Made in Moon

We continue drafting of the developing model of the cell-like building replicating cosmic empires started on the moon and from the mega-environmental investments on edge between deserts and oceans and another special ( absolutely peoples free and any tax-free) economic zones on the earth. The success of these investments gives a chance for efficient parallel development towards miniaturization of machines and robots ( for medicine case) as well. I think these self-replicating empires mega polis on the moon should achieve (by the replicating tools) in a few years about 10 percent of moon’s volume !! Moon would be ultimately completely urbanized through !!! (The moon mega polis would remind the Star Wars planets shape spaceships), then we would speak about really chances for more efficient action towards miniaturization of autonomous self-replicating robots ( as it contributes biological cells) to that they could really effectively take over the roles of our body organs and cells and further our chances of ever full health and vitality life that will need for our continued exaltation in private both earthly and cosmic life.
This self-replicating metropolis size of Tokyo (but with their own mines and mills of different sources, spaceports et cetera) on edge of needle-nano- too-, has to fit in very broadly ways, then we could talk about the success of our plans also in areas of medical enterprises. So in short, eternal health through the moon auto investments stimulator !! Made in MOON !!!
So, we have good and bad news about the chances for success and efficiency goals of the project “made in MOON”.
Good news from the indicated chart outline development model – self-replicating common public enterprises of the investment on earth, in space and in our body, have a full opportunity to effectively implement workable within a few years.
Bad message – here enormity of tasks, what it is before us and with the need to apply !!! But they are already clearly identified and defined, so just only by our desire depends on whether we will enter in the efficient current technological progress on the moon and beyond that is on earth, in our bodies, and the rest of the cosmos.
You noted at the super fast construction of bases and cities is based on the result of multiple domino effects, that will be feed with material and energy, that stand whatever on road – something on the principle of action of black holes or cancer or viruses !!
Gradually reworking, according to our intentions, planets, asteroid, dark matter, stars, do not forget about our planet, here in the first row – oceans and deserts, of course, by and for ecological matters, as well as a microcosmic dimension of materials and energy of… our bodies.
These are so logistics extensive-area of the enterprise, that in spite of the replication system constructions activates – reproduction and production, we will need masses of people into the community coordination for the help by mobile applications ( this time not only virtually) of the “Made in/by Moon” enterprises.
It is so important, that first by apparently simulations and games or pilot-programs, educational, experimental, pulling many willing. (As in programs for seeking civilization or exoplanets) target within the hyper sustainable society, in that potentially all people could take part in any enterprise productions (autarkic) by special appropriate technology and social applications.
And this the key and way for go out from socially and technologically stone age of today ( described in previous posts or book “Masters of life and universe”).

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