Science/religion of liberation from the hypernatural cage means selective economics and physics of/for a…new matter/background. 1.b.

From economics/physics, science/religion, fatalism, vegetation, contempt, the mind of self-destruction to economics/science physics/religion of explosion of liberation … own big bang, own creation but with a more powerful force … because this is the only way you/we can live and survive … because this is life … new economy and the physics of life, new religion, new science … the science of hyper evolution, of a hypernatural mega-productive pursuit …

Further development of economics, selective physics of matter (another/not active view for factors of matter….) for in every vital aspect, i.e., the economics of creation, the physics of creation/initiation of own mass processes already
natural, hyper-evolutionary, i.e., own human mega/production/technological contribution to further co-legal, co-responsible reconstruction, redefinition, technological reevaluation, more and more precise and at the same time more intense, massive reconstruction progress in … deprivation/devaluation of the common attitudes of the occupation mind process of the description model/style of the matter of life – as the correct(ion) direction for man’s non-passive hyper-evolutionary acceleration = his perspective and attitude in life, development, i.e., his … religion and science = his real, expanding responsibility, i.e. … religious, scientific maturity concerning his of life and the environment and, its goals, but not the goals of some fatalistic image of nature/laws of nature in a passive (not responsible/=primitive) human attitude…
such as redefinition (or rather literally reconstruction) of phenomena, processes, for example, in terms of mass, energy, their quotation, and so further internal perception and further discovering structures, potential in terms of both natural and artificial mass interference.
Not collapsing, simplifying by static level in the technological mega-production approach, significantly transforming the image and structures of given structures, primitive processes or energy … unless from the recognition of a specific privatization/monopolization in defining the laws of a given level of vision in this case, mass, genome, light, etc., according to monolithic existing, discovered on a given the level of the shot/model of the process, structure, energetic … energetic “light determination.”
… unless, slightly…, but not absolute energy … it is about creating a new model of looking at the determinants of the nature of processes from the position of developing technology …really accelerating mega-production of…self development towns of our remote and programmed controlled structures … creating, developing your own perception and models of your own determinants .. . already not so classic/not so primitive/scholastic energetic, mass perceptions…

Yes, it is a redefinition of science, redefinition of nature – our common potential of neo-creation from the science of reception to learning to grant new sources of creation … structures, processes, their redefinitions, their reconstructions … hidden, discovered, artificially created, created, de-created, re / created …
against the forces of nature that threaten us, to increase our existential and development position
without contemptuously establishing some laws and states, but taking a responsible attitude in determining our position and technological and economic potential, also in the non-passive waiting for mass actions of processes that may threaten our existence and which already… eliminate us.
It is time for economics, physics, science, religions of liberation from the chains of thinking and actions of stagnation, self-destruction/suicides hyper evolutionarily in relation to the surrounding environment from the inside and outside … viruses, earthquakes, transformation at the level of processes seem(but only seems) not to be reversible on a level cosmic and microcosmic phenomena.

Let’s make our planet, our micro and macrocosm a friendly city, cities, space (macro and micro) ships … in us and beyond to jointly support and develop processes essential for our life and our matter … new matter, new energy … new creation, own, well-deserved, mature, responded … that is, let’s continue to work on this selective physics and economics, economics, and the physics of liberation.

To be continued for the liberation of existence from/by the science of/by selective economics and physics of/for a new matter/background of life.

Overtaking nature/s laws/quotations. 1.a.

No(more)t submissive wishes and (more) bold action/decisions…mega productions of background -self duplicating/and developing parks…of life and matter.

Scientific/economic/religious responsibility in action means partnership in creating any action of life and matter, and its any laws and quotation.

New series of posts start from wishes in the {virus, and others}war(hyper evolutionary)competitions of structures of nature in us and beyond…also beyond our imagination means big bang creation of (bypass){economic/phisic}background of our life and matter.

First of all, I wish you a lot of faith, and faith is the strength of the sense of co-responsibility / = the strength of co-creativity in changing the world for the better, i.e., making all dreams come true…all obstacles overcome.

No more we shall be a point of (interest) of nature, but nature shall be the point of our interests, our action, our responsibility …creative attitude to life and matter. And this is really responsible, not empty, unmatured awaiting, wishing attitude to God, nature, environment. Shaping nature (strategy) and its laws…creations new background of nature …of the science of nature and further science of economy of any arrangement of, on, in nature, its universes, structures of matter and life in and beyond.
Yes. It is abolishing today’s religion, science…economy on behalf hyper evolutionary (rebuilding of the background of any life and matter)…laws creation as main motor of any action and situation and destination. …No more vulcanos, viruses and other laws and powers of nature will destine our future, belive and action and search. We will/have(to survive and develop more than just worm point of the universe) be any law-making point(active vector) of any direction of any questions of matter and life …no more E=mc2 …but beyond c…

Responsibility for the environment means very active participation, hyperactive to have a chance to catch with evolutionary, creationary matters of changing environment far beyond/in …us.

Responsibility means faith supported with active/not passive deal/action to fill out, work out, dreams, goals …dreams supported by responsibility and vice versa…to break physically, economically, mine barriers of …universe(s) of life and matter.

Massive production, transformation on a massive scale give a chance to fill out (today because of lack of mega-production parks self-developing accelerating parks ) strategy apparently unimaginable, goals, give right support of really responsible attitude to nature- means no submissive and not ambivalence.

This is the right way for co-working with got and nature, sometimes competing like differents universes, lives interests between us and other formations of life and matter.

This about investing(inventing) in our life and matter background …evolution, just such by the way.

Shaping our destinations background is responsible, mature attitude to god and nature…but it effort very hard sometimes risky work to overcome maters and life obstacles seemed not to overcome …but immense love supported by big action gives power to any changes any creation, neo creation.

Technological perpetuum mobile/=The development of matter/life structures in increasingly remote control tool-based areas. 2.c.

Developing a specific structure, own structures/properties in literally direct manual/physical systematic, continuous conversion, folding of matter/processes (specific mass folding/processing of matter – with always a positive energy factor, engineering/metallurgy of/for hyper materials/processes) but in the increasingly massive range at a geometric pace, autonomous, automatic, mega productive, remote, increasingly programmable from outside increasingly without our direct interventions…= with less and less direct exploitation and applications of energy and matter.
And inward restructuring as part of an increasingly systematic mass leverage support for the protection and development of decision-making systems that initiate life, that is the development of life structures and structures of its expression in increasingly remote control tool-based areas.
 The same applies to the inside, and from inside and to make bridges, protect them in this maintenance and development of this life as if manually outside and from inside initiated and protected on the earth.
But this process of hyper evolution, transformation, mega reproduction, mega exploitation, mega reconstruction/neo construction on a mass scale can be trained in the soils of the seas and oceans, in deserts, in atmospheric and outer space, also on the moon, asteroids, planets.
 Surgical metallurgical interference. Yes, just mechanical, manual in the structure of the processes of matter( and so life), in their course in their properties, including time properties, or rather process properties and their manipulation, co-creation, neo-formation at this increasingly higher level of the Neolithic revolution, the Neolithic revolution at the level of physics, physics economics, selective economics of material processes as the genetic / neo-coded basis for further transformations, further life, determining properties, changing properties, changing processes in the productive scale of divine creation, or rather jumping over it, taking the initiative in shaping the view of the world of processes, properties, matter, time of all objects in the micro-macro space of life and matter that forming/influencing/generating each other.
As like for the Apollo program, one needs a powerful scientific and production base. In this case, an even more powerful and continuing mega-production/hyper evolutionary support. The background built for further civilization jumps hyper evolutionary, neo creational over next cosmic speeds including speed of light and much more in any cases matter and life in entire space.
In line with the trend, direct man service in the production process is falling.
Production in itself is a brave hyper evolutionary medium, and service is a medium based on this production park, which service takes up less than one promile of human activities. And all is about speed up of the trend—mechanism of the acceleration.
The production, economic and hyper-evolutionary machine produced creates a substrate for new discoveries, initiatives, new barriers, new spaces, new matter, new processes, new structures, new properties/features, new codes, new generations of matter/life.
Hyper evolutionary responsibility is creationism in action, a transformation of structures, relations, systems, more or less through/across systems of nature.
There is no passive ecology but active participation in the creation of one’s own nature, nature’s background … not allowing the so-called natural evil, but gardening the garden of nature to make it better with us by possible less damage to other systems, possibly some forced “colonial” cooperation from time to time, possibly more harmonious  {economic}partnerships with other systems in ever further and deeper spaces of the micro-macro cosmos of matter and (and thus the level, quality, size, dignity, and length) life.
Exceeding the mega-production technology of the economic selective, hyper ecological barrier eliminates all existing, current(level of technology/productivity and knowledge) laws, physical laws, and even mathematical natural and … technological, civilizational ones at every level … it is the development of greater rights than nature / God has given us. … and they should always be deserved rather than given. Just our rights, literally and figuratively in space, we work out all the time, and this is a divine gift of nature.
The factors needed to break through the hyper evolutionary barriers of natural divine forces are to increase the contribution of the innovative breaking of the construction barriers of a given world of the pre barrier world,
the hyper evolutionary contribution, the mega-production of purposeful leverage from the 4d to 3 d … system (i.e. from mass mega-production of technological/energetic/material / … biological perpetuum mobile, which would become a new dynamic background for changing the existing world 3 d of matter thus life) that is, other factors interfered with selective/hyper evolutionary economics. For example, the breakthrough of evolutionary speed levels … hyper evolutionary, i.e., intervening from outside the natural evolutionary system or existing from our evolutionary, hyper evolutionary/=civilizational achievements with the help of our new contribution/system of interests and input/system of our ” hyper lever “mega-production …
It is a kind of forced mechanical innovation.
That is, multiplied efficiency/dimension through structural, mechanical methodical production/economic activities contributing to crossing physical barriers, etc. for geometric higher-level of development or existence, which will allow further breakthroughs in the field of scientific, economic, technological, … (re/neo){mega}production of …matter … life.
We speak here about suggestions of new spaces, new dimensions, new fundamentals of matter, and life re/neo creation by using new platforms by selective physics and selective economics.
Selective physics as selective economics deals with hyper evolutionary hyper neolithic transformation, creative and neo-creative generating is the foundation paradigm of further scientific, physical, biological, etc. activities including mathematical.
It is an abandonment of a static/passively shifting level of perception (and more active mega productive increase of its scale/level) of looking at processes at an ever-higher level than Newtonian/Einsteinian and even higher levels of knowledge, for more and more increasingly accurate/complex perceptions and creations of existing processes supported by this hyper evolutionary/mega-production.
Selective physics /…= selective economics – hyper evolutionary/hyper neolithic as a paradigm/tool generating (vectoring, scalar) directions, velocities, sizes of all-natural and artificial processes and structures, … all sciences including mathematics, economics, biology…
Increasing the park/creation environment mechanically, almost manually,
as if on foot but on a massive mega-production scale of the perpetuum mobile technology and energy for ever extra achievements, economic, (astro) physical, biological…
Increasing the technology, energy, and material park geometrically always at a lower cost than profits at the consistently raised automatic level, which reduces the costs of the mechanical background, while increasing the scientific, production, physical, biological, economic potential of matter, and life structures, processes.
No number, no number will have a permanent time reference and other descriptions of processes, structures because they have a variable nature caused by so-called natural or artificial operations in a permanent dynamic environment of the macro-micro cosmos, i.e., no established so-called laws of nature, even dynamic laws, etc. do not have never of a character sufficiently absolutely dynamic / fitted to any phenomenon, more or less repetitive event.
The topic of selective economics and selective physics is an open topic, whose task is to increasingly contribute – by finding/constructing/producing mechanisms of the process-  to the creative struggle/co-construction with dynamic processes and phenomena in the world around us.
To be continued of the futuristic divagations after the summer holiday and (I hope so) after the virus war.

The shaping of the structure and properties of our external/internal physical and biological environment background means the selective economy/physics means hyper evolution/neo creation. 2.b.

Selective physics is hyper evolutionary physics. It is using, developing the background of physical phenomena in the process of hyper ecology/hyper evolution, i.e., participation in the very active shaping of the structure and properties of our external/internal physical and biological environment of our place, our position in system competition, and not ambivalent and/or aadaptation or contempt of processes like treating ourselves as “only” a boat/ship on the ocean …(but)of dependences, competitions of very dynamic, ruthless systems in/outside of us – we were not, we are not and we will not be neutral.
This is about literally building scanning production systems and then total restructuring. Structural, constructional, creation, and total neo-creation preparation, preparing to take over the entire micro-cosmos spaces. That does not mean that each time they are duplicated. Still, it is about developing a very dynamic system of readiness to protect, amortize, buffer negative phenomena, creative initiative, and neo-creative – this is the hyper ecology of taking over the competences of “acquired” spaces in this way … creating our own base of physical and economic evolution in this case in a selective approach, fundamental for further more empowered neocreational, developmental, civilization … deep interventions in global and cosmic phenomena that we could not seem to have any influence on.
Abandonment of active co-co-generation, environmental co-generation. Specific hyper evolutionary/hyper ecological/hyper existential vanity, subordination, fatalism contributes to self-destructive behavior … anti-developmental, adevelopmental.
Taking control / active (non-passive) control over micro-cosmic processes is and should be the existential basis of life, hyper ecological responsibility of selective economics(mega-production)/selective physics of technological perpetuum mobile of re/neostructurization of ever more profound levels of the environment of systems around us from inside and outside.
It is(it has always been…in the neolithic revolution way) time to not only for defense but also counterattack, i.e., initiative, changing the face of the whole environment to a micro-cosmic, total, uninterrupted and infinite degree.
Responsibility (divine/=hypernatural)as a guarantee, security, and development, protection as a paradigm, as the center of rights, … so one needs to overcome this cross of responsibility … to deserve proper …economic and physical salvation ….selectivity means responsibility.
Will epidemiological, climatic collapse change our approach to the environment …the era before the virus and a new era after the virus. Will this era be the same? Whether this present era will teach us something positively or disqualify us as unworthy rubbish how it took place on the planet mars and other civilizations on this globe.
For now, we are still moving more or less consciously, more or less purposefully – and rather without intention – on the descending ramp of the inclined evolution/hyper evolution of us, with ours or without our environment, down in the suicidal primitive/selfishness fatalistic, nihilistic economic-religious rush.
This viral hyper evolutionary race emphasizes the need for proper arming up of the hyper organizational infrastructure, hyperproduction park, infinitely more magnificent than any previous plans, economic, scientific, and …religious concepts …i.e.; it is a new post per harbor, hyper economic boom, hyper infrastructural, hyper telecommunication … scientific hyper at a different technological/mega-production level for new perceptions for neo/creation and vice versa in a variable supporting changeable constellation.
It is about raising the level of economic, technological, scientific, religious, and therefore existential, developmental dignity by expanding this hyperevolutionary park through this hyperevolutionary strategy beyond the fatalistic shamanic religiously scientifically and technologically passive attitude to the neutral processes of the globe and the cosmos and all known and unknown elementary, genetic particles in which we are, and we can simply be more and more active in a mechanical, autonomous …by controlled autonomous perpetuum mobile way of transformation, mega-production, hyper evolution, re/neo/creation.
Production of self-forming hyper evolutionarily strategically planned programmatic parks of more and more efficient energy mass precision production technologies in themselves as background, economic buffer, fuel, hyperevolutionary buffer, fuel.
Like scientists, businessmen, pioneers who started steel mills, oil mines, which were not only in the short but also in the further involuntary perspective and development buffer …newer basics of matter and then life … And not for some show or career but their own basics buffers of existence and development of the foundations of new matter/new life and not for vegetative but conqueror homo sapiens of matter&life.
To be continued to fundaments of neo/re/creation of matter and life.

Selective physics as the fundament of any mind and action. 2.a.

Selective physics as a paradigm of all processes, structures development, as fundamental of the science of physics, biology, economics, mathematics, etc…for any belief, and any initiative…for any matter and(so) any life.

We come to fundamental decisions about our place no longer static but about continuing to work out / win a position in consistently competitive system space.

Developing ourselves, tools, materials that would define further foundations … or rather the next stages of designing, manufacturing structures, creation processes for ever and ever newer materials to produce ever more modern devices, tools, fuels – for even newer and newer materials and so on exchangeably by the artificial r/evolution – in a continuous, specific mechanical, programmed system and from time to time remotely controlled with less and less direct human participation as it has long been taking place in the process of neolithic, hyper neolithic revolution/evolution.

That’s how we do it. But does this mean that I break open the door? No. Our strategies for these transformations, interventions, or rather a lack of it in the environment, due to vanity economy, vanity physics/scientific shamanism, due to this continuation of the neolithic revolution … or rather its insufficient continuation … considering this world, what we perceive now is what it is. So we have to somehow (not hyper/neolithically revolutionary) pre hyper/neolithically jumping on it in vegetative/shamanic/vanity dance…because anyway we can’t break through stated by our “absolute” knowledge of(of – a {sorry- primitive static} vision of- physics, etc.) barriers of possibilities and chances.

No. It is about the whole politics, philosophy, physics of not a passive but creative view on the environment in which we live, which we find, and which we should be the most active students/participants to become his shared generators, initiators by equal/if well-deserved rights( no any more laws) for creation, re/creation, neo/creation of the environment.
New definitions of the environment, its physics, i.e., new definitions, dynamic definitions of time and matter, or rather their less abrupt, primitive static definitions … and more working active exploitation, creation, neo-creation, productive, productive, economic (selective economics) look defining processes aimed at intervening in these processes at the scale of operation or initiation of processes possibly on a mass scale/initiation – because only such a scale/initiation/=generation has some significance in nature.

We have and we can to get out of the pre-neolithic collapse of a peculiar civilizational but ape selfishness and (war)game with a fatalistic zero result, which in fact costed all civilizations one by one their end, and to the best of primitive submissive vegetation not worthy of man, homo sapiens responsible for his actions and positions.

We are talking about developing mechanisms, processes of micro macro cosmic transformation of the life of matter, i.e., increasing the specific potential of manual space or rather the use of increasingly remote control of the creation of the environment in an ever deeper and further area … ..which will allow for even better development of this machine and then neo/creation processes.

Here, of course, we are talking about economics/physics (because real physics is the economics of the matter, it is processing/neo creating … and so one does not have to passively look at any science of physics, biology, chemistry … on the course of processes and paths of joint hyper-productive/hyper evolutionary/=selective economics/neo-creative economics in these processes) market hyper evolving on the background formation/cooperation of environmental co-genealogy and so in physical-economic symbiosis with other systems.

So no more philosophy/science and games with a zero market result (showing off) of the own system, already without any hyperlinks of existential development beyond the civilization of our world, which only sometimes Adhoc react to given phenomena, processes without building a permanent deeper base existential and developmental … more and more hyper manual or rather mindless, vanity economic mortal war games.

This is what continuity is about, more and more massive (in the technological and technological progress … of the technological prepetuum mobile – establishing a possibly autonomous mega-production system of a neo-creative environment), process reconstructions of the space-time environment, more and more profoundly interfering with the processes, their structure, structure, and properties … .This is about time-space folding as primitively expressed in some aspects of astrophysics.

But rather it is about matter whose treatment is the basis of its revival, its harmonization, is the genealogical, genetic, physical and economic basis, and above all the basis of humanity and life of any life and any processes (neo)evolving/(neo)engineering continuation.

To be continued with the new era of vision and science,and belief,and matter and life.

The strategy of mass micro restructuring of the environment as the power/paradigm of/for a(ny) new economy, physics… of matter, and life. 1.c.

Further search/inspiration of mechanisms for shaping mechanism of directionality/purposefulness/sensibility/consciousness/intelligence of our own and external forces, potentials for the development of existence in co-direction with “external” evolution of the micro-macro cosmos of ours and other systems in mixed constellations.
The release of forces greater than God…
raising, raising the universe of nature to break down barriers, raise heart, belief over evil/barriers (barriers of existence and development of us and others more or less in our view of living beings who have more or less the right to live according to our “laws”)
seem impenetrable over the waves of the ocean of the leverage of systems of the cosmos in the technological 4d perpetuum mobile broadly understood life …
We can change or work out the world for the better. We are/have so doing everything to make the direction of natural or evolutionary changes more suited to our sense of security and development. We can change all the wrong situations, change bad states. We have always used our innovative potential, the potential of this faith, as the basis for technological development, hyperproduction, processing the current arrangement of 3d relations including our 4d hyper evolutionary contribution/…innovations…included organizational/economic innovations….of/for active neo creative choices and responsibilities.
Our direction is to be this force that surpasses the strength of God, i.e., a given system of natural relations, internal and external systems, which also in their evolutionary competition are fighting for their position. Our system of the civilization of not inferior sort has the right to actively contribute to these changes, in this case from our side hyper evolutionary transformations … exceeding current forces, forces of nature, forces of God.
The need for courageous thoughts and actions in this active cooperation of evolution, active ecology of shaping, transforming, directionality, development, and elaboration of vectors – here the order of influencing, direct shaping, constructing forces, vector waves for further development, building, development vectors and so interchangeably working out and then co-constructing, etc. of vectors/for vectoring(scaling/directing) for the development of micro and macro forces of our environment/cosmos…our areas of interest of life and matter( and matter for life)…of existence and development/empower…of the existence.
Responsibility in co-molding the waves, the vectors of development, and existence is a religious and existential moral and technological and economic obligation. It is very active overtaking the tasks of an imaginary more or less god/”laws” of nature /of shaping the systems of nature – protective, decisive – on our shoulders taking full responsibility for the matter and so what’s going further on life too… lack of such initiative will be practically unforgivable contempt for life … and god/nature, so that automatically will we feel the harmful effects of retrograde development … regress … how it was for example on… the planet mars…on earth also, where we can find out infinity amount of examples of regressive “development” or at least stagnation/vegetations that means anyway regression in evolving environment.
The giant challenges need to prepare giant production park structures for taking over, influencing, replacing structures at model scales in maxi and micro sizes … for further hyper/evolutionary production, for further reproduction, simply to harness the forces of nature on a very massive scale … or they tame us.
Working out the materiality of building the structures of life and matter and, consequently, influencing and producing them
 – these already changed material structures – new features, properties, factor … … influencing / developing our own contribution to changes in the genetic basis of the nature of the behavior of evolution … existential, developmental.
As, for example, with progressive Christianity, technologization/further implementation of the work of God in shaping the background of the generic garden of Eden/nature progressed, so now the existential strategy of selective economics, the tool/lever definition of nature is to be the next breakthrough of civilization existence and the development of an ever-higher gear, a hyper evolutionary breakthrough/mega industrial/ hyper-technological/hyper economic nature of the macro microcosmic to look at various natural phenomena in the proper position in the mutual intensification of nature’s systems, including epidemics, etc. and not to underestimate hyper evolutionary
aspects/opportunities and threats (omissions) in one’s own existence and development.
Accepting the micro-macro cosmos lever as an existential developmental path of life/matter. This acquisition is the four-dimensional contribution to the neo/creation of properties, features of life processes of the matter of the existing 3d cosmos … which is also inspired by other sides/systems in this neo-creative dimension of 4 d.
This is taking over the leverage of shaping the material and then the properties in more and more remote / (programming) software
As a peculiar own over 3 dimensional in shaping the leverage space of the structures of natural processes.
Manufacturing-producing-mega production-hyper r/evolutionizing-neo-creation – this is the 4d code … more powerful than ocean waves and other 3 d systems
and along the way, more powerful than nature and divine weaknesses and barriers, viruses, climates … is their own participation in the construction of our common background, the farm of life and matter …
Profound investments, = changing the background of the foundations of production, = mega-production, = hyper evolutionary, multiplies the primitive shamanic attachment a billion times, looking at the chance of technological explosion above gravity – literally and figuratively – attracting/destroying the next degrees/barriers of “cosmic” speeds of possibilities and opportunities.
Adjusting world puzzles without an imposed pattern for work, creation, neo creation, and not some kind of absolute patterns/models/”laws” of possibility and inability.
Leverage technical maneuvers to take over more and more internal structures through a kind of journey through them, their modernization, or plasticization.
This strategy of mass micro restructuring of the environment, or rather the background of the environment is simply more and more precise, engineering, automatic, remote treatment equipment, increasingly massive treatment of the micro-macro space environment … as historically and today has been and is taking place, but strategically, methodologically not ultimately used .. only sideways, by chance, not methodically … somehow there was no time for this and … for religions … so it is about super religions as the basis of strategies, directions, perspectives for constructing foundations development and existence in micro and macro space systems.
Productively digging deeper into the foundations/foundations of the genetic background of the environment … and further, deeper into the shaping, reconstructing, creating our own foundations for climate, viral, life processes through the development of depth and remote/autonomous automatic mass economic network of mutually developing/replicating teams industrial parks of tools, materials/components – as the basis for new materials and so new properties  of… matter and life
This is a neo-neolithic strategy and a paradigm of non-passive development and survival.
To be continued of the cosmic arms race in creating new matter, a new genealogy of matter for the new genealogy of life and its perspectives.

A non-passive responsibility in improving us and the environment is directly proportional to the effectiveness of any actions. 1.b.

Continuation of futuristic inspirations to develop strategies reaches ever-higher levels of cosmic hyper evolutionary speed, hyper-creative, hyper-technological, hyper economic, hyper scientific.

Personal treatment of systems of nature(means systems of our micro and macro surrounding) in the style of a kind of arms race, competition, cooperation with mutating systems … That is, respecting the treatment of position, existence, its development, protection, and not a primitive material approach in establishing pseudo (specific racist, Europe-centric) laws of nature. Yes, we are the center of the universe, the ocean of systems (often much more potent by gravity in a broad sense), with which, however, we must continuously work on constantly renewing, corrected relations … technological, mega-technological, mega-production, hyper evolutionary, creative, neo creative, neo laws/=rights, neo very flexible variable laws, technological production/leverage laws … as in the economics of natural and evolutionary relations, there have been, always will be.

Will the third viral world war trigger, force a new, forward-looking, progressive, and no longer vegetative look at its position, roles, opportunities in this next generation micro-macro (nano) cosmonautics?

Production of own pathogens, own specific evolutionary background (hyper) for production, provocation according to more of your scenario processes in organisms … Such development of self-replicating systems of micro-nano drones of telecommunications systems in a consistent, continuous schedule … parallel civilization, mobile scaffolding, civilization and individual gene on a global scale, human material biological micro-cosmos

Such specific hammering into the structures of the micro cosmos (for acquiring the macro of the universe also) by upgrading nano rocket systems
In hammering, acquiring cosmic structures in this case, micro-cosmic life and matter.

Science needs the steadily increasing support of mega-production / mega technology, and above all, strategy, evolutionary, neo-creative thought. Not just juggling existing technological and production achievements in determining some rights adequate to this existing level, and adjusting “down” to the level of production, in further production and technological concepts of exploitation, neo creation of the micro-cosmos of life and matter, and vice versa matter and life … to come from a specific level of attraction of a given cosmic velocity in this case we are talking about the mega-production speed, mega civilization organism, hyper evolutionary, neo creative

An example of the exploration of the cosmos of the moon as a kind of costly shaman fun at low levels, production achievements – “constantly reheating the old chop” or the strategy of mass cheapness of automation of the mega-production / hyper-production / hyper-technological process in mastering …
of the moon … not with us but with him and his resources – something specific to building the lunar civilization from the beginning, but on other mega-productive civilization foundations – creating processing of the artificial moon background, and further it’s further, more effective. exploration …. the lunar bonanza as a catapult of earthly hyper-ecological / mega-production / mega-technology / mega-ecological, hyper-creative civilization.

So here it is about humiliating science like this but increasing its perspective of perception and usefulness in the mega hyper evolutionary race, i.e., the ratio of production to research …
it is the speed of a real cosmic race on a macro and micro scale … here it is about research on the rate of matter processing and then life at the level of the mechanical total at the physical, chemical, mine, mass processing, cascade, avalanche effect of the snowball production of hyper industrial parks, the growth of their teams, their size, precision, quantity, to give this science this better microscope and another tool for even more efficient exploration, cooperation with systems of nature, improve the system’s ownership and its position among other systems that often cross with ours to a greater or lesser extent.

It is about the production of an ever-larger – and better, more and more powerful if we want to talk about some chance of our civilization’s position concerning other systems of matter and life – the artificial production background … new components of “park” materials (which will be the interactive components of the next parks, material, fuel) of the following parks, tools parks…
Tool material … life to carry on more effective research and thus mega-production of the next level of background to the next level of development research, etc.

“Make the land surrendered”…
Only deep systematic reconstruction, buffering gives a higher chance of flexible depreciation of existence and development, and not floating on some waves of the inviolable firmament of nature or some expectation, passivity, passivity.

Speed, directionality, bulkiness, precision are absolute paradigms, factors of the tool view, or somewhat active immediate participation in the reconstruction of trends in property structure processes … rights … and in this case already developed, earned, well-deserved rights, which are to be a superstructure, determinant on the laws of the firmament of modern alchemy of science.

So it means about our responsibility against/above vanity of lazy (establishment) laws of nature matter and life systems.
Our vanity must not kill real faith/=responsibility and the desire to improve life and the world. Otherwise, we will kill God (kill our divine responsibility by childish vanity/irresponsibility) and ourselves again and again. The speed, directionality, mass of our actions, i.e., the non-passive responsibility in improving us and the environment is directly proportional to the effectiveness of actions as God’s actions and / to real life, not his denial or death.

To be continued to (mega cosmic/mega environmental)strategy of…scanning and taking over the levers of matter / micro-macro life of the cosmos … towards being more powerful than god and any known forces/structures of matter/=life.



Technologic/economic Big Bang as a remedy for our systems position among the others. 1.a.

Notes, sketches of technological/economic background creation, basics of creation of components of matter and then life


Change in thinking of employment between a horse and a car. {maybe employing a mega-production of technology takes the time of incubation, self-realization, “self-education”, but it will break in a short time the current neolithic level manufacture mind/aspirations – something like an under 2-year-old man is overtaken by the intelligence of an up to 2-year-old monkey. So not a continuation but a further evolution of transformation and re/neo/creation processes.
Preference for employing/studying of/for changing of…nature/neo constructing (mega) production rather than alchemy/= current teaching, “laws”studying and contemporary production system if we want to go further.
In this viral war of different systems, including our system for higher aspirations of …matter/=life – not stagnation=vegetative passivity of irresponsibility on behalf of some victim – life, the need for a war act to impose a specific scientific, scientific incubatoral basis for the mega-production of these nano drone cars … production of next generations of “lines”(but rather more in geometric pace) production etc. that is the whole new hyper evolution system …= future/present neolithic builds a new background, new platform, new (mega) industrial parks, mega-production, self-replicating incubation according to “mutating” programs, and remote control.

Until now, a systemic approach to deep intervention, but in a fully responsible, hyper evolutionary interaction with nature has been ignored on official partner terms and … on the laws(instead of on technologically rights) of planned continuation of transformation, creation, the evolution of all processes of matter and life.

So not more ignorance or lack of dignity to nature but rather
personifications of systems of nature with intense interventions (more freely economic exchange of/for infinite potentials of ingenuity and size of any actions and goals) in creations matter are the right way for salvation neo creation of both sides.

The need for systemic action, responsible for shaping, further building, changing, caring for the garden of space. It takes this divine responsibility not only to think but to be very active, i.e., hyper r/evolution of thinking.
Not ad hoc = sin is short-sightedness
Lack of a broader responsibility in shaping (the keyword) ever deeper layers of matter and (and thus) life … “God will open eyes … Remove the stone on the path from the grave of addiction (shamanism/evolutionary nihilism / neo-creative), falling/subordination, for our value/creation / neo-creation of matter/life, hyper evolutionary neolithic, divine, cosmic responsibility, life beyond for a loving god or for a worked-out chance to heal the resurrection/=re/neo creation.
Everyone who believes in me ….= responsibility for creating the nature of systems … faith, of course, supported by actions, not vanity and shamanism of a/creationism
Shamanism is not faith … True faith is a strategy, an aspiration that, above all, is a responsibility for action/creation.

Responsibility is equal to faith.
The higher the responsibility for the environment (very active/progressive hyper/ecology, hyper creationism), processes, structures, the higher the strategic, scientific, hyper evolutionary impact and the higher the effectiveness of the actions taken, the greater the rights and laws, the higher the progressiveness, progressive design scientific and production modeling.

The pide or rather presuming of scientific/scholastic, eco-economic/nihilistic shamanism is a threat to not only development – and even from the conscious assumption of these contemporary nihilistic attitudes – but for further existence … vegetation … as it is shown by the early “little” crisis of the 3rd viral world war.

There is a thin line here between a specific shamanic faith/passive expectation/lust/demand/ambivalence (or rather the lack of any deeper responsible attitude/faith) and the faith of responsibility.

Wars that we lose due to pre neolithic/primitive evolutionism/primitive(shamanic) science/economy presuming, i.e., lack of very active joint responsibility for the processes of their protection, attack, development … very poor arming in this permanent war sometimes periodically referred to as 1,2,3 rd .. we each other or to/between our system(civilization) and other systems in competition, co-creation.

This all is about speedup economy/technology/production
trillions of trillions times because/against today’s mind/technology/economy / … science to brake both creative as traditional marked by this time by/for hyper-growth hyper evolution hyper neolithic.

So war on systems. So not surrendering to this evolutionary struggle, but rather hyper evolutionary, neo-creative in
-I am merely saying a change in the balance of power, at least from our civilization system of vision and aspiration and … above all active responsibility, not passive, prayed, alms-like –
so reinforcing approach to the strategy of any development, existence, i.e., its constant foundation/building reinforcement, protection, development, permanent reinforcement/=reinforcement of systems, own immune systems, generic, own expansion, existence trends, own hyper evolution, deepening neolithic strategy/mega-production/mega technology/=of 4d …
Just as countries allocate some of their development/existential reserves to armaments, cosmonautics, treatment, so this proposed system -shortly 4 d production system expansion/or rather explosion (particularly technologic/economic/evolutionary Big Bang of …technologic perpetuum mobile)- should have a special share in the public sector/activities whose task would be to stimulate the most effective building of the 4 d park/s of this hyper neolithic armament, hyperevolutionary, hyper war on the plane of generating production/technological foundations for the matter of life of the micro/macro of the cosmos …

The current 3 (viral) world war will visualize, force the right reflection to properly highlight the aspect that already exists, but it is not sufficiently noticed whether in religion, economics, science … It is no longer a static system, but very dynamic, active, progressive interactions (war/competition/cooperation… as between countries today) between our life/matter/aspiration system and other party systems, factors/factorization/vectoring … factors, phenomena on a total scale inspired by a futuristic but now by constructed 4d team/s against existing scholastic/vegetative/=technological/economic 3d system-that we currently so deeply involved.
Because without the development, we will not only not improve or establish a wishful level of vegetation, so-called normality, but we will simply reduce the chance of survival of us and our civilization through this abandonment of the hyper evolutionary strategy.
This is not about any special effort but just taking care of this fun in life and its development more realistically than virtually, just courage in … total changes in the environment, of course, as comprehensive as possible (hyper ecological/=hyper evolutionary), effective and not its maintenance because this cannot be done in a very dynamic arrangement of live micro-macro nature systems. Because establishing some own, permanent, particularly safari/natural reserve model is just thoughtless, fatal European centric pride/=presuming… Only the strategy and the operation of a profound, dynamic change of nature/structure of the (micro/macro)cosmos … its systems (including ours), gives opportunities and chances for our further existence, life at the level not of the homo sapiens reserve/safari, but worthy of the dignity of the level of hyper homo sapiens, i.e., homosapiens fully responsible for all processes and relations, i.e., not some laws of nature but own developed rights of/for technology/neo creation (systems of) nature.

To be continued to further re/neo/construction (hyper evolution/hyper responsibility in mega action/mega-production technology) of nature on the divine scale of creation.

A self-replicating teams of robots strategy of development as small as possible in tendencies components of new 4 d systems capable of further self-replicating development by remote and programmed commands with/against met 3 dimension world of systems. 7.c.


Continuation of the hyper evolutionary, and so hyper economically, hyper technologically, hyper ecologically race of matter and so life by outside vectoring/4 d re/neo constructing of the classic world of 3 d.

More than natural initiatives are needed to break the barriers of more or less difficult interruption of evolutionary dependencies that brake our aspirations for life and/by micro/macro universe.
It takes new looks, new designs, absolute but dynamic/elastic models, and total engineering and technological designs.
Designs that go beyond a passive description of nature. Modeling models initiating new models, competitive competition models in this absolute evolutionary race, where only bold and worked out productions of own decks, own background is worthly matter and life. We need progressive patterns, constantly adapting new parameters of hyper/technological, mega/production, hyper(selective)economic projection of further development processes … unfortunately not slowing down but accelerating it in geometric progress … if we do not want the environment to absorb us in the geometric growth – unfortunately … naive passivity of doing nothing leads/will lead each of us to inevitable destruction. I know that for many, the attitude of a passive lamb is ecological … it is the attitude of a lamb waiting in its queue to offer itself to other participants of the hyper evolutionary, divine race. At least on my part, there will never be such consent.

Physical, biological, economic formulas are progressing … with dynamic coefficient – d.
There are no absolute, but there are(they should be) absolute dynamics models or vanishing barrier laws, just only temporary ones to which one can easily add, construct production, tools extra factors and quotations/ratios, economically, strategically, directionally the next factors of the no more absolute but totally model of interventions, hyper evolutions of matter and life on any met level.

So it is going about breaking any patterns at every level more or less strategic, scientific, engineering, production … medical … Of course, more strategically inventive. It gives new, innovative views, chances of existence, and development … It revolutionizes literally and transfers any initiatives (wanting initiatives / = wishing to live), actions, thinking, religions, economy, politic.

And it is this progressive pattern (hyper evolutionary icebreaker) that is a progressive, retaining genetic zip … from the “left” or according to rights produced of/by this initiative
with the help of mega/self re/neo/production of a new own background/catapult hyper evolutionary factors/components of matter and life of the “4d printer” from “nowhere”/=on its own initiative/aspirations… by the power of love for life…by the discovered potential of progressive technologically, economically perpetuum mobile of life and matter.

And this has an impact on the teaching methodology … and
And this affects the methodology of teaching, studying, discovering, … life, economics, medicine… ecology

This progressive pattern is the basis of innovation, its definition, the nucleus of matter, and the life of creative thought …

Not sufficient hyper evolutionary
(as with insufficient cosmic velocity to break the gravitational barrier in … in this case gravitational hyper (generational)/evolutionary dependencies /= complexity/elasticity advantage race)
hyper neolithic behavior.
The opportunism of ecological/economic nihilism leads to collapse, anti efficiency, ( in reality)anti-ecological or anti-productive, anti-support safeness buffering. It is not sufficiently harmonious that due to europocentric, shamanic, anyway fatalistic behavior/tendencies to maintain what static pseudo-ecological / economic status quo in a very dynamic, competing environment of nature of others (including micro and macro) systems.

But we anyway influence more or less everything that surrounds us with each other.
Everything can be changed. Just take responsibility for what you want to change. Of course, trust is combined with constant commitment, arduous work of profound changes of environment/background in the direction often opposite in the competition with other worlds/models, the universe of systems. That is, not to drop own future on blind fate, but on own contribution more or less efficiently in directing/vectoring any changes.

To change something, including the geometric pace of change, one also needs an efficient system. System 4 d. System 4 dimensions. The “4 d printers” system. Programming systems, remotely implementing the components of an increasingly sublime new background of/for matter neo/creation and what’s next background of life re/neo creation.
4d means self-replicating teams of robots strategy of development as smallest as possible in tendencies components of new 4 d systems capable of further self-replicating development by remote and programmed commands.
4d also means initiations above before current 3d stand of environment, background, industrial park

The combination of these two 4d meanings has a profound impact on any creation’s perspectives and progress.

This viral war will implement a new thought, a new economy, a new science of a new neolithic era.
It will force the need to implement an automatic hyper evolutionary production “line”(-that more reminder geometric pace duplications/mega productions …new plants of components and further progressive productions mega parks) system
… production of tool production, material for nano drones
in trillions of trillions… pieces for anti-virus and other anti-barrier systems as well as for their own expansion in a kind of direct trade/commercial war with/also against other systems, sources of nature.

It will not be an ordinary economic competition.
But economic competition with … nature in monopolistic degrees … there are no secondary internal economic competitors but only conducting parallel struggle with competitors of external economic systems of/by nature but not internal with our civilization of enterprises etc.

To be continued to the race with/against systems of nature as an equal/strong partner/competitor.