Yes. We can.

We can cross the border of earth, stars, galaxies and… life.

Economics/physics of capsule production/leverage of matter and life … and time. 3.c.

Neo-evolution / hyper ecological lever/capsule/motor faster than wind, light, more efficient than the known cells and … atoms, … stars … than nature, than … father god – to be further support of this nature, this god who lives us and around us. – active responsibility, simply co-responsible mature economy of matter and life.

Hyper ecological, i.e., not only protecting against collapse in existential processes and the development of forces to increase the potential of life in us and our micro and macro environment.

Continued learning about the potential of the mechanism of our capsule and mechanisms, the new model of the capsule/cell of matter, and other systems’ lives.

Each given level of process and structural performance can be surpassed by any appropriate further elaborating the components made of these structures, at a given level, space, using these hitherto natural infinite energy and material resources. The issue of economics, the organization of work, i.e., the new DNA, i.e., DAA, for the better achievements of not the existing Ev, but the potential Esk – potentially and absolutely infinite, from the infinite potential of modeling, reprocessing, restructuring, such a specific evolutionary, neo-evolution, natural, neo-natural leverage.
An amateur has recently made a bet with a physics professor that a wind-powered car can be faster than the wind. And he proved it structurally … the same may apply to light and other material and life processes. The question of a proper development strategy. Simply the strategy of applying these mechanisms, models of the neo-evolution of matter and life.

This model can be presented in a matter capsule, the structural processivity of which determines the time, including biological time, DNA of that time, DNA processing of all micro and macro phenomena of the cosmos, inside us and outside of us … that is the time capsule.

The theory alone will not help but just the right expansion of the potential of the components to implement it. For this one needs generations or just powerful directional transformations of the “m” environment, a mega-production of components. A real mega-production that needs gigantic infromatic and technological support, which is already waiting for ideas to use it. Bold automatization, acceleration of an accelerator of industrial growth exceeding the current level of potential trillions of times in a short time, will allow for even more efficient use of this force … wind in the broad sense of the word.

There are ecological concerns, so let’s start this neo-evolutionary acceleration of the matter of life on … the moon, Mars, in interplanetary space, … let’s continue the evolution of nature from our membership in it. Member, i.e., not inert but fully responsible in terms of creation / neo-evolution.

The (selective) economics of component production for the growth of the infrastructural potential for increasing the hyper-evolutionary economic and scientific efficiency is so far so inert to the forces of other systems of nature.
That is, the passive hyper evolutionarily due to the level and strategy of the industrial park

This potential is a further infrastructural level m multiplied by DAA of potential and Esk of economic efficiency.
As well as a natural hyper-natural system of growth of potential hyperevolutionary, neo-evolutionary, neo-creative solstice explosions … It is about increasing capacity, not just action.

This divine production of components … and the rest at our disposal, the question of proper responsibility to properly produce this world of components and then use the shifted competencies of this potential creation further than ad hoc economic scientific activities.

Capsule. The cell of hyper-evolution in a specific boundary of competencies, opportunities and threats – the boundary between our and other interests, threats, potentials, and sources.
Neo-evolutionary, protecting at the same time initiating, increasing its potential as above public economy over science, macroeconomic, and further start-packs and typical economic undertakings, which previously initiated over the evolutionary economy, science, influence the potential of the infrastructure of this capsule, and it further the scientific economic Ev, etc.

Continuation after the holiday rest, although the queue of overdue hyperevolutionary texts for the already sixth edition of the next articles does not decrease.

Multi capsule – a neo-evolutionary cell of any matter as a determinant of the potential for border development in interaction with the present and future micro-macro environment of the cosmos. 3.b.

Further outline of the complexity of the model of factors/structures of processes influencing the expansion and strengthening of the boundaries of our cellcapsule in establishing a further evolutionary position more on behalf of our interests of life and thus the matter (of/for the life) of the neo evolution.

The capsule means matrix of factors of neo evolution of matter
of atoms …, cells … of/for any stages and causes/systems of tendencies and interests of intervention by the economy and physical of neo production/technology organization, the massiveness of processes, automation of/for neo matter evolution … means interdisciplinary factors for neo creation.

Placebo for determining and expanding the boundary of the influence of selective hyper-evolutionary economics and placebo of consumption economics Ev in shaping the economy, science in neo-evolutionary directions.
Placebo for Esk is not the same as for Ev .. although also generally influencing general infrastructural transformations but … but not so
Science and Economics for Ev or Esk
Differences and similarities between the programs of consumer Ev investments and investments for components for Esk hyperevolutionary investments
These artificial placebo-generated application ratios are expected to influence the infrastructure m holistically covering the former EvmDNA, Esk1mDAA1 …

Direct application of economics in establishing EskmDAA for the infrastructural foundations of m further science and economics for the following table …. “Mendeleev” new components of the material evolution of micro-space macro.
Such placebo investments help the development of ordinary science and the economy thanks to the new artificial infrastructure trend m, which is a component of the hyperevolutionary EvmDNA / EskmDAA process.

Determining the factors of influence, the limits of possibilities, the potential impact on the external environment, the internal, that is, the determination of the placebo method of the directions of determining, working out the limits of interaction with the environment, i.e., simply a placebo for neo-evolutionary enterprises, should not be haphazard, like driving a finger on a computer keyboard.

Determining these factors, automatic, autonomous, controlled production of more and more efficient components aimed at a total hyper-evolutionary infrastructure investment change “m”, which is also a locomotive for the further development of science and consumption economy. Such vector shifting of the infrastructural m level, followed by DNA / DAA, and then the effects of economic, evolutionary, biological material in the comprehensive Esk approach, and further qualitative and property infrastructuring of “m”.
The influence of placebo in economics, science Ev versus economics, science Esk on the further multiplication of the evolutionary infrastructural m.

The creation growth gene (DNA / DAA) needs the right infrastructure for a springboard to influence the micro-macro environment of the cosmos inside and outside of us.

Self-replicating mechanism of production of components for the production of all drawn / perceptually / potentially realizable models, allowing further development of this modeling and further production, etc.

The production of material of specific metallurgy and other complexes aimed at this transformation of components in directions compared with placebo neo-evolutionary, neo-ecological, to what extent we will protect our interests and at the same time our environment by reducing the contradiction, in relation to the placebo of the current evolutionary placebo of selective economics the neo-evolutionary Esk or the evolutionary placebo Ev, where it does not differ due to vain goals or rather a lack of awareness of the purposefulness of the evolutionary ones.

Production of the park … without a consumption purpose (possibly gadgets, toys, e.g. rockets, which will allow us to teach, prepare for a technological or production leap) but a purely investment gigantic scale similar to Musk Mars undertaking, as if abstract, but necessary for the progress of civilization neo evolutionary also related to the protection and civilization / individual development of man.

The development of civilization as a building of a potential more powerful than nature, but used only for precise existential and developmental manipulations in competition in the vicinity of this nature and its other systems, more or less directly related to us.
It is, therefore, about building an infrastructural potential that exceeds the parameters of achieving the environment so far, building an artificial environment for this potential.
Building chemical, physical, industrial, hyper ecological, and space infrastructure parks.

Compounds of the material constructional process for not directly because sometimes we do not know yet in what direction etc. to apply, but for the components of the potential for the implementation of the next levels of the neo-evolutionary EskmDAA segments, which are to potentially overtake the previous economic, scientific, i.e., the so-far evolutionary and our EvmDNA segments.

To continue learning about the potential of the mechanism of our capsule and the mechanisms, the new model of the capsule/cell of matter, and the lives of other systems.

Determining the differences and directions of changes of Esk and EvmDAA in relation to the evolutionary placebo as the basis for assigning hard neo-evolutionary civilization decisions directly related to the transformations of the further potential of matter, i.e., life. 3.a.

Infrastructural changes taking into account the actual evolutionary placebo regarding the state of EvmDNA, the level of civilization for EskmDAA, the growth of economic and scientific potential, for shifting the boundaries of neo-evolutionary possibilities – I emphasize, infrastructure potential for the creation of a proper hyperevolutionary explosion.

Hardness, absolute, multiplication, the tangibility of the infrastructural and neo-infrastructure potential factor for the maturation of the DNA / DAA infrastructure for direct control, creation, calculation, prediction, control, programming, observation of the difference in/for neo-evolutionary changes to all given placebo systems state of the environment, shifting the boundaries of the impact from the current environment Ev to the new Esk.

Any changes caused by human activity may, but do not have to, sufficiently affect the evolution of the development of his environment, including himself – may have a weak factor perceiving differences before and after, or the environment affected by its changes as infrastructure neutral m – the method of the placebo effect.
But specially managed investments, activities aimed at directly influencing the evolution of him and his environment, may have a decisive enough impact on infrastructure changes. They directly influence these activities, although not always capturing the trends of the ordinary economy defined by me as an evolutionary … civilization vanity.

Investments indicating greater evolutionary maturity (neo-evolutionary, neo-ecological) of the economy.

The point is to distinguish autonomous investments more towards the consumption economy but more actively towards environmental changes.
The so-called vanity economy, economics may be useful for consummate consumption purposes. Still, it is not sufficiently related to evolution, which is decisive for increasing or decreasing civilization potential, evolution on the part of man as an active, inactive participant in evolutionary processes in it and beyond, to a real extent microcosmic and real macrocosm requiring targeted investments directing mass billions of times exceeding the changes of the environment at the designated direction and level, its protection and evolutionary development, its acceleration and more efficient instrumentalization of its processing, may significantly affect the accuracy of the trends in the development of the consumption economy to a degree closer to evolutionary civilization.

Any change in this particular direction will be more or less accurate than a primitive consumer economy, indifferent or weak to protection, the influence of processes, which, in turn, has an impact on the evolution of our existence potential based solely on the growth potential of other potentialities in the developmental relationship … in us and beyond, the micro and macro of the cosmos.

We are talking about the “m” infrastructure multiplier. Strengthening, not neutralizing it in influencing programming, eventually this process, the effects of Esk for its further infrastructure. It is a direct multiplier factor in a specific active, evolutionary, neo-evolutionary, infrastructural developed Mendeleev table, an infrastructural matrix of factors influencing the evolution of matter and life on an infinite rather than an infinite scale.

These activities are an attitude of potential changes in the properties of all objects encountered, of interest to some states, relations, models, patterns … is a humanistic neo-evolutionary element of physics, biology, economics to move the Ev / Esk border of their potential impact on the current and not ours, or our but old states in the model, concept, theory, and real terms, called natural at a given level of civilization, existential and competence development of further areas as well as the same areas intended for … colonization, buffering, cooperation, sometimes war, as it was, is and will be in the evolutionary process of the universe in which we take part, whether we like it or not. Of course, we may lose in the struggle or forfeit our existential positions. Still, we will never win by forfeit, as vain zeros, as only materials for other sources of the evolution of the environment in which we live, or we will die at our own request, without any significant look at the EskmDAA mechanism, where “m “there is the infrastructure of the entire previous system, the existing EskmDAA system, or rather then EvmDNA, where again the old m is from the previous EvmDNA system, and where we also influence this m and further development of Esk mDAA is more and more tangible and consciously with our site.

To be continued with the placebo of delineating and expanding the boundary of selective hyper evolutionary economics/economy.

Definition of the boundary between natural and supernatural processes Ev/Esk. 2.b.

Showing the movable border of crossing the so far regarded as absolute models of … border mechanisms of nature – Ev (current system/model) <Esk (change of the existing system/model to a given degree) – and at the same time showing, enumerating, indicating the potential of initiatives, their production/processing, i.e., changes in current trends, i.e., actions evidently above natural, if they are to aim at changing the status quo at a given level of treatments, activities, aspirations supported by faith, science and economy for an ever-higher level of massiveness, the size of transformations, investigating and crossing the boundaries of existence and the advancement of our environment inside and outside of us, just as much as possible on the most advanced dimension possible. But, as so far, each attempt to transgress the hitherto known mechanisms of structures, processes of nature is reaching the limit, exit, designation, and then potentially the possibility of exceeding any previous understanding of the structures of nature mechanisms.

There is an initiative to generate new trends of shaping, building, evolving, destroying and building all existing systems and models of patterns to any degree. It is the foundation of the actual scientific, evolutionary and economic progress in influencing, determining any further directions of existence, the development of nature on an equal, lower or higher degree than other mobile decision makers of micro-cosmic evolution and creation.

Determining the boundary is not limiting, not setting the barriers of the impossibility, but on the contrary, determining the next gravitational speed of the cosmic micro-cosmic macro, the next barriers that, by remodeling, reproducing, we can cross, or rather increase, with the increasing speed of our competences, as it had, has and will be in the development of our civilization and other systems, whether we like it or not … maybe the whip of the virus in this acceleration of increasing mental and (mutually) active = production responsibility will help in increasing our participation in not only defining but modifying and … . to ignore these limits of powerlessness.

Establishing some definition of what is natural, supernatural, anti-natural, anatural has a purely theoretical and contractual character, because there is no such limit in reality, because we are full participants in all processes of structures in which we have full consent to participate in so much to do for oneself and others more profit than harm … such economic mathematics of creationism or neo-evolutionism.
But here we need to pay more attention to what is natural as something outside the system of our possibilities and ranges of influence.

There is no moral, modal, or more practical determination to what extent we can interfere with the natural trends of the resources of other systems for the defense of our own interests, which do not destroy along the way, and rather provide bridges in this jungle of interests of the so-called nature and ours with possibly effective and efficient ( economic, economically efficient = Esk) symbiosis for both sides, that is our system, and other systems in us and beyond.

Defining, and then working out the always movable border (interests) between mother nature and her processes, trends, awareness of this process allows for more and more effective … taking part in evolutionism, that is, marking changes (as it used to be and happens to be in our own generation of civilization. We do not always copy this mother nature, which does not mean that we do not respect mother (nature)), determining c, developing our own development trends more and more effectively, not always in line with the current trends, i.e. processes, structures of matter and life inconsistent with the current nature. Such hyper-natural designation of a new economically, scientific, productive, ecological, social, political, moral, cosmic approach is increasingly precise and massively, literally and figuratively massively in coordinating and co-coordinating existing new processes more or less compatible, more or less contradictory to previous ones.

This is production; that is, thanks to our own mega-production, we set further limits of interest with the existing factors, our own production of the environment. The issue of speed, the size of this process, this addition to the existing, natural achievements, limitation Ev (efficiency to date) “m” (infrastructural mass) of DNA (natural dynamics not so administered), which will be only a further infrastructural component of the mass “m”, but at the same time a powerful a scalar forcing the economic and scientific evolution of “m” infrastructural in “m” in the Esk model (artificial efficiency) resulting from “m” (new mass infrastructure) DAA (dynamic artificial administration) neo-evolutionary of any processing, improving supra-natural behavior, i.e., more outgoing on our initiative, our Esk economy of selective interests, no longer Ev the current, trend-neutral DNA of processes, structures, influencing our further, more active administration, control according to the new DNA that is DAA, more and more expanding, blocking, re-arranging over the current one ” m “natural j infrastructure.

It is like DNA to DAA as a form of new calving
money, a new currency reflecting infrastructural growth or decline, and influencing, stimulating this real economic, scientific, and civilization decline.

Ev natural and Esk unnatural
To what extent can this liquid border arise, modified with the help of the new DAA calf money utilizing the new “m” infrastructure directed more or less at this neo-evolutionary direction, development tendencies in relation to others imposed by other internal and external systems … Or the cosmos, other systems will break us, or we will break him unless there is mutually more favorable genuine selective economic cooperation.

To be continued with the further edition of growing collections of neoevolutionary materials.

M1> m for / of DAA> DNA for / of Esk> Ev for / of Esk1> Esk for / of m2> m1 for / of DAA1> DAA for / of m2> m1 … neoevolution> evolution of matter for / of life. 2.a.

Further searching, sketching, developing strategies for the mechanisms of existential renaturalization, developmental evolution of the processes of matter and (thus) life in the neo-economic perspective …
the economics of the macro-micro cosmic environment’s neo-evolution is the basis for any further models and economic, scientific, and civilization initiatives.

Beyond nature is therefore not against the nature of the entire micro-cosmos, but for more effective protection of systems’ existential and developmental interests for us and our environment …

  • the issue of working out the boundaries of a specific coexistence of interests of systems in the process of mega-production / = neo-economic, neo-evolutionary, neo-ecological changes. Defining these boundaries is a fundamental factor in determining the neo-evolutionary/neo economic – neo scientific – extended model definition thesis is already waiting. It will be presented in the next chapter.

It is the essence of the natural mechanism, and ignoring it, not applying it, will be contempt for this nature and yourself, your own life.
So-called hyperevolutionary indifference, i.e., pseudo-natural-ecological and economic-social conservatism …
this nature will be depleted, weakened.

Only very responsible, that is … the powerful intervention of placebo … the development of literally infrastructural directions for re-processing, re-construction for a more predictable, programmable, appropriate future. This is the proper dynamic futurist strategy.

Yes. Exactly every move, decision is against nature, which is the most … natural in the process of evolution. The more powerful the greater the share, the impact on the speed and direction of development, of the existence of this nature, which we are an immanent part of.

To what extent will we be supernatural, i.e., over passive subordination, over external, so-called natural tendencies, as well as economic evolutions,
it depends on us to apply production, which is the essence of the mass of processes, and which is the essence of the nature of evolution, 3 d copying, quantum computers supported by faith, responsibility, i.e., love for life, your loved ones,
This absolute supernatural in relation to the hitherto processes, their mechanisms is a real evolution; in this case, it is simply evolution controlled more on our part.

Everything that is ours, any activities, even if they appear to be ecological, pro-natural, are supernatural, all other activities of the structures of nature are not artificial, not ours, maybe other systems, more or less civilizational, not always compatible with our civilization of survival, development or submission.
The level of our existence to other systems and structures depends on us. The more different, the more responsible, the more powerful our position and our environment have a greater potential for survival, both in terms of civilization and individuality, in terms of micro and macro space.

Permanent redefinition from a static, passive approach to phenomena, processes, relations to a more manual automatic, controllable, programmable, peculiar cap influencing the shift from passive to more active our position to the discovered, perceived systems.
Such more instrumental treatment of the so-called natural phenomena for a given raised level of controlling the environment of these phenomena.

All the time, there is a need for constant, cautious consideration, transforming environmental factors to keep oneself afloat, not at the bottom but at the top of the process.

Redemption, the explanation for activating your economic position
in nature – nothing is for free – every second of the existence of any movement or gesture is paid.
Activating your status quo requires constant and very intensive working out of your position to a healthier mode, a safer, more productive lifestyle. The need for discipline, work, diet, and each lack of it is a sort of self-defeating, without a parachute, in the long run,
in such microgravity of not so freefall.

Permanent, continuous accelerating (because other systems do not wait) infrastructural activation, the formation of the infrastructure of the foundations of DNADAA, i.e., the bulk, infrastructural multifactorial of the DNA of matter and life.
The DNA of matter and life determines where the achievements to date come from, perceptions, reactions, e.g., Emc2, a gravity of further DNA, and economic, social, political, scientific problems …

The mining of structures, their exploitation, or rather the re-structure of a given mass infrstructurisation.
Investment boom as the basic contribution to the growth of Esk and DAA … i.e. re-neo infrastructuring with our aggressive support (otherwise the environment … will eat us if we are weak, and it will eat itself anyway … black entropy hole,
unless we will immediately transform it into an antientropic white singularity hole, but more according to our dynamic administrative participation of DAA in this process and the infrastructural system “m” Esk effects, i.e. selective economics, i.e. not passive, initiating extra additional special projects – economics of evolution / neo-evolution) DNA <DAA neo-evolutionary initiative.

More investment, i.e. … more natural, i.e. self-breeding, self-replicating.
Farther down as a kind of mining and farm … technological mega-production infrastructural fertilizing
The more they are against nature, the more natural our hard course is. Simply more controllable, responsible for choosing the directions of development and protection of the environment against the entropic destruction of neglect in favor of other systems of nature, the trends of nature … it is necessary to get out of this vicious circle to save this nature, our micro-macro environment of the cosmos from being overwhelmed … because of neglect, there is simply a quick path to degradation, in fact, degradation and contempt for oneself and the nature of the immediate environment. The so-called neutrality is not ecological but a contradiction of its origins. Because the environment is everything we do. The question of how effectively it would be to develop and protect them by expanding, buffering their values ​​on further permanently variable, external-internal areas of the micro-macro cosmos of the natural environment.

Infrastructural variable m1> m for / of anaturalne DAA> DNA for controlled, selective neo-evolutionary economics Esk> Ev for further increasing responsibility, process controllability for Esk1> Esk
for m2> m1 for DAA1> DAA for m2> m1 …

Of course, a collection of these Esk patterns, models for each one
phenomena, initiatives, enterprises crossed by pre-spatial graphs of mutual variables of these mappings.

The continuation will follow, and in it the variability of the DAA / DNA boundaries somehow a kind of money calving in the neo-evolutionary, neo-infrastructure process, as a determinant and engine of increasing Esk or … reducing the efficiency of by/of Ev.

Farming of nature. Esk > Ev for DAA > DNA for m1 > m for Esk1 >Esk… . 1.b.

Not subject to degradation/entropy = not natural perceptually and decisively unprecedented mechanisms, processes, the implementation of which has always advanced us concerning the existing processes, environmental structures of systems that we do not often have to undergo/be consumed.

Further unconditional proposals for the instrumentation of the processes of taking over the structures, the so-called inviolable natural laws, at a given level of expansion of environmental industrialization towards micro and macrocosmic spaces within us and beyond.

A kind of paradox. We are talking about the continuation of man’s embrace of nature, but with less and less human participation, i.e., more and more often using his thoughts as a tool, tool, technological, scientific, economic thought, and above all, an instinct for survival and development.
This non-biological, unnatural specific prosthesis, and at the same time the contribution of our system/subsystem of nature to the change and improvement of the environment of this nature in us and beyond.
It is not natural but also … the inhuman part of this process or rather unmanned craft system and aircraft and other systems development for programmed self-developing energy, construction production, a kind of self-developing robots construction and energy farming in and out system as key for speedup integration and initiations for new trends for life support matter evolution fon higher and higher stages, shields of protection of existence and further development of this existence, further development.
Is it that hard? No. It is enough to just convince oneself to this production of one’s own environment, one’s own field, one’s own breeding, as in some time a man became convinced to move from hunting to breeding, … mass production …
How to start this process? We simply have to continue this process of the Neolithic revolution, but on a more advanced tool and process level, i.e., more robotic than manual level, construct farm parks that will develop on their own in given directions, levels, topics … literally, by hand, controlling, programmatically, but so that they become more and more unmanned meaning and less and less handwritten construction, production … exploration.
Man’s task will be to draw a picture for this farm, a concept for further implementation … in 3 D.

This farm will affect mobility, the use of a specific Menedeleev array of the DNA of the life and matter.

A moving table, the so-called natural / = of other systems of matter and life in line with our expectations and not always in line with our expectations, calculations, and our given potential. A movable table, but already more artificial, that is, we influence the DNA classification table of matter and life of the current, former future artificial natural laws, relations, results.

So we are talking here about such a Big bang of re infrastructure self automation.
It is only about managing, organizing this process a little from our direct reconstructive side as well as with the help of other structures .. complementing each other .. with ever more powerful force, speed … its speed the force of an atomic explosion literally .. atomically genetic … it is process creation.

This big bang of the self-creation of nature, which we take part, is not necessarily passive, economically infinitely changing the potential of the basis of strength and direction of the market, environment, civilization, politics, mind, understanding responsibility, responsibility for the fate of us and the cosmos, literally and ultimately.

As it is in the song “love – that is, the real responsibility for something- can change everything”
That is, responsibility supported by real multidirectional total action, unconditional total economy, and not indifference supported by sectarian “scientific” models of power/powerlessness, that after all, it is possible and necessary to change all existing relations of law, systems, and any other components of the DNA of matter and life, through its truth environmental reconstruction, but with cooperation sometimes struggle with it, but never ignoration.

Discovering the laws of nature in this way and creating them by changing its environment, and thus its further DNA factors more or less convergent with these changes, which we influence. The issue of our really mega economic, mega-production, mega farm environment, attitudes, responsibility, and most of all …
just being stronger than nature.
This nature can help protect our closer and farther selected units, levels, and areas of the cosmos in this nature of our life, but we, with our civilization and our will, are part of it, more and more part of it.

To be continued…for further sketches,… for “development shortcuts”, as we somehow have been in the process of development of civilization, but how to implement these shortcuts more and more effectively in the dynamic environment of other/natural systems in us and outside.

1.a. To be stronger than god than nature, and nature and god are in us. It must be further learned and worked out, creating new mechanisms of matter, the matter of life.

The theory of neo-evolutionism, neo-ecologism, neo-ecumenism is not a theory against nature or god but for the protection of nature, God as we know it against the deviation of powerlessness, indifference, self-aggrandizement, against glazes, not always, but unwillingly capable of crushing us, and which sweep ours away from our existence, and what does not have to be.

Further continuation of the development of trends influencing the course of processes, shaping structures, not always according to the existing models discovered, not even according to obvious trends, processes, structures of nature, but new, often opposite approaches and technologies of the genome of the evolution of matter and life.

This is simply about leading to broader applications, expanded definitions based on expanded trends, economic and scientific strategies that determine the foundations of technological breakthroughs in matter and life, the foundations of the laws of the application of matter, mass, time, gravity, DNA energy directly, and further influence, more or less direct to natural factors as well as existing artificial ones produced by our systems and other (natural/artificial?), etc.
A civilization system of more or less own encountered and further developed evolutionary trends in matter and life matter.

The awareness of this process, the puzzle of infinite DNA environments and their reciprocity gives us, above all, a strategic advantage to other systems, and further more effective and more efficient economic development of scientific, social, existential civilization to other … civilization systems, i.e., those directing the generation of processes in microcosm … in our atoms as well as … stars … galaxies, entire cosmic ensembles, which our level is not yet able to comprehend, grasp and flow … for now.

I wrote about this specific redemption, where, for example, prisoners redeem themselves as if they were liberating themselves from this world from which they were estranged. The same applies to the self-exclusion of our civilization of our relations with the environment, and to redeem it somehow, to increase its existential value, and thus to increase the potential despite the failures to date.

… redemption, i.e., explanation, activation of one’s position on the right track of not alienating one’s position from the environment, any lack of reaction with the environment leads to a suicidal tendency of further negative alienation. So it’s about developing positive tendencies beyond nature instead of negative (blind) ones.

Why should we be against nature when our intentions go beyond nature for her to better protect it and at the same time protect us. Of course, for this we need a logistic base that is more powerful than this nature, at least as far as we know it. It takes investments exceeding the current infrastructure state billions of times to start thinking about the correct positive foundations for the right, less entropic – less dependent on negative external, internal environmental tendencies – tendencies of the environment of matter and life, from our personal and our civilization point of view of vital interests.
Active creation of the infrastructure of DNA / DAA bases that is mass, multi…DNA of matter and life
DNA of matter and life – and the size of the composition determines the current achievements, perceptions, reactions, e.g., Emc2, the gravity of further DNA, and economic, social, political, and scientific strategies.

Redemption, buying oneself permanently from omission, ambivalence
We are constantly building on the interest of discovering further components of the infinite DNA of matter and life.
Not only revealing, but energetic, evolutionary DAA – m – Esk hyper infrastructural
or from behind (through the total reconstruction of the infrastructure of a given object, such as in the production of the artificial sun to generate infinite energy sources) influencing the evolution of DNADAA
This DNA can be of a multi-level, multi-plane nature
infrastructural depth, reciprocity, submission, submissiveness, relativity.
e.g., Emc2 is both subordinate and influential to the rules
DNA of processes according to technological data, civilization thus according to scientific levels of perception …
in the “social” policy in the DNA of the whole environment, including our participation, classical achievements, methods to date, and other future biological and material mechanisms can help.

Purposefulness the level of actions economic strategy determines the enterprise’s entropic scope, the scientific strategy, and so the scope of the scientific … religious strategy determines the entropic scope, and the anti-entropic freedom of more or less opportunistic or hyperevolutionary enterprises.

In order for EV to become Esk, it is necessary to cut off from the measure of absolute truth and tendencies, and to join the neo creation… for the sixth season(book) neo evolutionism project.

To be continued with the project.

Discovering, producing creative components beyond/against the law of nature. 15.b.

Beyond DNA, i.e., the beyond of the natural evolutionary boundaries of transformations marked by previously developed programming, earlier known laws, the so-called known concepts of natural mechanisms to which we do not have, and we can have our own, i.e., our artificial contribution to the so-called existing natural status quo of systems, forces, processes, structures natural. We can further analytically constrain this expression beyond into so-called external and internal, artificial versus natural, manufactured versus discovered, indirect and indirect. The creative components of this process are, first of all, the infinite natural, whether produced naturally as well as the hitherto future, artificial, indiscriminate, and indirect by influencing the efficiency, hyperevolutionary economy of Esk through infra structurization more or less natural or artificial or mixed.

Known and unknown DNA, which include the so-called laws of physics, relations, applied and perceived formulas, can be mutually variable results, applications, discoveries, economy, faith, and trends that mutually determine the awareness of this process. This is science and the economy of creation; this simply our work, diligence, and not passivity, entitlement, and irresponsibility over this infinite potential of the garden of Eden.
It is this abstract cosmonautics, monasteries, prisoners, as if detached from the vain economic game of Ev, which may be and is still a further infinite creative hyper economic, hyperevolutionary potential as independent of the immediate relations and trends of the primitive, retrograde atmosphere of more social and economic games growth expansion reflexes beyond primitive without infrequent overtones. Evolutionary ruthless co-deciding about the directions of development of the environment to the maximum total and the most responsible degree … totality is this responsibility because only total investments require a truly forward-looking, environmental thinking because this environment will be a direct subject and object in these hyperevolutionary, hyper-ecological, hyper evolutionary civilization, truly global space, nuclear investments and policies, competitions between the systems of the entire environment to the inside and outside.

To break through this hyperevolutionary boundary of the spheres of the next entropic, energetic, process, material boundaries in the absolute and total scale of the next scopes of perception, and thus the possibilities of manipulation, control, production, reproduction, neoproduction of the foundations of direct and programmed /automatic/autonomous support and development.

Perception, and thus, of course, the actions of generating feedback based on the totality of infrastructural changes, antientropic, i.e. breaking systems, relations and closed laws of potential dependencies and tendencies, which may or may not genetically weaken our position preventing us from responding to the opportunities and foundations of our existence and development in terms of material, biological, physical, energy, mass, gravity …
Neo production or neo-evolution is to be this bypass of our responsible co-management of the environment in us and in it.

Esk efficiency of the applied directions = m x DAA = m (infrastructural natural times extra artificial -includet extra perceptional descovered) x DNA {Emc2 x …} x DAA = … Ev = m DNA (n + 1)
That is, changing the “m” infrastructure into new patterns, i.e., the perceptions and programming applications of DAA.

  • m as an infinite mass potential in the broadly understood definition, including gravitational, energetic, and indirect, and indirect mass influencing the directions and efficiency of the force applied in the processes of generating further restructuring of any processes and structures.
    Energy effects … reprocessing of the current developmental, existential, and natural trends, but we are responsible members, whether we like it or not, with the directions of this further existence and development to an indefinite degree.

Not always even the same laws, their application are compatible due to the conflicting trends of infinitely overlapping systems that apply these laws, especially taking into account new factors, relations, data processed in a given system or between different systems that apply such laws or other DNA in its activities, processes.
Here we are talking about the infrastructural attitude “m”, the reconstruction of which may affect its later DAA / DNA may be pushed out by other DNA directly or indirectly utilizing the “m” reconstruction, which will further influence the general further programmed more or fewer processes of this infrastructure ” m “, and then DNA / DAA, and then the economic efficiency of Esk, that is, simply reworked the current trends, effects, directions at a given static level,” vanity “Ev.

To be continued with the hyperevolution/creation mega/neo production.