10-kilometer safety zones – horizontally and vertically!

So we know already that this hyper project is spatial – not linear and not manual – a concept of development – just strict – spatial meanings of this word.

The investment would develop in vertical and horizontal  directions of earth and any space and for maximisation of  occupied the space by  independent sectors of robotic assembly groups, which would replicate these sectors further, develop according to programmatic and controlled needs determined by people from …outside as well as autonomous programs, development needs of the spatial robots – not dependent only on people direct but depending on needs or accident situations.
Is it supposed to be a cloned controlled virus at the beginning of the self-expanding model of the developing world – at a faster rate than any express, literally in all directions?
And then in the micro version of the microrobot teams developing any ability of our bodies – their immediate self-repair and development according to any situation and our needs and also we speaking about development in macro version (with target speed of explosion – artificial controlled… supernova or black / white holes!) megacity with spaceports on the earth, the moon and so on.

Of course, it’s a big one issue that we should never forget … a giant but if…
How we should warn against a gigantic artificial virus or artificial big bang that it can get out of control and literally drain on express rate!!! everything in its path -inside the earth (as well) at least a few kilometers inside the globe and further into space and ultimately any cosmic object at a rate that surpasses any natural size
Are there any safeguards against this apocalyptic visions? or maybe because of the danger are we going to give up the chance of shaping our future and space literally?
That is why I proposed that this project of experimentation shall start in the moon and its depths and in remote areas of human possessions such as selected areas, islands in the oceans or selected areas in the deserts, mountains or glaciers, which would be surrounded by about 10-kilometer safety zones – horizontally and vertically! – militarily safeguard, among other things, mighty minefields.

To be continued!!!


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