for God’s sake never with help hands of people!!!!

So we start very boring part of the experiment project little step by little step about building support-tools and -constructions for redeveloping, improving our life and environment according to our wishes.
One could ask we have already such “automatic” toy cities. Yes, we had it but build most by stone -hands-(earlier described)methods and tools.
We need to build a model of developing very active remote controlled and intensively (self)programmed (not passive) very active cell -included genes- a model of …towns or plants or groups of robots, drones and 3 d printers.
Most important rule of the whole project of the production of self-replicating robots for developing gradually ever faster and better robots and by the way other productions is that all shall be made…

for God’s sake never with help hands of people!!!!

Only initially by hands build robots – not forget, that initially, robots will more remind cluster of robots will be put in peoples free zones, where the robots will take their own two-way (macro and micro/nano) evolution, but this time with the help of developing remote controlling applications of other robots, where mainly key of the proposal in my projected revolution is programmed autonomic developing with little influences of remote controls programs.
Only this way – not spoiled by traditionally thinking and manufacturing- we can empower right speed of technology development in directions of our all wishes and dreams.
Lunching technology on an unimaginable scale. Anyway, we are on edge of the revolutionary outburst. We electronically almost ready to go out into space from our today place, out of our cave of being on the earth and in mind.

We need extra free ( like desert) spaces to accelerate this time, not destruction explosion experiments – Manhattan project- but construction explosions experiments for really fully development with speed of  …light and more.
to be continued


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