Economic/technological hyper-evolutionary war for new (against old/contemporary) foundations/models of matter / life. 2.c.

Is this a war against nature, god, science? Is it a reversal of modern models/rules? The answer is obvious. Because it is an exit neo creation for exceeding the (micro/macro)cosmic speed limits of a given level/DNA of hyper-evolutionary matter/life… towards the massiveness of 7G-controlled natural and artificial systems … really tele/communication/trans/portation/ neo processing of artificial and natural structures.
To conduct such a war effectively, one must first of all to realize the importance of neo/creation perceptual relativity of a given borderline level of natural and technological/=artificially produced .. the level of technological, economic processing/natural and artificial structures.Neo creativity in the environment of nature.Very massive and deep transformations, even involuntarily aimed at additional perceptions, and thus further strategies and reconstructive, neo-constructive and neo process activities, maneuvering of nature allowing for its co-creation, initiation of artificial, hyperevolutionary processes that are interesting for us, changing and refuting the current perceptual-manual status quo evolutionary, productive, economic … So economics, selective physics, technologically crushing the existing economic and physical systems … By the way, these systems may earlier- using this thesis determine their further evolution/hyper evolution… – more powerful than the specific total neocreational speed of a given Bigbang DNA/speed of light as the borderline, as such, Bigbang bubbles/borders DNA factors that we know or not yet. …Aiming at a performance that is more powerful, crushing all systems, or neutralizing them in achieving goals other relations, systems, values ​​as if going beyond the known physical, chemical, biological barriers, reducing their importance to … zero or neutral one. It is not mc2 x D or d x mc2 but rather just d as the only determinant of utility or practical. or the lack(lack of faith, of sense, of goals… to be stronger…than nature) of it concerning other (“natural”) systems, the lack of usefulness in achieving micro-macro-space goals … as today, to a large extent, the weight of the car and fuel become the smallest factor influencing the determination of features, economic and technological potential … , hypernatural, hyper til today’s standard factors, that in the future will nil worth of the old natural factors potential …There is also the war means hyper investment economy hyper evolutionary investment as a basic element of self-distinguishing in nature, of self-expression, existence, simply the emanation of existence, its life more than vegetation and stagnate, and dependence on other systems, whose emanation shall absorb our attitudes to development as the only attitude of maintaining, protecting us in a living organism, a complex of systems, counter/versusparties, and possibly allies of our hyperevolutionary DNA of matter and life.
There is no life without change. To continue it in a constantly and totally changing/competitive environment, life must constantly undergo profound changes. The deeper, more intense (hyper active…sustain very active) interference in the nature of our surroundings, the greater the chances for the continuation of our life … its protection, development, and … its prolongation indefinitely.
We need a more and more speedy combine factory -a substitute for the big bang point, a substitute for life, i.e., the forwarding of duplicating functions that are more and more compatible with a competitive environment … which is a cage, or rather a set of frames/bobbles of hyperevolutionary physical, biological … economical.
Yes, a factory, i.e., a team / hyper-technological complex / mega-production complex, needs a permanent, selective institution – selective economics and physics.That is, open over time, permanent spatial activities, investment hyperevolutionary…
Is it pure anti-ecological creative vanity (contradiction)? Yes and no – pseudo-ecological anti-terrorism, and at the same time a profound commitment … in total, so total shifting of nature – full hyper-economic/hyper-evolutionary responsibility for costs, investments, consumption for and against and so on in shaping the future of nature, and more precisely natural systems (i.e., where we have not had a sufficient influence so far) more or less contradictory, more or less compatible.
Mega-production mass approach to (co) shaping natural processes … Not passivity, not ambivalence, not ignorance, but maximally massive, geometric intervention in natural processes, but not vanity ignoring factors influencing the shaping of the background/DNA of the matter/life environment – of course not succumbing to these factors, but treating them appropriately economically/technologically as a partner or counter-partner in this trade/mega-production … because only such mega-exchange (has the right to occur) occurs in nature’s systems … often limited but never absolutely, physical, biological, macro/microcosmic barriers/bobbles.
Conquer nature. Yes. So nature and its mechanisms and rules can be co-created and changed. Let us not give up so-called by a chance of fate or blind forces of nature. Everything can be overcome and changed. For this, one needs a willingness, patience, and work to shape the fate/processes of nature, first of all, a sense of active (real economic/technological/physical/biological) responsibility with the fate/processes/structures of this nature thus our/one’s fate.
Just like steel mills in its time, steelmaking has become literally and portable platform that lifted perspectives, foundations of development … of automotive, cosmonautics, science endlessly, so replicating production systems of self-replicating, self-improving according to the software(supported powerfully by telecommunication) of the systems of building the production of subsequent ships, space factories towards the macro and micro cosmos of matter and life, it is re/neo generation.It is about reevaluating the purposefulness of life, an evolutionary, hyper-evolutionary position, building a hyper-hyperevolutionary position, and, at the same time, an attitude, the basis for the sense of direction in science, economics, and civilisation activities.
There will be no more praying to the tree … to specifying scholastic rules, principles of nature’s functioning.
Lack of hyper-evolutionary steering wheel, lack of one’s own hyper-evolutionary backbone (this is not about some luxury of being the lord of nature, being a god) but as elementary tools for maintaining the processes of our own [DNA of]organism/environment, for which no one else but we are 100% responsible … to co-direct the processes, creations of the environment of our life, the matter of our life -so no more lack of driving force … no ambivalence as inability or arrogance.
Because so far they are not and have not been activities, as activities of a man strictly mega-complex, mega-productive, selective economic, physical, hyper-evolutionary development, co-creation, but only ad hoc of rescue and economic hyperevolutionary mediocrity/sustainability of vegetation/hyperevolutionary depravation.

The new hyper evolutionary idea gives new directions of inspiration for science, economy, religion … or …rather redirects them.
Do I mean treating nature ruthlessly? Rather, the point here is to distinguish between mutual pity and earned pity and not empty pity.The right to active choice, the right to choose to control one’s environment and life, giving other perspectives of thinking – not vanity, not criminal – and not responsible behavior. It is about giving faith, the strength of faith, strategy, the basis for expansion, big-bang technology of our actions … total, because only such give a chance in a totally neo-created physical, biological, viral environment. In this way, we can/have more chances for creating a more friendly environment without unnecessary cruelties for our and other lives.
Yes, it is religion and the science of war (more on this topic later) – defense, opposition, defense preparations for improving one’s genetic material and life status quo.Religion/science in action in co-creation, in goodness responsibility of action for entire universe further existence and development, direction without any obstacles and doubt.It is about action to just encourage for decisions of/for taking responsibility in practice for further hyper/evolution, for just life..
… This further defines the perspectives of economic and technological perception of the time, energy carriers … variable initiated by the relative light static carrier ( til now-or futuristically- quite primitive) factor … to variable … technological, economic …Creation realization faster than dreams … To be continued for going out from (current and future technologic participations and perceptions) bobbles of matter and life barriers.

The blue tree. Hyper evolutionary investments as the foundation of any action…in science, economy,… matter thus life… 2.b.

Hyper-evolutionary / neocreational investments, which are to be the basis of civilization, economic, scientific … religious development
That is an investment of shared responsibility in all-natural (anyway any natural process/structure is massive in action and effects) mass processes, structures.

Further continuation analytical considerations, searching and repeatedly studying each word and phrase, each step concerning (hyper) physics, (hyper) economics of grasping/controlling phenomena, processes of hyper-evolutionary neocreational engineering
as a denial of the vanity of today’s economics and physics
in the topic of hyper evolutionary re/neo/mega/production re/neo generation of nature. Science/scholastic position as a generally ignorant attitude in defining one’s position/responsibility in environmental processes more or less total.
Vanity means ambivalent attitude to or passive submissive or fatalistic “invisible hand” theory to competitive, graduate, level, level attitude to mechanisms of (obviously natural) physical, biological processes, including light features engineering.

Not classic energy, mass, etc., but from a different perspective
, the level of creating/thus perceiving! mass micro-macro processes, i.e., in a hyperevolutionary/ hyper Darwinism, hyper Newtonian, hyper Einsteinian, hyper-scholastic approach, further space/dimension, topics of activities in the observation and control of phenomena, co-generation, neo-generation, and not only in the discovery of a static (so far achieved)vision of structures.
Seemingly not very noticeable at present new structures/goals, not achievable, but in the systematic and purposeful, … faith …
… Converging into new actions and new in/sights and so alternately spirally hyperevolutionary.

The (r)evolution proposal is “just” about heading for … multiple more powerful processes/mega-production/ neo creations than black holes.
Nature re-processing in an ever shorter mega-production time
A sure and absolute potential here and now without fatalistic attitudes and paradoxes of the natural mediocrity of a given level of perception and productive potential position and mind.

Yes, just getting faster and further faster and more powerful than the big bang (there are already experiments that copy the big bang)
Trillionfold achieved in an ever shorter hyper short time.
The technology of creating and accelerating the artificial big bang, parallel cosmos, bypass (new/artificial DNA / evolution hyper engineering of the background of matter and life) of matter and life, evolution,… The theory of hyper evolution .. Hyper creative

We are talking about a technological, economic big bang.
Hyper mass hyper energy defining further DNA with physical, biological values, features, properties, and directions including velocity, size, ratios at any achieved levels, time( present achieved level of measurement and engineering processes/structures where we are), and other unnoticed/un(hyper)technological and physical features so far (un)produced.

Yes, it is about economics, economic strategy, a technological strategy of creating new Bigbang DNA of total Perpetuum mobile, and entering/creating new potentials.
For this, you need faith, courage, and a sense of the full responsibility of the spirit and the creator … true love, the strength of the love of creation, that is, life for us, our loved ones, and our cosmos. Love and goodness are supported always and only by responsibilities by not passive action by not any excuse and exception!

So no more anarchic evolutionary/creationary scholastic vanity technology and vanity teaching.
We can do monumental deals. Our and feature generation deserve for very bold responsibility and very bold action. ..For our material and biological DNA for everlasting life and any other interesting us processes now and in future …if we do not surrender in our mind(religion(faith)/science)
Wings of the responsible faith to new science, economy … Not the burden of vanity passivity but…
Yes, we are the core of the new Bigbang, technologic economic Bigbang, that has to be stronger than our environment (e.g., viruses) competition (very often very deadly)counterparts …

A new civilization call – where the virus, asteroids, volcanos remind us not to surrender to nature passively-
The burden of responsibility, and the gigantic power of a new(artificial big bang of automation of a new creation of new world creation, a new level of life and matter.
We shall take or have the courage to believe responsibility for co-creation, generating the foundations of existence, nature, and creation of nature. These decisions are the basic component of life and nature creation factors, durability, and development on the developed levels of quality, quantity, etc.

Where the gigantism of processes is the absolute minimum in defining and directing phenomena concerning us and outside … in every cell, atom, quantum …

First of all, we are interested in a technological/economic approach to the power of self-replicating structures and environmental change processes.

  • (artificial) multiplication of environmental generators To generate the means of a tool for its manipulation from our level, already higher structurally, to re/creational, reactivation, neo-creation of known and unknown phenomena, features, environments …

This is technology, the big bang economy.

Economics of transforming environmental relations, i.e., generating physics for transforming environmental generation. The physics of generating neo-creation takes over the evolutionary initiative, hyper-evolutionary environment of the physical, astrophysical, nano-physical, biological to an infinite, permanent degree.

Yes, we will not stay with/by the green tree. It will be the new blue tree in this genealogy(an old/or new DNA) tree.

So it is not about hyper evolutionary science vanity but the Science of hyper evolutionary race, learning/generating new trees, new stars, new foundations, backgrounds of life, and matter (energy).

This is the religion of total neo-creationism, a total evolutionary race in a non-passive position. It is a new religion, a science that imposes new trends, trends in the hyper-civilization development of new scales and levels, and not praying to the green tree, but being a partner, competitor, co-creator any changes. It is the reverse of Shamanism/today’s status quo of development/vegetation, reverse science, economics, a religion/belief where we not allowed/can’t dictate that this tree will be blue … maybe gold or otherwise.

It is about a new strategy, meaning, actions, … new tasks for schools, universities, churches, enterprises … it is about a new expedition … to a really golden fleece of hyper evolution, neo creation … express or faster (never slower- it is a matter of survival and development equal to or faster than the processes of micro-macro cosmos) building an artificial parallel cosmos, the big bang of our bypass … As if over a spatial, over-time mission, a controlled, programmed, self-replicating aid team(of replicating/developing robots (micro/macro)towns for a better life and matter (border)processes(time) and power…

To be continued to further develop into the technological, economical construction of this artificial neocreational hyper-evolutionism of matter and(thus) life.

Marketing/directing of natures hyper evolution. 2.a.

The war/marketing for/against hyper evolutionary environment i.e., for more awareness-efficient strategy/playing chess with nature, i.e. (hyper evolutionary selective)science of total production and innovative race – that can never exist separately…no more shamanic excuses for nature but taking very active/heading responsible part in it without any excuse…this the real-life for life and not surrendering/self-sacrificing decomposition/suicide mind/religion thus (shamanic)science. 2.a.

Economics, physics of the neo creation of matter and life, i.e., economics, physics of hyper evolution – further extending the branch of intervention program into the processes of the so-called natural environment of the micro-macro cosmos, i.e., engineering / mega-production of a new big bang, of a new (hyper)evolution of matter and (thus)life.

The subject of the direction of interest in the defense and development of our position in a given field requires further work, studies, inventions, searched just like every field of human activity, for example, the physics of quantum mechanics, … although the intentions would be more derivative of quantum engineering, molecular DNA engineering for background or background engineering for this DNA on an ever deeper level/directions that interests us physically and biologically.
This is how we move around the same subject/branch(performing new branches as well), but in the ever deeper area of ​​penetration, interference, creation, neo creation, and the production of our own bottom background of life and matter to an extent consciously, systematic, mechanical, mass, automated … as in supporting the classical mind with the electronic mind playing chess games that this electronic computer booster will already exceed this natural electric flow between neurons more than many times … this new efficiency of the flow of … light.

This is what we are talking about here about nature in a non-passive approach, i.e., about physics, neo-creation biology intensively assisted by exchange/selective economics focused on a complete change of the bottom-creating background, e.g., our life, the speed of light (mass
processing, mega-production – neo creation to create a newer background of “the” photon)

We are talking here about the mass development, production of plasticity and optics … perceptiveness of phenomena, structures of
a given level of perception and matter/energy carriers as the basis for further interventions and further observations, and so mutually evolutionary, hyper evolutionary
of this mass on the basis of the current observational capabilities / technological imaginations, which are currently at the level of quantum alchemy of physics and the futuristically primitive emc2 … defining the absolute static patterns of creation processes … and which is to be the embodiment of new phenomena of processes in geometric and faster … it is about mastering this process of hyper transformation, the hyper evolution of the unimaginable potential and the power of this process and the possibility of more active keeping pace, or the overcoming in us interesting areas of development and production and purposefulness … which again affects the speed of this process and the way we think in this ruthless pursuit of the hyper-evolutionary micro-macro cosmos of matter and life, the creation, supporting the development of the background of the processes of our matter and life, our environment, which often directly and indirectly determines the parameters, barriers of existence … and where we can and have the right and duty not to neglect and think lazy or fatalistic .. old religion
In this economy, technology, the production of a new background of matter and life, physics, the biology of hyper evolutionary effective, mass-scale neo-creation … because this is the only scale that counts in the pursuit of hyper-evolutionary matter and life. It is about the science of religion, where we are to play an active, personal, and not impersonal role in further processes and structures of matter and life, more directly related to us individually and in terms of civilization, the environment of our life and its background, its technological and economic foundations, religious, technological expressing their usefulness and direction, as well as a sense of need for a non-frustrating, positive view of nature that is more co-responsible in a truly total sense of the word.

Of course, it is about performance that surpasses competing natural systems … that is, external in terms of interests, tendencies … it is about rejecting the existing status quo, about
performance more powerful, crushing all systems along the way, or neutralizing them in achieving goals
Other relations, systems, values ​​like those that go beyond the canons, for example, mass, energy, etc., reducing their importance to … zero
It is not mc2 x D – where D is to be an addition. Still, conversely, D is to be our determining factor, but the rest is “just” an addition … D x mc2 as a utility determinant or … space … just like today, the weight of the car and fuel would be and are the smallest factors influencing the determination of the features, potential … price, value, the utility of this car.

Then we will slowly embrace this new branch of physics and economics with the background of the artificial DNA hyper evolution / big bang of matter and life.

To be continued the new chapters of chess with nature.

Towards the systematic, ruthless mechanism of breaking the monopoly in the pursuit of hyper evolutionary processing of matter and life. 1.c.

Further studies towards the systematic, ruthless mechanism of breaking the monopoly in the pursuit of hyper evolutionary processing of matter and life processes and micro-macro-cosmic structures …

disenchantment the inevitability of any natural models and processes found, discovered, undiscovered, and produced
We also define the vectors of change with other factors, entities of nature – whether we want it or not – The question of how much we will engage, we will work, we will produce ourselves in determining technological/economic/physical processes (literally and figuratively) on the deepest and mass levels possible – in this struggle in vectoring the further course of physical hyper evolution, biological processes, where massiveness and precision of action play a key role…
That is the development of economics, active physics … in manufacturing, developing the technological basis of mega-productive phenomena that can more and more direct artificially transform more and more deeply, further, faster, more massively all known and unknown processes, produced, changing the absolute status quo of the present findings and the state of a given thing according to specific directions. … and here is the essence of my further deliberations, describing the areas of human activity, which would concentrate specific components, complexes needed in active participation in the race of our civilization, each separately and together in the race-related to improving one’s position on ever deeper interventions, mass investments, permanent ones with a geometrical pace of growth on the plane of the DNA of life and DNA of matter on the micro and macrocosmic level on a scale that accommodates all the parameters and models known so far … in perspective beyond the scale of the big bang …. Isn’t it real? But of course, as real as any non-natural human endeavors from landing on the moon in the past to landing … in a black hole and its transformation in any direction …in the future.

Later in the introduction, I describe the general assumptions of the mechanism of neo creation, that is … the total breaking of the existing physical and economic systems of matter and life. The assumptions of developing one’s own development path are often and increasingly against the current tendency and assumptions that are largely ambivalent hyper evolutionarily.

We have predispositions and, above all, rights, and maybe even a duty than failure to create a better nature
… to the fact that not us, but whole areas of the America of space conquered, which may be a small point for us, not the other way around
but our ambivalent or at best ecological passive behavior, mentality, attitude make even our current point position in the micro-macro cosmos unworthy, incapable of any safer existence, let alone any significant development…let us see the current economical and scientific position against just DNA of viruses and …DNA of death…DNA of light…DNA of deeper sources of so to say matter/energy but in deeper, more complex convergation, etc.

The increase in this awareness of hyperevolutionary / neo-creative responsibility … reduces self-destructive, stagnant, criminal, war, pseudo-civilization states … and vice versa, this new thought, technology, the economy of technological neo creation of matter and life (sometimes entirely in other models) gives a chance to look from a different perspective, increasing the sense of responsiveness … and thus an existential and developmental opportunity.
And then the directional strategy, greater effectiveness of technology development in conjunction with hyperevolutionary development, generic competition against other process structures
which further increases our awareness, influence, and responsibility to an indefinite degree.

Scientific..ocultism and alchemy, that is, passive interpretation of phenomena combined with economics that is independent and practically passive from these phenomena, is indirect interference, interpreting in the processes of creation, neo creation, evolution, hyper evolution phenomena such as generic environmental viral transformations and others.
Neo-creationism is a non-passive response, looking at the process of phenomena, physical, biological … economic structures in the evolutionary process, hyper evolution of any micro-macro cosmic processes on a mass scale.

Further introduction of the neo creationism strategy will show the needs and path/motorways of/for further new technology, economy, the science of totally positioning our in the micro macro cosmic race for matter and life literally.

To be continued by developing the issue of neo creating/producing of background/DNA of matter and life.

Science/religion of liberation from the hypernatural cage means selective economics and physics of/for a…new matter/background. 1.b.

From economics/physics, science/religion, fatalism, vegetation, contempt, the mind of self-destruction to economics/science physics/religion of explosion of liberation … own big bang, own creation but with a more powerful force … because this is the only way you/we can live and survive … because this is life … new economy and the physics of life, new religion, new science … the science of hyper evolution, of a hypernatural mega-productive pursuit …

Further development of economics, selective physics of matter (another/not active view for factors of matter….) for in every vital aspect, i.e., the economics of creation, the physics of creation/initiation of own mass processes already
natural, hyper-evolutionary, i.e., own human mega/production/technological contribution to further co-legal, co-responsible reconstruction, redefinition, technological reevaluation, more and more precise and at the same time more intense, massive reconstruction progress in … deprivation/devaluation of the common attitudes of the occupation mind process of the description model/style of the matter of life – as the correct(ion) direction for man’s non-passive hyper-evolutionary acceleration = his perspective and attitude in life, development, i.e., his … religion and science = his real, expanding responsibility, i.e. … religious, scientific maturity concerning his of life and the environment and, its goals, but not the goals of some fatalistic image of nature/laws of nature in a passive (not responsible/=primitive) human attitude…
such as redefinition (or rather literally reconstruction) of phenomena, processes, for example, in terms of mass, energy, their quotation, and so further internal perception and further discovering structures, potential in terms of both natural and artificial mass interference.
Not collapsing, simplifying by static level in the technological mega-production approach, significantly transforming the image and structures of given structures, primitive processes or energy … unless from the recognition of a specific privatization/monopolization in defining the laws of a given level of vision in this case, mass, genome, light, etc., according to monolithic existing, discovered on a given the level of the shot/model of the process, structure, energetic … energetic “light determination.”
… unless, slightly…, but not absolute energy … it is about creating a new model of looking at the determinants of the nature of processes from the position of developing technology …really accelerating mega-production of…self development towns of our remote and programmed controlled structures … creating, developing your own perception and models of your own determinants .. . already not so classic/not so primitive/scholastic energetic, mass perceptions…

Yes, it is a redefinition of science, redefinition of nature – our common potential of neo-creation from the science of reception to learning to grant new sources of creation … structures, processes, their redefinitions, their reconstructions … hidden, discovered, artificially created, created, de-created, re / created …
against the forces of nature that threaten us, to increase our existential and development position
without contemptuously establishing some laws and states, but taking a responsible attitude in determining our position and technological and economic potential, also in the non-passive waiting for mass actions of processes that may threaten our existence and which already… eliminate us.
It is time for economics, physics, science, religions of liberation from the chains of thinking and actions of stagnation, self-destruction/suicides hyper evolutionarily in relation to the surrounding environment from the inside and outside … viruses, earthquakes, transformation at the level of processes seem(but only seems) not to be reversible on a level cosmic and microcosmic phenomena.

Let’s make our planet, our micro and macrocosm a friendly city, cities, space (macro and micro) ships … in us and beyond to jointly support and develop processes essential for our life and our matter … new matter, new energy … new creation, own, well-deserved, mature, responded … that is, let’s continue to work on this selective physics and economics, economics, and the physics of liberation.

To be continued for the liberation of existence from/by the science of/by selective economics and physics of/for a new matter/background of life.

Overtaking nature/s laws/quotations. 1.a.

No(more)t submissive wishes and (more) bold action/decisions…mega productions of background -self duplicating/and developing parks…of life and matter.

Scientific/economic/religious responsibility in action means partnership in creating any action of life and matter, and its any laws and quotation.

New series of posts start from wishes in the {virus, and others}war(hyper evolutionary)competitions of structures of nature in us and beyond…also beyond our imagination means big bang creation of (bypass){economic/physic}background of our life and matter.

First of all, I wish you a lot of faith, and faith is the strength of the sense of co-responsibility / = the strength of co-creativity in changing the world for the better, i.e., making all dreams come true…all obstacles overcome.

No more we shall be a point of (interest) of nature, but nature shall be the point of our interests, our action, our responsibility …creative attitude to life and matter. And this is really responsible, not empty, immature awaiting, wishing attitude to God, nature, environment. Shaping nature (strategy) and its laws…creations new background of nature …of the science of nature and further science of economy of any arrangement of, on, in nature, its universes, structures of matter and life in and beyond.
Yes. It is abolishing today’s religion, science…economy on behalf hyper evolutionary (rebuilding of the background of any life and matter)…laws creation as main motor of any action and situation and destination. …No more volcanoes, viruses and other laws and powers of nature will destine our future, believe and action and search. We will/have(to survive and develop more than just worm point of the universe) be any law-making point(active vector) of any direction of any questions of matter and life …no more E=mc2 …but beyond c…

Responsibility for the environment means very active participation, hyperactive to have a chance to catch with evolutionary, creationary matters of changing environment far beyond/in …us.

Responsibility means faith supported with active/not passive deal/action to fill out, work out, dreams, goals …dreams supported by responsibility and vice versa…to break physically, economically, mine barriers of …universe(s) of life and matter.

Massive production, transformation on a massive scale give a chance to fill out (today because of lack of mega-production parks self-developing accelerating parks ) strategy apparently unimaginable, goals, give right support of really responsible attitude to nature- means no submissive and not ambivalence.

This is the right way for co-working with got and nature, sometimes competing like different universes, lives interests between us and other formations of life and matter.

This about investing(inventing) in our life and matter background …evolution, just such by the way.

Shaping our destinations background is responsible, mature attitude to god and nature…but it effort very hard sometimes risky work to overcome matters and life obstacles seemed not to overcome …but immense love supported by big action gives power to any changes any creation, neo creation.

Technological perpetuum mobile/=The development of matter/life structures in increasingly remote control tool-based areas. 2.c.

Developing a specific structure, own structures/properties in literally direct manual/physical systematic, continuous conversion, folding of matter/processes (specific mass folding/processing of matter – with always a positive energy factor, engineering/metallurgy of/for hyper materials/processes) but in the increasingly massive range at a geometric pace, autonomous, automatic, mega productive, remote, increasingly programmable from outside increasingly without our direct interventions…= with less and less direct exploitation and applications of energy and matter.
And inward restructuring as part of an increasingly systematic mass leverage support for the protection and development of decision-making systems that initiate life, that is the development of life structures and structures of its expression in increasingly remote control tool-based areas.
 The same applies to the inside, and from inside and to make bridges, protect them in this maintenance and development of this life as if manually outside and from inside initiated and protected on the earth.
But this process of hyper evolution, transformation, mega reproduction, mega exploitation, mega reconstruction/neo construction on a mass scale can be trained in the soils of the seas and oceans, in deserts, in atmospheric and outer space, also on the moon, asteroids, planets.
 Surgical metallurgical interference. Yes, just mechanical, manual in the structure of the processes of matter( and so life), in their course in their properties, including time properties, or rather process properties and their manipulation, co-creation, neo-formation at this increasingly higher level of the Neolithic revolution, the Neolithic revolution at the level of physics, physics economics, selective economics of material processes as the genetic / neo-coded basis for further transformations, further life, determining properties, changing properties, changing processes in the productive scale of divine creation, or rather jumping over it, taking the initiative in shaping the view of the world of processes, properties, matter, time of all objects in the micro-macro space of life and matter that forming/influencing/generating each other.
As like for the Apollo program, one needs a powerful scientific and production base. In this case, an even more powerful and continuing mega-production/hyper evolutionary support. The background built for further civilization jumps hyper evolutionary, neo creational over next cosmic speeds including speed of light and much more in any cases matter and life in entire space.
In line with the trend, direct man service in the production process is falling.
Production in itself is a brave hyper evolutionary medium, and service is a medium based on this production park, which service takes up less than one promile of human activities. And all is about speed up of the trend—mechanism of the acceleration.
The production, economic and hyper-evolutionary machine produced creates a substrate for new discoveries, initiatives, new barriers, new spaces, new matter, new processes, new structures, new properties/features, new codes, new generations of matter/life.
Hyper evolutionary responsibility is creationism in action, a transformation of structures, relations, systems, more or less through/across systems of nature.
There is no passive ecology but active participation in the creation of one’s own nature, nature’s background … not allowing the so-called natural evil, but gardening the garden of nature to make it better with us by possible less damage to other systems, possibly some forced “colonial” cooperation from time to time, possibly more harmonious  {economic}partnerships with other systems in ever further and deeper spaces of the micro-macro cosmos of matter and (and thus the level, quality, size, dignity, and length) life.
Exceeding the mega-production technology of the economic selective, hyper ecological barrier eliminates all existing, current(level of technology/productivity and knowledge) laws, physical laws, and even mathematical natural and … technological, civilizational ones at every level … it is the development of greater rights than nature / God has given us. … and they should always be deserved rather than given. Just our rights, literally and figuratively in space, we work out all the time, and this is a divine gift of nature.
The factors needed to break through the hyper evolutionary barriers of natural divine forces are to increase the contribution of the innovative breaking of the construction barriers of a given world of the pre barrier world,
the hyper evolutionary contribution, the mega-production of purposeful leverage from the 4d to 3 d … system (i.e. from mass mega-production of technological/energetic/material / … biological perpetuum mobile, which would become a new dynamic background for changing the existing world 3 d of matter thus life) that is, other factors interfered with selective/hyper evolutionary economics. For example, the breakthrough of evolutionary speed levels … hyper evolutionary, i.e., intervening from outside the natural evolutionary system or existing from our evolutionary, hyper evolutionary/=civilizational achievements with the help of our new contribution/system of interests and input/system of our ” hyper lever “mega-production …
It is a kind of forced mechanical innovation.
That is, multiplied efficiency/dimension through structural, mechanical methodical production/economic activities contributing to crossing physical barriers, etc. for geometric higher-level of development or existence, which will allow further breakthroughs in the field of scientific, economic, technological, … (re/neo){mega}production of …matter … life.
We speak here about suggestions of new spaces, new dimensions, new fundamentals of matter, and life re/neo creation by using new platforms by selective physics and selective economics.
Selective physics as selective economics deals with hyper evolutionary hyper neolithic transformation, creative and neo-creative generating is the foundation paradigm of further scientific, physical, biological, etc. activities including mathematical.
It is an abandonment of a static/passively shifting level of perception (and more active mega productive increase of its scale/level) of looking at processes at an ever-higher level than Newtonian/Einsteinian and even higher levels of knowledge, for more and more increasingly accurate/complex perceptions and creations of existing processes supported by this hyper evolutionary/mega-production.
Selective physics /…= selective economics – hyper evolutionary/hyper neolithic as a paradigm/tool generating (vectoring, scalar) directions, velocities, sizes of all-natural and artificial processes and structures, … all sciences including mathematics, economics, biology…
Increasing the park/creation environment mechanically, almost manually,
as if on foot but on a massive mega-production scale of the perpetuum mobile technology and energy for ever extra achievements, economic, (astro) physical, biological…
Increasing the technology, energy, and material park geometrically always at a lower cost than profits at the consistently raised automatic level, which reduces the costs of the mechanical background, while increasing the scientific, production, physical, biological, economic potential of matter, and life structures, processes.
No number, no number will have a permanent time reference and other descriptions of processes, structures because they have a variable nature caused by so-called natural or artificial operations in a permanent dynamic environment of the macro-micro cosmos, i.e., no established so-called laws of nature, even dynamic laws, etc. do not have never of a character sufficiently absolutely dynamic / fitted to any phenomenon, more or less repetitive event.
The topic of selective economics and selective physics is an open topic, whose task is to increasingly contribute – by finding/constructing/producing mechanisms of the process-  to the creative struggle/co-construction with dynamic processes and phenomena in the world around us.
To be continued of the futuristic divagations after the summer holiday and (I hope so) after the virus war.

The shaping of the structure and properties of our external/internal physical and biological environment background means the selective economy/physics means hyper evolution/neo creation. 2.b.

Selective physics is hyper evolutionary physics. It is using, developing the background of physical phenomena in the process of hyper ecology/hyper evolution, i.e., participation in the very active shaping of the structure and properties of our external/internal physical and biological environment of our place, our position in system competition, and not ambivalent and/or aadaptation or contempt of processes like treating ourselves as “only” a boat/ship on the ocean …(but)of dependences, competitions of very dynamic, ruthless systems in/outside of us – we were not, we are not and we will not be neutral.
This is about literally building scanning production systems and then total restructuring. Structural, constructional, creation, and total neo-creation preparation, preparing to take over the entire micro-cosmos spaces. That does not mean that each time they are duplicated. Still, it is about developing a very dynamic system of readiness to protect, amortize, buffer negative phenomena, creative initiative, and neo-creative – this is the hyper ecology of taking over the competences of “acquired” spaces in this way … creating our own base of physical and economic evolution in this case in a selective approach, fundamental for further more empowered neocreational, developmental, civilization … deep interventions in global and cosmic phenomena that we could not seem to have any influence on.
Abandonment of active co-co-generation, environmental co-generation. Specific hyper evolutionary/hyper ecological/hyper existential vanity, subordination, fatalism contributes to self-destructive behavior … anti-developmental, adevelopmental.
Taking control / active (non-passive) control over micro-cosmic processes is and should be the existential basis of life, hyper ecological responsibility of selective economics(mega-production)/selective physics of technological perpetuum mobile of re/neostructurization of ever more profound levels of the environment of systems around us from inside and outside.
It is(it has always been…in the neolithic revolution way) time to not only for defense but also counterattack, i.e., initiative, changing the face of the whole environment to a micro-cosmic, total, uninterrupted and infinite degree.
Responsibility (divine/=hypernatural)as a guarantee, security, and development, protection as a paradigm, as the center of rights, … so one needs to overcome this cross of responsibility … to deserve proper …economic and physical salvation ….selectivity means responsibility.
Will epidemiological, climatic collapse change our approach to the environment …the era before the virus and a new era after the virus. Will this era be the same? Whether this present era will teach us something positively or disqualify us as unworthy rubbish how it took place on the planet mars and other civilizations on this globe.
For now, we are still moving more or less consciously, more or less purposefully – and rather without intention – on the descending ramp of the inclined evolution/hyper evolution of us, with ours or without our environment, down in the suicidal primitive/selfishness fatalistic, nihilistic economic-religious rush.
This viral hyper evolutionary race emphasizes the need for proper arming up of the hyper organizational infrastructure, hyperproduction park, infinitely more magnificent than any previous plans, economic, scientific, and …religious concepts …i.e.; it is a new post per harbor, hyper economic boom, hyper infrastructural, hyper telecommunication … scientific hyper at a different technological/mega-production level for new perceptions for neo/creation and vice versa in a variable supporting changeable constellation.
It is about raising the level of economic, technological, scientific, religious, and therefore existential, developmental dignity by expanding this hyperevolutionary park through this hyperevolutionary strategy beyond the fatalistic shamanic religiously scientifically and technologically passive attitude to the neutral processes of the globe and the cosmos and all known and unknown elementary, genetic particles in which we are, and we can simply be more and more active in a mechanical, autonomous …by controlled autonomous perpetuum mobile way of transformation, mega-production, hyper evolution, re/neo/creation.
Production of self-forming hyper evolutionarily strategically planned programmatic parks of more and more efficient energy mass precision production technologies in themselves as background, economic buffer, fuel, hyperevolutionary buffer, fuel.
Like scientists, businessmen, pioneers who started steel mills, oil mines, which were not only in the short but also in the further involuntary perspective and development buffer …newer basics of matter and then life … And not for some show or career but their own basics buffers of existence and development of the foundations of new matter/new life and not for vegetative but conqueror homo sapiens of matter&life.
To be continued to fundaments of neo/re/creation of matter and life.

Selective physics as the fundament of any mind and action. 2.a.

Selective physics as a paradigm of all processes, structures development, as fundamental of the science of physics, biology, economics, mathematics, etc…for any belief, and any initiative…for any matter and(so) any life.

We come to fundamental decisions about our place no longer static but about continuing to work out / win a position in consistently competitive system space.

Developing ourselves, tools, materials that would define further foundations … or rather the next stages of designing, manufacturing structures, creation processes for ever and ever newer materials to produce ever more modern devices, tools, fuels – for even newer and newer materials and so on exchangeably by the artificial r/evolution – in a continuous, specific mechanical, programmed system and from time to time remotely controlled with less and less direct human participation as it has long been taking place in the process of neolithic, hyper neolithic revolution/evolution.

That’s how we do it. But does this mean that I break open the door? No. Our strategies for these transformations, interventions, or rather a lack of it in the environment, due to vanity economy, vanity physics/scientific shamanism, due to this continuation of the neolithic revolution … or rather its insufficient continuation … considering this world, what we perceive now is what it is. So we have to somehow (not hyper/neolithically revolutionary) pre hyper/neolithically jumping on it in vegetative/shamanic/vanity dance…because anyway we can’t break through stated by our “absolute” knowledge of(of – a {sorry- primitive static} vision of- physics, etc.) barriers of possibilities and chances.

No. It is about the whole politics, philosophy, physics of not a passive but creative view on the environment in which we live, which we find, and which we should be the most active students/participants to become his shared generators, initiators by equal/if well-deserved rights( no any more laws) for creation, re/creation, neo/creation of the environment.
New definitions of the environment, its physics, i.e., new definitions, dynamic definitions of time and matter, or rather their less abrupt, primitive static definitions … and more working active exploitation, creation, neo-creation, productive, productive, economic (selective economics) look defining processes aimed at intervening in these processes at the scale of operation or initiation of processes possibly on a mass scale/initiation – because only such a scale/initiation/=generation has some significance in nature.

We have and we can to get out of the pre-neolithic collapse of a peculiar civilizational but ape selfishness and (war)game with a fatalistic zero result, which in fact costed all civilizations one by one their end, and to the best of primitive submissive vegetation not worthy of man, homo sapiens responsible for his actions and positions.

We are talking about developing mechanisms, processes of micro macro cosmic transformation of the life of matter, i.e., increasing the specific potential of manual space or rather the use of increasingly remote control of the creation of the environment in an ever deeper and further area … ..which will allow for even better development of this machine and then neo/creation processes.

Here, of course, we are talking about economics/physics (because real physics is the economics of the matter, it is processing/neo creating … and so one does not have to passively look at any science of physics, biology, chemistry … on the course of processes and paths of joint hyper-productive/hyper evolutionary/=selective economics/neo-creative economics in these processes) market hyper evolving on the background formation/cooperation of environmental co-genealogy and so in physical-economic symbiosis with other systems.

So no more philosophy/science and games with a zero market result (showing off) of the own system, already without any hyperlinks of existential development beyond the civilization of our world, which only sometimes Adhoc react to given phenomena, processes without building a permanent deeper base existential and developmental … more and more hyper manual or rather mindless, vanity economic mortal war games.

This is what continuity is about, more and more massive (in the technological and technological progress … of the technological prepetuum mobile – establishing a possibly autonomous mega-production system of a neo-creative environment), process reconstructions of the space-time environment, more and more profoundly interfering with the processes, their structure, structure, and properties … .This is about time-space folding as primitively expressed in some aspects of astrophysics.

But rather it is about matter whose treatment is the basis of its revival, its harmonization, is the genealogical, genetic, physical and economic basis, and above all the basis of humanity and life of any life and any processes (neo)evolving/(neo)engineering continuation.

To be continued with the new era of vision and science,and belief,and matter and life.