Hyper high tech incubators for evolution-, economic- jump by…self-replicating structures on demand -…metro inside the whole moon. part1

We continue to create robotic teams – and 3-D printers – remotely controlled and programmed, which will be used to self -duplicate, -enlarge and -reduce, -improve on different needs and variations from local sources “moon zones” and encountered on their way.
As we already know, such single-threaded primitive robotic replicating clones already exist.
The so-called artificial intelligence, which could support the automatic self-replicating revolution, have already had their very primitive origins.

We can and we have to start the process of controlled evolution of our life and environment – whole earth and beyond. The evolution that we could give free roles like by free rule marked theories could never develop according to our goals.
We can’t ignore the power of our technology and more powerful universe …nature technology that can easily extinguish our incompetence game of …not rules.
This is like with economic theories about free marked rules where one thinks that whole economic development depends on our needs and our sources but …as we know need one human’s organisationally spark or gen to do it really according to our plans and needs.

To achieve real progress accordingly with our hopes and dreams and whole earth and beyond the environment, we have also to use the human – God – spark not only in economic but technologically matters too.

We are economically and technologically ready to give the birth to our first baby, really gods the first grandchild (with the gods- human- spark), who will support us individually and globally in development. It needs political and social courage and will for this whole space revolution.
More about economic, educational and …politic issues of the moon (eg. hyper self-replicating metro system inside the moon) zones concept in next part.

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