of technology science and so mutually production models for technology and technology for production.
Yes. Our facilities aim to change the environment on a gigantic scale to become a global space civilization in the micro and macro direction.
Through the involuntary growth of models based on the expansion of industrial parks, to the direct increase of the material and technological base, and environmental changes – not based on primitive, inhibiting economic/ecological relations.
And this is about efficiency, about economic/ecological capacity (intensive enhancement of the protection of natural areas while increasing the influence on them of development/reproduction / hyperevolution that supports this process), …
Not burdening but relieving industrial strategic support for this economy, which is further to support more efficient support for pro-neocreational mechanisms initiatives,
By supporting much more powerful involvement in cosmic, micro-cosmic, ecological, energy … projects, enterprises.

More or less purposeful but as far as possible DAA-controlled stimulation, crushing of the existing systems, tendencies is to lead to the expected Esk achievements, the improvement of any chosen “m” processes and structures, and further shaping the evolution of the level of broadly understood material and biological DNA inside us and beyond.

I would like to emphasize that the so-called size and complexity of m in all physical and biological terms do not matter. The DAA and DNA feedback factors determine and determine the actual perspective of value and performance of a given/each m structure, process, infrastructure.

To be continued in explaining, supplementing, directing the economics of reducing vector costs of the DAA / DNA tendency in (artificial) exploration/= entropy E of infinite any arbitrary infrastructure “m”. Sometimes I have to explain to myself some observations, and you can also refer to the explanation of these and similar observations on the subject that interests you.

Exploitation stimulation of the reconstruction of processes of infinite infrastructure. 12.h.

Strategy and(against) trends in always infinite infrastructural energy/mater of processes and structures.

Involuntary anti-entropy (cosmic micro-macro) present or provoked according to and for further deeper levels of infrastructural processes from a given infrastructural level of exploration with temporal/(out and inner)tendencies entropic constraints.

Possible redirection of certain processes. The vector force will depend on the developed automatic mechanical support size, which has always occurred (evolved) and will occur in nature.

It is like an unconditional factor, an assistant in influencing the direction, the further course of infrastructural processes that are always infinite, which can be simply set without burdening the current civilization / individual level of Ev, and even supporting them at the same time.
It has micro to macro feedback, and vice versa, the course of initiating, firing up, and stimulating process directions.

In any area observable and … provoked, e.g., launch, rocket engine propulsion on such a simple process of combustion reaction – environmental changes (for) due to/causing further other effects of operation in this case of rocket flight, and in other cases
it is about replacing through a permanent advance in influencing any processes through mass / automatic hyperevolutionary mega-production stimulation.

The emerging supercomputers allow, to increase the stimulation and control of these exploitations, neo-constructions, material, biological, and environmental hyper evolution on any scale – or rather a forced two-stroke variable, from a smaller model to a larger, and from larger to smaller any transformations, which always trigger additional structural, process transformations, always potentially infinite, including energy and in any economic, ecological, effective, productive, including processes, life levels (levels of broadly understood DNA of natural processes, including our organisms) of development.
DAA design facilities for enhancing neo infrastructural stimulation of Ev independent of actual DNA. So will Esk be raised too, and further the level and directions of exchange, acceleration of any energetic E to infrastructural m and so variable, mutually the newer m infr. to/for better E productivity, etc.

It is a project for everyone. Not excluding any existing and proposed interpretations, research, development directions, proposing some changes, models of a common natural platform for raising their Ev levels of goals … in unintentionally joint Esk activities, processes through strategies … DAA for the existing DNA, from the better, for better infrastructure “m” and efficiency of E.

Each project is based on some premises, on … faith … belief in the infinity of potential.
This is faith in God but supported by responsible action.
Yes, it is a form of prayer, transcendental meditation, beyond the past and present trends, by/from Ev but supported by Esk.
Ev’s DNA-pulls are only likely to survive with Esk, but by Ev Esk’s mutual pull-ups …

Yes, it is a constitution, a full right to participate in defining any tendencies in an infinite infrastructure workshop … a prohibition of assuming that you have no rights, that you can/may not, etc.

Variable as if the two-stroke system of this Esk curve m / DAA increase (possibly decrease) in the direction of macro then micro and so alternately forward re / infrastructural tendency of EskmdAA enhancing or weakening the level of EvmDNA speed, purposefulness, directivity, massiveness … if there are no other alternatives, it can initiate changes that compete with/against other systems and positive for its own.

Vanity to dignity or rather dignity for a vanity for/of own way (tendencies / outside and inside environment) DNA of life
That needs the right support and service for gradually lifting the own tendency, one by one brick of infrastructurization.

This could be called the starter packs of hyper evolution
General new deal global arrangement foundation for support economically enterprises for the hyperevolutionary undertakings,
Before that, a technological production park to support this, a new deal to help speed up the entire process.

This literally and figuratively specific process of growth from Ev to Esk to Ev1 further to Esk1, then Ev2 Esk2 … can be accelerated, directed, comprehensive …
One just has to be aware that it is just everywhere, inside and out.
There is a question of stimulating the direction, speed, bulk, size, the efficiency of this acceleration, mass reconstruction, reprocessing the processes inward, out from inward, in outward, out from outward.
What factors influence this neo-infrastructuralism?
Being aware of these factors, which we and our activities can be that factor element.

To be continued to write perspectives that I, you, and others can (work out) better grasp and work out.

mDAA = Esk > mDNA =Ev > m = E. 12.g.

Increasing the freedom to control our own life trends, material and biological environment, to increase our impact, and reducing the influence of factors contrary to our aspirations, with our … vanity. So I am not talking about creating a treadmill of work for some forced civilization goals. Still, about creating the right security, comfort, buffer so that our relations with other systems would be as efficient, easy, and pleasant as possible, without unnecessarily destroying each other, further revealing our comfort, our vanity of making life easier and stronger.
It is about possible further improvement of the mechanism of lifting our lives to the highest possible standard of existence and safety, as well as proper healthy relationships in the surrounding environment as we have done more or less consciously throughout history, the development and decline of our cultures and civilizations.
Creation of economic foundations in connection, interrelationships with technological ones that support, increase our chances, the foundations of our existence, vanity for and from life. Possibly efficient relations on this topic, by finding mechanisms, their development, and their mass application in a consumer, play, and investment version.

Yes, it is connected with a very massive change of the environment, changes in the DNA of the environment, DNA of systems, systems, infrastructure m1, m2, m3, which are supposed to influence and influence this DNA, of course, under the condition of constant consideration (DAA) of factors more deeply, working out artificial factors shaping trends in the existence and development of this environment.

Because simply submitting to trends, or their complete ignorance, led and led to self-annihilation. Maintain interoperability with these environmental systems must be constantly elaborated. And the effectiveness and the level of this cooperation will depend on the commitment of coexistence with this environment. And the environment is very massive, so our commitment can only be of this nature if we want to talk about some chances of survival and development. As shown and shown by climatic, biological, geological, and cosmic examples.

It is simply working out, winning DAA greater rights and freedoms to our lives, for which we must always fight for, increase the quality and effectiveness of “Esk” of our environment in order to survive and develop in the constantly developing, potentially infinite, infrastructurally micro-macro cosmos m1m2m3m .. . that our DNA would be simply at a higher, more efficient level, through the multiplier increasing the infrastructural efficiency of the systems, “m” systems in us and beyond, to a possibly massive extent.

We can define this environment in terms of economy, production, technology, for and employing obtaining the benefits of more or less primitive consumption-inducing behavior.
The same applies to the scientific, political and social system to achieve empty goals, maybe also cool, but not sufficiently defining, working out our chances and the level of survival and development in a more or less predictable future.

How much will we be willing to leave the system of social and economic games with a zero result? As one can see, even this system does not guarantee even an elementary basis for survival?
Willingness alone is not everything; it is supposed to be a powerful commitment of the economic, social, technological, and production apparatus, which will determine the basis of our responsibility for a changing environment, for changing the environment to an unimaginable degree, because it is based on multiplication automatism, autonomism in controlling tendencies and trends infinite spaces, infrastructural/energy potentials of each “m” component of the environment.

The essence of changes in systems, environments, and their DNA is the transfer of competencies for further transforming the environment and systems, which further increases the infrastructural potential of DNA. So the question is to increase this efficiency or, at least, a system of mass production, employ more and more infrastructure, transform it to increase the exploitation of this infinite material and energy potential, which is the basis for development, protection of the basis of life, a given system, … a given trend, individual system or more global, in the … microcosmic perspective … its precision determines the progress in the macrocosmic perspective.

It is about overtaking artificially additional infrastructure data systems that are infinite in every direction. How much this re-restructuring will be further worked out: more and more deep infrastructuring, production intervention in the infrastructure of interest to us.
It is not contradicting its values, its infrastructural position, but strengthening it, initiating one’s own further existential and developmental perspectives. It is an affirmation of creation.

To be continued for anticipating the upcoming processes, trends, strengthening changing their directions.

To create an increasingly powerful autonomous economically infrastructural niche for(against!) life and matter DNA trending(…warping). 12.f.

Further search for methods of more effective exploitation of the infinite structural, process infrastructure m (mass/energy), by constructing a park of self-produced (economic) production launchers interfering with the chain process of neo/creation of increasingly deeper and deeper spaces of the cosmos of matter and life.

Our DNA’s connections with the DNA of other systems must be infrastructurally influenced, as in the avatar’s connection with his dragon steed. To create an increasingly powerful autonomous economically infrastructural niche, a potential that is, by the way, infinite, that is, it is more about its infrastructure exploitation for this explosive symbiosis to establish its position in space further, the cosmos in us, the cosmos as such, its irrigation like irrigation of fields/rivers under cultivation.

Increasing the efficiency is this energization of neo-infarstructuring of the infinite infrastructural potential of each m1m2m…facility, which multiplies, is the breaking of the resistance lines, systematic quality, mass infrastructurization of the environment, an automatic increase of efficiency, i.e., acceleration of own vector, aspiration, in the field or rather the spaces of infinite vectors/graphs of other EskmDAA systems within us and beyond.

Our unnatural Ev, i.e., not always compulsorily in line with the evolutionary and creative trends of the EskmDAA systems that surround us from the micro-cosmic and macro-cosmic side, set our goals, our rights to co-define trends in an endless group of EskmDAA systems.
So it is not about refraining from our vanity of behavior, but ruthlessly taking into account the infinite opportunities and threats with which our EvmDNA would exist and develop further, with the help of our EskmDAA contribution in the vector complex of other systems that want to be our competitors, cooperators. Increasing the productivity of Esk taking into account our Ev, for our Ev, simply increasing the efficiency, infrastructural energy of the processes with which our existence, our own creationism, development not always compatible, and often simply against the killer trends for our existence.
Esk + (- / +) Ev = ^ E acceleration of own input

It all worked; it works with all systems, civilizations. Whether to a positive or a more negative effect for them and to what extent can they be distinguished in the study and responsible, systematic implementation of this process of neocreation/hyperevolution, the mega-production of the absolute entire environment ^ EmDAA.

So it is about making decisions about what is with us, what about our future, how much more or less actively we want to influence them, what powerful mechanisms to use to make this function, economic and scientific decisions and activities – to work as efficiently as possible.
The effect of simply of more active influencing the curve of DNA E’s static life is possible, lifting or its weight/load and the Esk of existence and development of this infrastructural chart by our decision DAA Esk for our future DNA and other systems.

One needs to initiate some artificial behavior, our own, so that our niche of life, the vanity of life, that is, often contrary to the trends of the external and internal DNA matter and the biology of life, Ev, come out of the current trend completely dependent on other systems of life and matter.
On the other hand, in the deterioration of their position or improvement, our civilization, or others, undertook bad, good, or no actions that influenced our being or not, our development or degradation in individual and collective terms.

The more we contribute to shaping the curve, vector, graph affecting our life niches, civilizing Ev niches, the more our investments will be influenced to sustain and raise our vanity niche in setting our life priorities concerning the ecology of other systems, trends, no always and often deadly for us.
It is about our thoughts, decisions, programs, infrastructural projects, i.e., projects that respect our evolutionary dignity, humanism, the level of civilization in relation to other systems together and separately.

Our individual contribution determines the further behavior of the system within us and beyond. Our determination, the totality of actions, of course, taking into account the totality of the actions of the environment systems in us and beyond, directly influences the shaping of the infrastructural “m” environment, including our, our facilities, the object of interest, our Esk, our aspirational higher DNA of matter and life.

Generating our own further vectors, graphs, the path of environmental development in us and beyond, and so each other. Fighting for our position by constantly working on this point so that our very “vanity”(to other trends commands/DNA) life lives can be lifted, if we are not stones and monkeys, and if we want to be them, let us return to trees, which will be missing anyway in a natural, ecological economy by name, and in fact degrading for this environment and us, subject to the roller of micro-macro cosmic changes, which we want to cover/blind in some ecological way.

To be continued for the generation of a hyper ecological environment that will more holistically capture and, above all, shape the trends of matter and life around us from inside and outside.

Any external, internal, infrastructural interaction of infinite m1, m2, m3m … in a closed system EVm1m2m3 … DNA, open systems Eskm1m2m3m … DAA will be structurally accelerating or, according to the Ev system, degradative. 12.e.

Further outlines of activating processes, controlling processes that are no longer and will not be entropic, but the infinite potential of each component of structures and processes that interest us, if we move faster from passive EvmDNA to active exploitation/creation of EskmDAA infrastructure.

Chart of competencies and potential of …responsibility …by building the competence of responsibility by actions, through investment activities … consumption.

Any cooperation between selected systems-forced by technology and acceleration-infinitely increases the exploitation of their common inter systemic environment’s infinite potential according to the geometric scale effect.

Any real exchange of views, opinions, interests between the parties increases infinitely the chance of achieving goals in any scope of both, even opposing parties, thanks to the infinite possibilities that the parties can have infinitely thanks to equal dialogue, careful listening/studying opinions/infrastructure of each party.

Closed cycle accelerating the utility-energetic / material “entropy” of the infinite “m” infrastructural, i.e., in fact, increasing the acceleration of space processes EskmDAA “still frozen” not fully explored so far system, infrastructural systems “m”, according to the current level of the developed or existing accelerator the EvmDNA system.

So it is a kind of entropic infrastructure warping.
M neo Infrastructure to get right higher Evmdna … by newer infrastructure exploitation by EskmDaa of infinitely m.

It is a kind of infrastructure push for DNA seizure, greater DNA/DAA controllability for the neo-light, and other properties according to the neo-infrastructure “m”…

As an accelerator of a given object, its buffer, which can be initiated … Such own artificial children to support employment for the development of civilization for our DNA life, our improvement of the circulation of Evmdna, i.e., generally mutually propelling cellular, developmental artificial Eskmdaa.

It is like a bacteria/cell/organism to reproduce
Eskmdaa but also others … but maintaining your own Evmdn level, which is very … entropically expensive, but possible due to the infinite infrastructure potential, which contradicts the degrading definition of the micro-macro cosmic entropy.

Reinfrastrukturalne closed Ev/Eskm1m2m…DNA/DAA needs proper further infrastructure exploitation of the external, internal environment for the further existence and development of this system.

Any external, internal, infrastructural interaction m1, m2, m3m … in a closed system, Eskm1m2m3m … DAA systems will be structural, degradative/= reconstructive accelerating for our benefit or another, due to the infinite potential of each infrastructure m for each Esk and Daa derived from each DNA of each m. So this explosion, infrastructural, efficiency (specific entropic) expansion had and will have the character of accelerating reconstructive, re/neo-infrastructural expansion inwards and outwards … outwards through the internal restructuring of the infinite potential of each m of EskmDaa layout.

It is a vital natural co-direction of processes from a given Evm1m2m3m … DNA of the level of vital functions of change, initiatives in operational infrastructure interventionism from the existing level of a given infinite potentially Evmdna
According to the accelerationally closed mechanism Eskm1m2m3m … DAA.

Increasing involuntary infrastructural influences the artificial growth of experience and knowledge, which impacts the effectiveness of this process, more and more according to our intentions. It indicates the right/law for/of our full participation in controlling all processes and structures of the micro (to) macro cosmos. The question is how effectively and massively this process will be taken over, managing this process jointly with other systems inside and outside of us.

Which further influences the higher level of infrastructure, neo-construction “and further knowledge of this neo infrastructural experiment, experience, and further Esk and so on … m1daaEsk m2daaEsk…
This is to force more and more awareness/knowledge of this process, but more and more deliberately set for the ever higher Evmdna using this investment tool/model/experiment/infrastructure / creating own field cleansing for the new Evm1m2m … DNA or Eskm1m2m … DAA for the ever better infrastructural m of the matter of life.

To be continued of multi-branch suggestions the transformation of the infrastructural foundations of the properties of all processes and microstructures of/for the macro-cosmos of matter for…life.

Downward, ascending graph of “Ev / DNA” yield by neocreative, hyperevolutionary competences for Esk productivity, in positive or negative extraction of infinite infrastructure potential m / DAA. 12.d.

Further ( not so easy, sometimes boring, but always open in mind, models, and formulas) editing/explanation of notes/drafts of suggestions, search in determining and building our neocreational competencies against the background of the infrastructural and decision-making dependence graph for determining, further developing the positions and processes of given spheres of our scientific, economic, civilization, and existential interests.

The infrastructural and production potential of each facility is endless. Its consumption and operational efficiency depend on further investment, neo-construction, neo-process activities, consumer behavior, perspectives, competency-based thinking strategies, developing ever higher competencies for this facility’s processing. Productivity, efficiency, and the utility of this infinite potential may fall to a relative zero or grow indefinitely depending on the behavior, internal activities, or the lack of these activities in relation to other objects’ activities more or less related to this area of ​​our activities, interests.
This described process of neocretion, hyperevolution of matter and life puts in the right light strategic thinking, a sense of responsibility for all, exactly all processes and structures that concern us to a greater or lesser extent, in the present and future perspective.

At what existential/consumption level our Ev will be, whether in a degradation or growth position (including deeper and deeper and further infrastructural factors DNA/m(infrastructural) Of our organisms, DNA of … mass, light, energy, DNA …) the state of the level of exploitation or degradation of the current but infinitely infrastructure potential level by the perspective of production, creation, evolutionary potential, dependent on our development of the investment, moral/responsible competences of/for this potential.

The position of Ev / DNA depends on us and the environment, falling or rising on the graph of the dependence of the infinite potential m to the infinite DAA and the developed or degraded Esk of the product of a given object of our interests.

Esk investments may raise the level of our vanity niche, which will slightly indicate the directions of Esk investments, strengthening our life and matter niches. Of course, the niche economy itself, not focused on buffering its existence, in the face of other niches of systems, will be a degradative economy, suicidal in the face of a very dynamic movement, trends, where we can steer these Esk investments according to our aspirations, dignity, improving relations between systems, DNA, Ev in the immediate and more distant environment, with the help of these infrastructural investments, increasing their efficiency, purposefulness … their automatic tool competence … because this is how our chances of life, survival, and our role increase (from the role of a stone, a slave to the role of a gardener, the craftsman of the infrastructure of this micro-cosmos of life and matter, and not just a passive observer, a nomad) in the endless jungle of micro-macrocosm evolution.

So far, this has been the development of civilization from the cave to the rocket. It is more about the further process of de-primitivize cooperation relations, symbiosis, strengthening each other’s chances of development, survival, elimination, buffering random obstacles and threats along the way.

Of course, some people look at their prospects more or less responsibly. The limit of responsibility is determined by our character, our Ev to what extent we use the opportunity of infrastructure investments, which are the greatest guarantee and indicator of an increase in real responsibility for our own fate and the fate of our own micro-macro cosmos of life and matter.

In the charts, formulas, I try to break the code of these mechanisms, which illustrate the map of past, present, and future activities in the evolution, creation, shaping, and investing of the environment in us and outside, and further determining the basics of further transfer of transformational competences … that is, further DNA, shaping by DAA through the intensive improvement of the effectiveness of our decisions, actions, Esk investments supported, involuntarily, a little bit by consumption (hyperevolutionary) investments Ev in a given moment and space.

On the other hand, science has always tried to break it down, but somehow with no doting over and … it is about the way of taking over entire areas of nature, apparently not needed at a given moment or perspective … the market, primitive economy, economics influences enormously short-sighted mentality, evolutionarily abstract, not directly focused on a systematic struggle, cooperation with the systems of nature on a trillion scale more powerful than before … it is caused by an illusion of civilization, as in every generation that we have achieved everything, or almost everything, the rest is fiction or abstract academic discussions.

And this is own ecology, i.e., very active participation in conscious environmental processes, because ambivalence itself, a kind of neutrality is simply being a stone; it is only an obstacle in the evolutionary trends of matter/of/for life (or better- life for the matter for the life) of the micro-macro cosmos.

And this is a chance for a direct influence on the shaping of trends on the micro-cosmic scale because ambivalence itself is simply contempt for ourselves and these trends system, contempt for them and our line of life.

to be continued with the Esk + (-/+) Ev = ^E acceleration of own input.

Extraction of infinite infrastructural / production potential of each process, structure. 12.c.

Further multi-track breakdowns of the phenomena of the infinity of the infrastructure of a given object (a given structure, process) into prime factors, and hence infinities in shaping its properties.

God, nature, their potential are infinite and absolute, and nature and God are in each object and each of us.
In us, that is, to what extent will we feel responsible for influencing the environment, for taking responsibility for it in us and beyond.
Influence, i.e., shaping the conditions for further effective exploitation of this environment’s infinite infrastructural potential. How boldly, responsibly, systematically, and effectively we come up with cooperative proposals for cooperation or fighting with this infinite environment’s systems.

Learning a new one is changing the existing state of the trends of the systems that surround us from the inside and outside, not always in line with our system’s mind.
It is a derivative of the existing state of affairs, but also our initiative; it is the DAA, the newer DNA. Learning/developing the control of natural processes, i.e., transferring technological competencies to reinfrastructure the existing state, the infinite infrastructural potential of energy, matter, life.
Artificial driving, braking, redirecting phenomena in a possibly automatic, autonomous nature, even just for fun, for vanity. Learning, development through play,…vanity.

These artificial, abstract creations of this artificial automation of data processing of environmental areas, inside and outside, are supposed to artificially influence the development of secondary DNA / DAA for further neo-infrastructure for Esk improvement, orientation, selection, vitalization, enhancement of efficiency – energy efficiency, increase in the level of the economy, feedback ecological … “reducing natural brutality” of processes, structures within us and beyond.

Specific mutation, like a virus, of a DNA programmer, industrial exchange of this DNA with a given environment, exchange, transfer of technological and industrial competencies. Such artificial, less vanity, and more consciously directing, forcing processes for the more and more efficient Esk of a given infrastructure facility “m” (which would be just an amplifier of traditional activities, economic entrepreneurs – not always directly visible), affecting further DNA programmers, i.e., DAA length, process speeds of given structures, infrastructures “m” (with infinite potential) of life, light …

This mechanism of productive artificial mutation, mutating the environment, is to strengthen the further actions of DNA practiced on this mutation, it is to strengthen our intellectual potential, DAA the potential of transferring more and more competencies to systems, processes, structures that will be able to increase further, directing the Esk of our micro-macro environment cosmic, as well as not ours, but influencing our existential, developmental potential, including the potential of our alter ego vanity.

This is how capturing, finding neo-creation, hyper evolution, hyper DNA / DAA for each chapter, the realm of past and future structures, and natural and artificial processes occur. This is the aim of a better systematization supported by direct neo-infrastructural measures. These are the basics of science, based on an experiment, on artificial models, concepts … these structures, neostructural experiments, neostructural productions are to be these experiments. They are to be scientific influencing factors, which are to shape new DNA structures and processes.

Ev and DNA generally ambivalent/constant for shaping further trends in evolutionary and creation processes, but as a consumer
vain values, passive consumer, an involuntary service provider of a given infrastructure can be an impulse for investments that raise his ego, and so on again, if additional behaviors, neoinfnrastructural activities from the outside, are used for this. So not some absolute models, but actual interaction to the needs that require an active influence on further effects, vectorization of the extraction of the infinite structural and process potential of evolutionary and creative trends.

The greater the neo-infrastructure changes, the faster the rate of chain reactions accelerating or … slowing down

Ev can be an impulse for EskmDAA investments, a tool for further increases of EvmDNA production levels for even higher levels of EskmDAA, and further for even higher levels of consumption constant EvmDNA.

And this does not have to be at the expense of our existing or other systems, but maybe in a given district a source of the mutual benefits of the freedom of further development, even with the maintenance of the existing non-evolutionary but nonetheless creative behaviors, despite all.

The question of creating a possibly balanced coexistence on the possibly and thanks to a more efficient level of extraction of the processing of the infinite infrastructural potential inherent in us and beyond.

The greater efficiency of Esk gives this greater freedom, the mutual strength of Ev entities, whether in scientific, economic, political, social, ecological … existential terms, and not only between people, states, but other systems outside of us and … in us
competencesDAA will be transferred into deeper and further structures beyond the existing structures EvmDNA, DNA, in us and beyond … just further Ev or Esk, further DNA or DAA

Ev = m DNA = m for m in the model Esk = m x DAA, which is still not only repetition but an impulse of the previous model for m for the next higher model already at the level of the EskmDAA model.

To be continued for infrastructural factors of infinity sources of life and matter/energy.