Masters of life and universe – Inspirations for Pro Self-Replicating Technology Movement


Masters of life and universe: -  Inspirations for self-replicating technology movement by [Pawel Kozycz]

“Masters of life and universe – Inspirations for Pro Self-Replicating Technology Movement”

“A new heaven and a new earth.
Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth, for the present earth and sky had disappeared. There was also the sea.
And I saw the holy city – the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God. She looked great – like a bride who beautifully dressed for her husband.” (Revelation. Jan 21)

New innovative socio-technological evangelism ( view of evolution) or good news with signposts to literally shape your own future in your own environment and life.

We can see stars and cancer but we can not subdue them but now we have the right technology for it.
Stormy and provocative concepts or maybe not.

We are the only little step from being masters of whole life and universe by launching new age technology investments.
Self-Production of self-replicating robots for developing gradually ever faster and better robots and by the way other productions can do it.
Only initially by hands build robots – not forget, that initially robots will more remind cluster of robots- will be put in peoples free zones, where the robots will take their own two-way (macro and micro/nano) evolution, but this time with help of developing remote controlling, mobile applications.

Shocking appeals, inspiring drafts by organizational and economic preparations for breakthrough in technological changes – self-reinforcing self-replicated remote-controlled and autonomous investments on the moon and beyond, on earth as mega eco investments and nanorobotics in medicine, which already today may have application and will cause we will conduct ourselves differently look at our environment and the world.
” Made in Moon” inspired proposals for innovative technological investments, economically and environmental actions for protection and develop our civilization.
Moon and special “moon” zones on the earth as an economic locomotive, as a testing ground for the new technology of mega productions.
The inspirations book is innovations supernova!
A concept of formation of space towns and bases in a blink of an eye!
Remote and automatic control over own body and health from the help of an army of micro-robots!
Shaping climate and more! Planetary engineering ( not only climate!) and all celestial objects!
So as to tame the horses and even replaced them by cars and rockets! we can also – using autonomous technology- do it with all natural forces and resources here on earth, on the moon and beyond and in our bodies too, starting intensively it from now!

So, we can and we have to do it!
Convince the earth and the whole universe is ours!

But take it easy! Everything should be organized in comfortably and joyfully conditions – by constructing educational games, toys and… self-developing ghost eco-cities.

This is a seemingly chaotic set of thrown concrete proposals to make new constructions according to the discretion of every reader interested in changing this world and universe for a better place to live.

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