Where to start “the lunar revolution”.

First of all, it has to be not oppressed any task or mission, on which we toil in the sweat of his brow, and in some stress. We have someone here to overthrow, change in strength systems. This revolution has to be flexible. The strength of complying with changes in information technology and manufacturing. Proposed autarkic economic and ecological at the same time (at the end but also pro-economic) mega investing them in deserts, the oceans, and extra zones and outside the earth primarily ( for now) on the moon.
Earlier in form of virtual play games, games, and competitions, simulation, educational programs will be- by the first stage- the whole process of the peaceful revolution of technology affect positive changes in the relations of economic, social, political or religious. And thus I hinted that the universality of the peacekeeping investment marginalize the importance of traditional citizenship, traditional national boundaries, class divisions, divisions of wealth in the era of the mega-production and indeed time mega race for protecting health of our and our loved ones health through investments not only in the direction of the macro but also micro-cosmic spaceship artificially cells and micro body spaceships , that replicating itself, improving us with their own materials (worn-out cells of the human body) and external quenched materials.

more in next post or book https://books.pronoun.com/masters-of-life-and-universe/ SONY DSC

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