Racing with the time – a fairy tale that can be fulfilled.

We continuing further analysis for the constructive – speed – accelerator project draft for shaping our whole environment.
Proposed, drafted construction of reconstruction of our technology at any stage that will start a hyper race of evolution of everything if we want it or not. The construction will change us and we in a new way will influence its development in feedback accelerator.
It is like racing with diseases, racing with(against) death, race with stars and speed of …light.
It is racing with our steady narrow-minded, old attitude to life, family, culture, religion, nationality, politic, economy, medicine, health. We have to reconstruct the whole model of our life and future ( forget about history -old-fashioned stone age manners if you want to stay really alive!!!) of course we can behold tradition but from another point of view.
I, we will use all, more power to reconstruct our life process but against destruction.
We have nothing to lose by achieving our goals aiming shift of our development,  use of our potential of materially and technologically organizationally resources.
I will never tolerate historically status quo of organizationally and technologically way of development.
It is racing and rescuing with a time of our time of ever individuals life, our civilization, and whole world – literally- a universe in micro and macro dimension.
As I said very often my articles are calls for a wake up from an unfaithful attitude of our place and missions, to make more human on behalf God and any beings ( at least most loved ones) better and better eternally life sake.
Of course, they are not just empty calls but suggestions and proposals for your locally and gradually globally activities and initiatives.
It is a giant project and because of this we need space energy on earth, moon and beyond to effectively achieve our goals of shape body of universe included a body of us in interested us directions – healthiness, harmony dignity of everybody. We speak not about the economy, technology, politic, ecology, medicine, astronautic separately or mixed one another. This is just a completely new way of rescuing and developing our life in very broad- not any distance or time borders) space engineering.
But we need free platforms to start this hyper fast process just now.
Yes, this is like a war against bad things that block ignition of new big bang evolution and reconstruction -positively fulfill our mankind voyage described already in evangelism and dreams,  and we have to use most powerful tools to do it.
Any institution can start independently separately this cosmic process of transformation, that would capable to start construction ever bigger remote controlled car park – reservation parks, where self-copying machines and tools would play the main role.
It is very, very and very important to point out as often as a possible main core of the hyper new concept, that only first robots and automates may be built by people,. The first automat robots like first new remote controlled people have to develop and multiplying from materials self by ever faster programming the next generations of robots capable of self-copying and production of new rockets, humanness and so on, with help of… (mobiles too) applications

This time we can faith any obstacles, by the way, use right resources in a blink of an eye for fully endless energy and constructions resources for new cities on earth and beyond and micro cities in  …. us.

Here – deserts, oceans, Iceland, The Moon et Cetera will be using energy for non-massive design, but a construction that will continue to increase infinity of geothermal energy resources and extraterrestrial solar, stars and any object in us and universe!- energy on mass scales to supply resources of the Earth and beyond to such like “ big bang constructive explosion” but not as the atomic (bomb) destructions manners.

to be continued – Regarding the gradual disclosure of project details – explanations of immense constructional and social magnitude of the project in next post or in the book on  too.


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