5.b. Artificial (divine)cloning – but evolving – of life by people and for people.

The most important factor offered changes is an idea of so to say cloning, but not simply coping but by the way improving-evolving- the process of development, growth especially in quantity .self-developing productions factories to build other automatic factories to multiple productions of eg. rockets with millions of engines each. End each of the engines with the power of millions of horsepowers. And the power plants don’t to be so big as was a time ago with…. big computers – I aiming here also for developing a system of artificial biology …micro(nano) factories to use in medicine et cetera. Of course, we speak here about broad potential instant developing of multiplying plants, towns, megapolises and … generally economically hyper jump and after this enormous changes of our whole biologically and socially existence.

The project MOONNOW course starts on the ground of our planet. We need to send there(moon) a “flying plate” or patched a pair of “flying plates”(we are talking about probes) with basic materials and tools for surface treatment – in the depth of the moon too, so as was at the time of Stone Age, people did the first use of the environment that they gave. With the difference that it will be now supported by the huge support of computer science, which like the beginning it will work out, preparing lunar conditions, the lunar oscillator to the automatic expansion. With time we will need more and more eager for encapsulating the moon, expanding more and more colossal plant products according to the needs of all concerned, but with a possible wider and wider support from their side.

Of course, leading technology teams, such as quasi self-service restaurants, will support his work by suggestions of other stakeholders, all interested people, and by using application system – computing and mobile computing.

Already now on our Earth ground, we can experiment with for example an automatic, remotely driven plants, robots upsize plants for example in the desert Sahara or Iceland. Using every method of promotion for development of programs, simulation games for this topic project. Also, known constructions toy companies also can take part in it. Not to mention here about schools, universities, and colleges.

Only when the building on the moon reaches the ceiling, at least 1 percent of its surface and beneath the surface, we can think about a safer immediate visiting, colonization, stay of man on his or beneath its surface. Only when this lunar automatic investment oscillator is enough hot “red”, we will be able to speak about the chance for successful manned space expansion and for a breakthrough in the development of robotics, automation in macro and micro scale.

MONNNOW The project was intended to indicate the effective way of expansion of the moon. However, the proposed technique outlined extensive and more super-automatics this expansion gives something much more than just the so-called the conquest of space. This is a fully automated and remotely controlled growing to infinity oscillation growth and technological development in every field of life.

This is the most important factor that can go the progress of our civilization not I next 100 or one thousand years but in the next decade. What does it mean fully automated – from programming production to receive such spaceship, spacecraft, space towns, and bases, robots, medical, macro, micro and nano, reception is not giving the law of production process to be used by any human hand (unless robotic hand). It is this part of a new style of productions; but… human hand- inhibits of growth, is the weakest link in the process of progress. That is why we need to do everything to make the weak link clear.

Using this new technology expansion and development, nothing will be as it was before today. Ships and technology from the “Star Wars” are nothing compared to the effects of earlier suggested the multiplicative speed of construction, For many, it is too incredible to imagine a different world as we know today, and what will be completely different tomorrow and not for the tenth years. Even for me, the changes can be very drastic. Only their announcements may lead and lead today people to different reactions and shocks. Many policymakers will argue over the violation of the status quo, fear of the new.

It is a race against time to primarily save as many lives from disease and poverty, and ecological collapse of the earth.

That is way surprisingly space, the moon has become the subject side of the main objective of the project MOONNOW but could be the main innovation spark locomotive, expansions plant to achieve these humanitarian goals metaphorically and actually.

to be continued

Happy new divine life! Happy new year! Happy new future! 

I hope that finally next year the open lunar ideas will exchange for a practical start of the lunar-accelerators. Do we find out (work out) place, a  first simple stable – like the first garage for e-apple- or stables for new … next year?

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