Part 5.a. Self-duplicating plants.

What is the proper basis, the novelty of this book, this project or concept, what I write for?
Answer – the collection of  open ideas, proposals, possibilities offered for more intensive use of self-replicating technology on a massive scale to create giant constructions – not only because of potentially abnormal sizes, scales but also abnormally precision, and what goes next  new breathtaking chances of applying them to generate accelerations of any enterprises – speed of building, moving  anything on scale today seemingly unimaginable.

The moon -eventually the “moon” (peoples free)zones on earth-  is the best space out port under the sun, which may become the largest economy space (a giant industrial park with two times of area of Russia) under the sun. It is like a big mine, the great spaceport, any bureaucratic only great freedom of investment on literally cosmic scales. Here you can try to build like start new civilizations, based on autonomous robotics, too, with feedback and any remote control by the man himself will be fueled in any direction of development. This fairly well-prepared base or bases – mining and manufacturing on the moon, will give a very good foundation to build cities or spaceships on a huge scale – thanks to the enormous wealth of raw materials and energy (solar, helium etc) on the moon.

No state bureaucracy, economic, lack of boundaries gives a chance to the incredible expansion of automation on the moon and beyond but also closer here to our earth, where the experience with the automation of the moon will be fully exploited for example to build self-replicating a super micro vending machines in heart surgery, cancer. But more about that later.

Further, we will roll out on autonomous bases on the moon. How would work this autonomous remotely controlled these bases? As has come to a super fast pace of development of these bases, of course, we are talking about a chain – self-duplicating reaction, just acting like splitting the atom or cloning at the same time. It all is needed is to provide materials, energy, and programs for the remote control stand-alone expansion.

The project MOONNOW is a very flexible design allows the freedom to determine full speed pace and momentum of the project.

It is up to our commitment and faith depend on whether the project will remain in the realm of fiction for longer or shorter time, or we will keep work out alternative routes and proposals for its implementation.

The moonnow project proposes new solutions to drive development and hyper mass production scale. Not like it is now – manufacture or simply line manufacture more or less connected with the automation. In contrast to the line methods used here will be the method for which the universe was created or the method of remotely guided but most autonomous Big Bang – not line but 3 dimensions ( millions time more effective), space dimension, like self-replicating reactions of developing-constructing-building.

Of course, this will be the beginning of an arduous process of submitting the first elements of automatic, organizational, transport, telecommunications, energy. Just now the moon or “moon” zones gives a chance for unconditional powerful development of this project. Only the super powerful, very dynamic autonomous and remotely managed by all interested clients (using, for example, the appropriate phone applications) economy, in this case, the moon gives a chance of turning to really new age civilization in a very short time.

The project MOONNOW necessarily automation & robotics coming to the fore. This is how you start a new civilization, in this case on …the moon.

Robots, machines – like the first of humans on earth – will begin exploration of moon, that is very rich in sources. We will only decision makers, in which direction one way or the other exploration investments will grow. The first robots, robots base their industrial plants will reproduce ( from moon sources) each other in a geometric domino effect. What can be made in a short time to an effect of a fast instant expansion of large databases, cities, space aerodromes, space shuttle plants, tourist resorts etc. It is not only pro-technology but also the design pro-social, where everyone interested in – rich or poor, infirm or healthy, unemployed, elderly or children, regardless of politics or religion or statehood will be able by means of telephony applications to support this program with simulation games, exercises construction in the increasingly numerous projects etc -functional  on behalf every  individuals needs- but there also comes to support, through (previously described) support under the tax breaks allowances system.

Everyone will get the fishing rod instead of fish to be fed to his hunger for progress in the areas, which are directly interested ( cosmonautic, medicine, ecology and so on).

MOONNOW this lunar oscillator speed of development is the development platform, which must not be missed.

to be continued

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