Part2. 5 points program to go out from social (technological, economical) trap of real development.


One is waiting for the other and thinks that the other one will take action for example for health or environment future support and development.
But I and You are fully responsible for shape of My Your present and future not waiting – in vain- for the one that will make all for mus or me
The search for the golden fleece or holy grail one will do by tricks by “others” chances or participants but …
we have to find out, work out the foundation, tool a incubator for everybody’s participation of self-grow, own future and (whole) environment shaping. – Like was made first schools as centres of education and development of any environment.

The technology incubators(centres of development) of the moon – moon zones – have to be the basis for the next jump after the last 2000 years- about 100000 times increased our ability to shape in the over 2000 years period-, impact of our development in the environment and this time by  influence (in few months or years) our environment much over millions of times including by a measurable economically standards.
In addition, in a portable and literally cosmic technological jump, sustainable environmental and social transformation, that need for a new technological and organisational means of education and school, communication, so this organisationally chalk, pen or a computer technology (tele)communication as a boom for further advancement and transformation civilization – we need to express this additional component of this so vital (literally) necessary development of a breakthrough on the global cosmic scale as well as each of us includet biological and social life in this technologically cosmic reality and potentially surrounding.
It will be added here to
three more or four elements for this lunar evolution-revolution
1.- like the Apollo program – the moon, moon zones as a base, control basis for the nature of technological social movement – self-replicating constructions process – of robotic towns,

2.- like project Manhattan or better to say Amanhattan project of an explosion of … not deconstruction but opposite… an explosion of construction in isolated (in the first phases of the given experiments processes of this series of the “moon” zones projects ) areas

3.- like program in fight against cancer diseases – an explosion of self-replicating micro-robots in fight against disease, repair cells, replacing them and instant improvement, instant(recovering) fight against mortality or any injuries etc

4.- like the Marshall plan – the appropriate international reference system to support all of this series of projects around the globe and beyond -reliably apparently autonomic autarkic technology independent for modern economics, simultaneously slow-reaching economic processes in reality by feedback supporting on cosmos scale – such bypass of whole global economy to power the economy by millions of times and much more in very short period of time,

5.- schools of new age – ( tel-mobile self-replicating robotic) incubators or educational center of development for new age self-replicating technology for everyone, according to our demand and dreams, a preparatory training for attracting young people in mind and skeptics to this school of life literally at a satisfactory level for the cosmic jump of the whole “lunar” project-concept.

in the next episode – further explanations of the 5 points and … Chinese tool method of permissive attitude for the birth of children( for real intensively development)- inserted into the “moon” zones robotic zones in which we with the permissive remote support of additional manual robotics development support from the outside – forcing for use only processing for robotic development by programs and remote control for the robotic assemblies for further individual and globally reconstructions of us and literally whole universe without manually support as used to do.until this days.
so to be continued about a rebirth of a new…for renew life and renew the world and … beyond.

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