Delayed start

MOONNOW project is a program to realize not in 10 or 100 or 1000 years but now or even yesterday!!! – Even it could already be introduced decades ago!!!DSC06394.JPG

Its introduction into force of automation of self-robotic productions would accelerate- in just a few years – development of technology not only just repeatedly but a million times a billion times until infinity. Accelerate repeatedly ( billions of times !!) the development of civilization as well as, among others planetary engineering, engineering of all constellations, objects in our universe knows to date.
We are already dawn of history in the geometrical development, but by literally manual control, where the speed of development literally depends on the speed of propagation of people – more people more specialization, it is because we are so “far” we went to the front since the Stone Age. Only the method of manufacture is sometimes aided by band production. And it is precisely this “impotent” point of today development, where opportunity and chances for further effective investments and productions are mediocre. This is the organizationally neglected point of speed development of technology and organization ( civilization ), which already we should continue to work out.
But God had us to reproduce as much as possible, and it is this same with automation, robots, that will capable of producing according to our guidelines, they will be additional substitutes for children (grandchildren of God, superhuman, but still obedient by our programs ) of creator God – – high-level space – that will be very, very, very, very helpful for development of our civilization.
I proposed a project whose base is the multi application (body cell multiplication method) constructions speed is within our technological capabilities and organizational just now!!
We are a step away from this incredible spectrum of changes that do not even dreamed or dreamed of us.
These are not fairy tales, fantasy books but the chance, that shall not lose!
It is already now we can build pursue our dreams! and this project suggests various super options for automatics technological and organizational solutions.
We have already many technologies and organization experiences, that can we harness to realize this at first glance amazing project.
Body cell is a prime model for the proposed development of automation. Currently, the scale band vending robots objects, which will be delivered program – gen- for further reproduction and development. The cell development model of production (mega production) can be a good stimulus for the development of biotechnology, medicine, environment and so on as well.
So, paradoxically, nature becomes the basis for the “escape” from nature by automation of robots production and development on a global scale in micro and macro scale.
Project MOONNOW is to be prepared in the course of solid, transformation. Of course, all primarily interested in the essence of the project which is a mega production by automatically accelerated construction development are welcomed. And here we will pick properly recognition of this topic.
Convince the world for the auto robotics development of infrastructure and the whole universe will be ours!
The development of this system is the key to success of our civilizations real development.
Work out the system of self-automation robotics mega productions itself is the key to a breakthrough civilization now!
We have never surrendered!
This is just the beginning of change.
It is not only futuristic but now real possibilities for starting this project, the process.
You are witnessing live the construction of this undertaking ( that is why so often my descriptions are so vague circle, not so clear ) – in which you also can take part in it.
The development of super-high-speed automatic production method of reproduction is like a biological cell or meta data of sending gens (cloning) programs, which continue to steer properly prepared park robots, which would produce plants of their robots colleagues, but also like by normal cells life, sometimes some cells work will not only serve to reproduce but also for other purposes.
We completely modeled by nature ( of cells), which gives us an amazing opportunity to move off patterns of our civilization (ecological) tomorrow – where until today we use the method of production – even rocket-as in the time of stone age !!! Perhaps more complicated – because milliards hands doing work now, but continue with such methods already present in nature is not capable to bear.
We cook up (literally !! -ecologic ) in the earth’s crust because we cannot utilize the opportunities and patterns of which ( constructions, developing of body cells) just nature offers to us.
We can use the simplest model of the emergence of biological life (sea of soup of amino acids and primitive great ancestors of cells )
We need to at the dawn of the formation of life to create proviso technology that we already have and never find out the hyper abilities of the automatic self-development investment.
Lacking organizational desire !! We have technological capabilities and information. We as intelligent creatures, we can send this spark the gene program to this soup of modern technological and organizational, to create the foundation to go finally to rebuild in right speed and way our development productions- out of the Stone Age!
Just now we going to infinity ocean of factors of issues that will give impetus for implementation of project MOONNOW and further any productions enterprises in the world and universe

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