New challenges but first at all new chances for our existence individually and universally.

We further will combine about these accelerators( “Amanhattan project”( explosions… of instant self-developing constructions)  – “moon” zones for self-replicating teams of machines, robots, cities, production facilities of spaceships, more efficient, more numerous and smaller microrobots working as biological cells for reconstruction, protection, development of the human body as well as the entire technological infrastructure on the planet earth and whole space.
The book “Masters of Life and the Universe” has and is the initiator of further intensive developments in fields of entire technology, economics, social and ecological in co-operation with the most influential institutions.

In this blog step by step, we go to start finally the process – dangerous? every initiation of for example any vaccine or any cancer treatment could take some disadvances and that means I never stop developing new tools for gain goals that apparently even now could be impossible to achieve.

It’s not about money or career but a struggle for life of me and everybody especially those are hospitals, hospices- children too!!!!! of our existence in the whole environment on earth and beyond.

A very provocative concept book about stunning growth opportunities as well as apocalyptic threats in an use of cloned like-virus self-replicating technology for a protection and development of our life as well as for a super-expedient fast development of our civilization. ” Moon” self- replicating toy town robotic zones surrounded by heavy security minefields – if experiments go out of control.

The book is about looking for holy grail on …the moon or “moon” zones ( on the Earth) as a basis for making tools of creation for support of our life and a whole environment according to a power of whole nature of the universe.

The proposal and concept are about copying natural development pathways – cloning, cell self-replicating robot technology- to better interact with nature, while simultaneously developing prospects for development of our biological, technological, economic, social life here and throughout whole space, now and in the future.

This “brainstorm” book is to widen up horizons on our existence, but not quite in a philosophical way. You may be more inspired by innovations proposals that deal with climate towards fundaments for modern civilization. This includes everyone and the entire environment including his surrounding space as well. This book is an interplay of economic, technological, ecological, and crucial factors of our immediate environment that interferes with our biological existence.

Innovative socio-technological evangelism (view of evolution) or good news with signposts can literally shape your own future in your own environment and life.

We can see stars and cancer but we could not subdue them. However, we now have the right technology for it whether through stormy and provocative concepts. We are the only little step from being masters of whole life and universe by launching a new age technology investments.

We can’t effective cope or develop with nature by using old point or line methods of growing- here proposed cell reaction or (geometric rate)development is the right tool to successively copy and overwhelming nature.

We are the masters of life and universe, we just shall not lose our talents and opportunities to go out from our cave of mind and technology.

Getting faster and faster self-replicating cell (clone)- towns and cell ( groups of) robots as a way for effective evaluate our “modern” titanic world to super and safe spaceship of the world and universe.

Project- concept reminds mix of programs Apollo ( as “moon zones” auto-investments, and project Manhattan ( as an explosion of creation) with a project for erasing all cancer diseases.

An instant (in a blink of an eye) self-replicating cell model robotic towns innovation concept as a holy grail for a real resurgence by/for everybody.

Only initially by hands build robots – not forget, that initially robots will more remind cluster of robots- will be put in peoples free zones, where the robots will take their own two-way (macro and micro/nano) evolution, but this time with help of developing remote controlling, mobile applications.


So as to tame the horses and even replaced them by cars and rockets! we can also – using autonomous technology- do it with all natural forces and resources here on earth, on the moon and beyond and in our bodies too, starting intensively it from now!

So, we can and we have to do it!

Convince the earth and the whole universe is ours!

This is a seemingly chaotic set of thrown concrete ( brainstorm or better to say brain typhoon) proposals to make new constructions according to discretions of every reader interested in changing this world and universe for a better place to live or just interested at least in fantasy imaginations.

To be continued in the fight for our existence!

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