Shaping evolution part 5.c.

A fairytale in which you can and have an active participation
not virtual anymore.
and it concerns not only our planet but all space in this space in us – life itself – also.
The real commitment of billions of people to the undertaking of a reality on the borderline of the reality of the present shape is needed. It is not without reason that this seemingly unrelated topic or title of the third chapter of the book “Masters of Life and the Universe” may prove to be the right organizationally and mentally key to moving the whole undertaking in a specific direction.
Appropriate, complementary and motivating social, organizational, political and technological preparations can effectively overcome the rage of decisions that truly monumental expansion to the truly full extent of the word cosmic meaning, which will have a decisive impact on the perspective of our lives individually and on the cosmic global scale.
It is not about coercion but conditions that allow us to use our potential and intellectual abilities to guide and change in us and –
literally – the whole environment.
It is not only about infinite uncompleted technological abilities, but also effective decision-making in accordance with our needs, possibilities as well as what are behind it, strides and dreams. As we see this giant outlined a very complex project.
MOONNOW – constructing a giant cluster of bases
on the moon, the earth and beyond – requires
extraordinary coordination, outstanding global
technology and economy organization.
We begin this project of course on the ground (on
Earth) on special dedicated parks, incubators
experimental production – “robotic mankind” zones.
In these, foundations, state agencies, companies,
universities, technical and medical will jointly lead the
first projects and productions in expanding copying
one another object – like robots. Only later it will
spread mainly in two directions – toward the macro
cosmic and microcosmic side of the super
productions. Organize, simulate, build construction
objects 3 dimension line incubators, which will be
able configurable, develop reproduce without humans
hands and use only full redundant automatic,
controlled by like printers 3 d + assembly robots
It will be work at the beginning like by the first cars
constructing, which were slower than a horse or even

a man, but we know very well who was fastest at the
end – the rocket and not a horse!!! Here, the production
of the “new cars” – robots or other independent
organism’s productions will resemble action to
accelerate and improve generally production of more
and better robots and rockets infinitely. Here we see
the human workshop will be zero in relation to
production of the accelerating oscillation zones.
Because here already production will be dispelled, not
because of the possibilities but above all – needs –
an economy of demand.
Let us remember for now we focus on producing
products that are almost zero-occurring in the world
economy today, but in the not too distant future, these
new products will completely- almost 100 percent –
dominate the economy. We speak here of production
bases and spaceships on the moon – also due to
ecology is also where it should be – for the enormity
of need materials, places, and energy production
would be unable on earth because of giant amounts
(in many billions, trillions of trillions) giant robots,
mini robots or incubators robots, that would be like
bone marrow cells, like an army of mini robots for
medical and ecologic purposes.

We’re talking about a constant improvement of quality
products of this super production – you know, at the
start would be like with the first primitive motor cars.
Here we will have the right adjustable economics of
production – he will be a realized only needs – with an
infinite amount of materials and energy for micro and
macro robots or assembly self-replicating production
parks on the ground and materials in space (on the
moon for example).
For space investment while in most autonomous
program production and its multipliers, repair, and
improvement of course, by the procedures and
suggestions coming from people, not from machines
!-at the last stage of decisions.
This is the production of an unimaginable scale in
terms of quantity and speed. It can be used (in not
longer time) for example technology of supernova
explosion, and in a certain time also use black holes
or big bang tools for the development! Using all
sources, resources on the way to rebuild
expansionary whole environment instantly!

to be continued with the “evolution” for now…

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