Dynamic social-eco-technologically “E-mc2”

So have we find out the ( lunar) holy grail or maybe new active formula about structures and laws of the whole environment – micro and macro cosmos more dependent, dynamic dependent on our views needs and possibilities, potential of power of our open and bold mind and power for mood or readiness for transitions, steering the whole environment. Have we found out the new E- mc2 or such like this but more powerful more influential for shaping us and the rest of the whole universe.
Answer is of course not because it would be at once against logic of whole way of thinking of the open concept of the “Masters of life and the universe”
But is another answer too, -a dynamic answer – of course, yes we simply can state law of physics depends on of our broadness of viewing and directions and dynamic of exploring and … shaping the really whole environment … at once!
I literally move the sky, the planet, and the whole cosmos to provide new opportunities for a breakthrough in the protection of life and its further development prospects.
Massively use of social and economic, political aspects here and in the book.
We are talking here about intentional blurring, or rather mixing ( or more likely eliminating ) classical economic, social and technological relations, but with extra inclusion of milliards of people in this process, and mega programs in order to delineate and tame this mega technological monster that involuntarily hides anyway –
not only according to the moonnow blog or the book “Masters of life and universe”.
I do not carry about old rules and old laws of …
Of course, so long we – me still have to ( try to) use the old…. language that we know.

to be continued – with part 5.c. too.

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