Fiction or action? Is fixation- stagnation or actual action aimed at real change?The choice is Yours!

Cosmic bold draft of a human but literally” hands-free” transformation of oneself and universe. -Not forget- It (MOONNOW) could be used for fiction or for an impulse to real action.

We continuing further of the Moonnow constructions explanations.
We can see stars or cancer but we can’t gain it. But showed possibilities lead us to gain it almost just now. Like by program Apollo we have to use heavy organizationally power and … powerful social movement- in contrast to Manhattan project- ( At Apollo program there were hundreds of thousands of professionals and volunteers) to launch this project, but internationally and almost for everyone actively not passively, from constructions games and toys, any school, companies, private persons mostly by using mobile applications programs.
Desert, Moon like on Manhattan project is the best place to start the building constructions productions accelerators that would mainly not use for extract energy power but hyper multiplied program productions. Power also but with a heavy manipulated system of technology that will be used also to developed speeding any chemical reactions needed for us –heavy water and normal water too from everything, and specifically developing technology that helps people to be functional, effective in not always appropriate conditions. Production of replicating robots for developing gradually ever faster and better robots and by the way other productions but for God sake never with help hands of people!!!!
Only initially by hands build robots – not forget, that initially robots will more remind cluster of robots- will be put in peoples free zones, where they robots will take their own to ways (macro and micro/nano) evolution, but this time with the help of developing remote controlling applications of another robots , where mainly key of the proposal in my projected revolution is programmed autonomic developing with little influences of remote controls programs.
This way we can empower right speed of technology development in directions of our all wishes and dreams.
Sa we finish and forget here about the old Manhattan project at least for now.
We take focus on most important issues of the Moonnow project.
Lunching technology on an unimaginable scale.
Anyway, we are on edge of the revolutionary outburst.We electronically almost ready to go out into space from our today place, out of our cave of being on the earth and in mind. We need just harness our stone -steady like – age technology, mostly manual productions in right tempo of constructing and building.
We have to build our first child of mankind not duplicating first God child, not already not perfect (spoiled)child of God, but own child or grandchild of God – we are (have to)already enough mature for it- what it means is the birth of the first grandson of a god, as artificially man robot that can self replicating and developing with genes from us from children of god genes of programs, that we capable, can produce by the way steering with programs and robots like with our children by raising and educating.
There would be harsh environment for it apparently like for first live beings on the earth, but we can do it better and better teaching our artificially children for search and use any environment in peoples free zones like moon and any space and objects, that can give opportunities for effectively independently of hands, programming a bit remote controlling development. developing .
By further developing of the self-automation, we developing chemistry but also after that physic of anybody celestial body that further could influences [physically world and universe in any dimension so shaping literally whole world and universe gradually more and more according to our wishes and dreams.
We are only little step from being masters of whole life and universe
But somebody can say that we haven’t still robots so effective independently developing machines.
Yes, it is true that is why we have to do it!!!
The first step of that would be building robots parks-with an effective supply of materials, components, and energy- like body cells from small or little bigger blocs machines blocs and 3d printers, that could by programming continuing the multiplication just for research and fun. Even any toy companies can start the process of the domino effect, just now with help of any heavy support of mobile applications for/of everyone, a child too!!
I described it all would remind first body life cell multiplication in first extra for this developing environment programming, technologically and organizationally economically.
We can start free zones of tax and any economic state duty, that allow for any enterprises start without any state money, experiments for hyper automation productions. So no one could say we have no money for it. The free economically free people zones can do it can push further our project involuntarily automatically.

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