Toy self-replicating cell towns as key for launch the “moonnow” project -not anymore concept

Part 2 – from concept book about instant self-replicating cell-plants, -towns, -(micro)robots. “Masters of life and universe”.

Why I write these articles about this cosmic or divine development inspirations – read eg in Brunei, Palestine, Israel, Denmark, Argentina.

We can not continue our life in a role of underdeveloped, lazy children of God or passive evolution waiting posture for the Gods salvation or fate, settle everything for praying, just for empty dreaming for a better today and tomorrow.

We should, at the end, transfer the initiative – from God ( for his support)  or evolution  – to us people and their apparatus, literally according to our dreams and according to earlier quotations of the new Jerusalem.
It is enough mature time finally to take in our hands (technological and organizational) responsibility for the fate of us, each individually as well as all of us on earth and beyond.
Finish with a just passive observation of whole (microcosmic also) cosmic evolution.

It is time for decisive decisions at the end for real exit from the Stone Age (manual engineering) in the epoch for remote engineering of an atom, a man, the earth to stars and beyond.

Of course, readers are looking forward to more concrete proposals not just for calls or appeals for a better future, but for specific tools.

Lastly, I gave the example of the Nobel Prize winning tool.
Perhaps somebody from a reader is tempted that I going generally to get some profit from the blog or the book or perhaps to get a prize for technological economic bypass concept – million times and more duplicating contemporary economy or prize for cell model of a domino effect for shaping and developing conditions for medicine, chemistry, physics etc.

As an independent writer, I can write freely and profitably or not, but first and foremost I write it because of goal, that my and everyone life should be healthy always as long as I and others want and because for not to be a passive in own the – really- whole environment.

But at the end of the endless introduction, we finally have to build this rocket to leave the valley of the ( mind and technological) Stone Age.
As in Apollo’s program, for example, or at present similarly ambitious program for the complete eradication of cancer in the US, here offers a program of at least a global nature, which would combine the first and second ones, effectively complement each other.

We are finally getting to the concrete description of this civilized technological trampoline.
How could we start the process of on the moon or in “moon” zones?
Equally important is the concept of the development of the new technology, which will raise our lives above the earth and the sun in metaphor and literal manner.

As I have pointed out, these zones should not stand ( economic bypass) in the way of the old circulation of the traditional economy and customs – at least apparently.
They should be placed as places of – construction-plays, -games or -experiments in the most optimal places for resources and … remote control system.
Here we come to the most important explanation point of the program, the definition of this … a mad experiment of the proposed model of bursting development.

These “moon” zones would resemble models of automated mini (like Lego blocks) towns or plants, groups of robots and 3d printers, developing through remote control – by people- and autonomous programs.
Their purpose would be to duplicate themselves in a geometric domino effect of any faster tempo. They would be a developing reflection of biological cells with additional improvements and changes – in micro (nano) and macro directions- according to developing possibilities, needs, and resources.

To be continued about … gene and cell models of mini towns.

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