A moon race with goliaths. Lunar evangelium part4.

Precisely over one year ago I started another race to the moon – but on another dimension of an attitude of the enterprise compared of today’s goliaths’ leaders way of thinking – unfortunately, the thinking still not changed over the last 60 years.

One of my first lunar revelation articles from one year ago. – from my https://www.facebook.com/spacebaseforall

And now I will try to explain some possible core of the anticipated futurology irreversible changes in methods of use of construction technology, but in my outline the changes could, they have to be – must take place immediately. I pushed them all possible ways. Witnesses can take part in this project, using the transfer my or their proposals on this topic further. Moon as a testing ground, it may be a giant, autonomous science, and industrial park. To conduct this park we will need a good structure telecommunications – “GPS” – between the Earth and the Moon, and as I wrote the beginnings of a remote controlled and automatic robotics constructions.
As I have written abilities and telecommunications now and in the near future, are at least very promising. We lack harnessing to our brain telecommunications, agile hands, able to use the potential of ICT. May these hands be autonomous robots fully cooperating with ICT systems, which will continue, of course, subject to the power of the people? How can these robots operate? Evolution or I would here call mandatory revolution consisted of robots to the relatively simple principle – one hand washes. The robots could autonomously produce his own incubators. Of course, by our proposals and disposal of ICT, so that they would serve as our hands to build the big and small things, but with the great difference that they will do so in an infinite and ever shorter time and in the infinitely any number and size.
These robots are automated as our children – taught, educated, prepared and refined to be self-sufficient and at the same time help to further ours and their development.
I know it will be hard to wean us from traditional manufacturing approach to the production of these impersonal autonomous robots parks. This can cause mental, organizational discomforting situations. – Moreover, as far as I know – such full automatics factories already exist.
Besides, the robots will produce products that not exist in the global market, so there should be no competition of stealing job places, but on the contrary impulse for further projects, which will need an infinite number of people – coordinating ICT – automatic guidance expansionary giant space programs and others.
We have to start intensive work out – the same system for constructing self-repairing robots and construction. 3 D printers are a great example and the beginning of this process. The beginnings as always can be difficult.
One might say that this project is crazy. If this project would be crazy projects sending people to the moon or Mars in the present – lack of big abandon of facilities of well-developed basis – call idiocy. I believe that with the right – very expansively intensively automatic (without directly taking part of people) – automatic preparation of bases between the moon and the earth and other planets is a chance of effectively generally developing and populating the moon and so on.
So construction -for example- of tourist resorts on the moon could be available for about 10 years after very intensively self-replicating robotic investments on the moon. Finally, for example, my wife – on behalf birthday could get a gift from me, in the form of a 2-week trip and stay with me on the moon in 2025(that all in a price of today’s trips to Antarctica). But art is there to fly comfortably, safely, cheaply and ecologically. Until they met these conditions neither I nor my wife, nor any normal, responsible person goes another way.
So hyper-intensive automatic preparations will give a guaranteed result for successful moon/ space explorations. I propose something different – incubators automatic robots will nucleus proper feedback ICT and automation and after all, human anyway but on another very high autonomous level will coordinate these processes.
Someone will say after we produce robots – so but for the most part by very primitive manufacture ways so at already it at start eliminates any efficiency move forward our civilization even one iota. It must be whole teams of robots, their incubators, and factories that mutual feedback and ICT support each other will drive right effective performance. I’m not interested in literal stupid hammer -welding space bases or policymakers, for whom the status quo in the methods of gaining space methods from before 50 or 100 years is the only paradigm of progress.
Tedious folding nucleus of the robot empire will disproportionately benefit in relation to the already literally manual gain space – huge multi-gear multiengine itself, extending the up increasingly powerful pace spaceships – built on the moon and city on planets, processing structure, acquire, protect our land – ecology, our life figuratively and literally – armies of micro and Nanorobots in our body for remote and autonomous repair and maintenance to improve all parts of our body.
I earlier hinted at the power of God, which is what the energy of creation in the blink of an eye – this is the above-described energy – which sort of proves the theory of the creation of the world or the universe by God or Big Bang.
In this case, it is in our hands. We kids (and its hinterland of thought, potentially technological) of God to meet the outstretched hand of God, which is in the – near case- the Moon, we can if we believe in our abilities and capabilities, create, create the world, literally the entire universe by own dreams and wishes, and it would be possible as soon as possible in not so stretched time!
Someone can tell me a quack, Futurological Andersen or cosmic Harry Potter, crazy Einstein, perhaps the awaited messiah of the end of the old world – I think not but just the prodigal son of the Father. Or just the one who brings new hope for the good news – the new gospel that shows new chances of using our talents and possibilities and ways, new methods to fulfill this good news – cosmic evangelism or lunar fairy tales that can be fulfilled.
Now let’s use this opportunity for us, for our loved ones – as described above indicated the hand of God – the Moon. The key to the success of the project MOONNOW is an autonomous system mechanism large or small or very small, which repair by themselves, develop multiply – that is, and how as a printer 3 D – BUT! This printer must itself reproduce, repair, develop, and improve, to grow or reduce to. It is like in a computer system to zero one nature, which we use to infinitely many records or calculations.
Yes, incubators robots that will continue to grow infinity degree in any direction depending on your needs – more or less intensive control of people. These robots or incubators or other more or less closed systems will serve us for investment on an unprecedented scale and will be the only limitation by amount(s) and practically endless –material and energy- including atoms energy- in space.
This kind of closed systems is like reproducing human cells, the reproducing virus – a cell for cloning – adequately controlled, producing interesting part of us and other systems at the macro and micro scale.
These are our technological children, which can be driven each other to increase by infinite atomic energy, the energy of the stars. If we are children of God, they are the autonomous closed systems are his grandchildren. If God or evolution gave us a brain, its development was addicted to each other from our hands and their dexterity. That our ability to effectively actions are and will not only depend on the telecom computing capabilities but also efficient multiplying body cell – described above autonomous mechanisms – more efficient than stumps current technological capabilities. These grandchildren it will be those supermen (not necessarily like us) – the macro and micro, which will be able to casually conduct mobile applications or even games.
We need to support features like special zone scientific technology project Manhattan – to develop a bomb, but this time open for all citizens on a global and peacefully scale, with support for example of mobile phone applications and other mobile services for consultation, programming among others. Some of these factors include energy supply, building material or location and directions of development of the autonomous structures, which can be e.g. towns on the moon, “moon” zones on deserts, spaceships or… modified mini robots – incubators in human body.

to be continued


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