“Creativity means action – not passive evolution.Do not be passive!”


The main assumption of the MOONNOW project is effective, efficient, safe, low-cost colonization on the moon, preceded by intensive automatic expansion.
By the way I mentioned in firsts posts about using a model of self-driven automatic, autonomous technology development, expansion of production of robot’s facilities bases, metropolises on the moon – under the surface of the moon ( and …through!), beyond the moon – on earth too!-, in a flash time…and in micro(nano) version in our bodies too. I mentioned that our universe will be within our reach like anything on earth, that a new trend is being created here – I have mentioned that our universe will be within achievable reach, that the new trend is emerging, absorbing, more than a century old Einstein’s and Newton’s paradigms. This new proposed trend will be a paradigm of subduing forces of nature and their replacement in a better version as it was with a galloping horse 50 km / h and later rockets “galloping” many thousands of kilometers per hour. The same style of subjugation of our nature according to our needs, dreams, and hopes can also be applied to journey between planets, stars and beyond … and closer in our bodies to the pursuit of an eternal health of our body finally.
This paradigm of a self-reliant development mechanism that replaces nature is absolutely superior to Einstein’s or Newton’s theory, ultimately determining directions and opportunities for the development of our technology and, consequently, our entire civilization.
* I will mention later physical, chemical aspects of the venture, too.
Generally that all that I try to explain, is a statement of subjugation and timing of any object.
The full automation of the first stage of this subjugation-venture – the expansion of the moon – gives guarantees to intentions, that like Einstein’s theories laid foundations for atomic energy, to reshaping our minds, though, devotions, the world, and universe in enormous scale
Also full participation (at the beginning indirect economic cognitive and …toy game) of all, I repeat all willing to take in this colonization with the civilization effects previously described.
Moon for everyone in terms of economic, ecological and technological social first and foremost. The technological-social effectiveness of this undertaking will radiate very strongly positive effects also earlier described briefly.
I mentioned here a well-known 20-year-old model of a micro roDSC00108bot funny under the care -Tamagotchi.
This Tamagotchi will now be developing a mobile telecommunication application system that will give everyone ability to take part in the construction of a new parallel ( apparently)toy civilization – a robot that continues to lay the foundations for our spatial and qualitative expansion – technologically.
At the beginning, as a trifle for games, toys, more or less training or development models. And finally, specifically, occurring in very extensive programs of cooperation in the development of database system, production’s plants, activities of space flights on unimaginable magnitude. This new Tamagotchi is architectural modular in cosmonautics in all possible aspects, based on it will be determined by the architecture of expansion of new space on earth and space as well as in … ourselves alone !!!
To be continued about basics of new surgical, sustainable ways of technology gaining space in any dimensions.

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