E?mc2 or or E = m(c+d)2 !!!


Self-replicating technology – now still very neglected- as completely new way and chances of conditions for changing our entire economic, ecological, political, technological, biological, physical world- and not only.

Under the right – idealized – conditions of static formulas, we very often led to introducing misinterpretations, so
we have to work on dynamic formulas – Dependence of changing an environment – by us!

New created-processed materials- made on mass scale through massive investments of self-replicating and streamlining – as the basis of a new cosmic expansion and development of urban, medical and medical technologies

Our own big bang ( or big bangs technology- geometrically domino effect) of speedy self-replicating technology for using sources and resources to move the process of creation and movement of our conditions started on the moon and moon zones- earlier described in the blog and the book ” Masters of life and the universe a lunar holy grail or tool of creation” – in earlier versions – Inspirations for self-replicating technology movement  .

The zones can be used as ” Harry Potter” -schools or incubators for everybody ( by mobile applications) interested in taking part in the changes for enchant technologically and naturally environment according to our dreams and new technological chances of explorations and any enterprises.


Everybody – from now- can take part in shaping his inner and outer environment – no more unsuitable economy and unsuitable physic but according to our now on behalf our needs and possibilities dreams.
We can shape new roles on behalf developing new technologies to subordination, processing our inner and outer environment, we finally are masters-of-life-and-universe.
We can do it and we have to do it for the weakest and whole progress for us individually, biologically, socially, ecologically, economically, technologically physically, chemically.

Out with old static formulas treated as God’s figures that dazzle broadness of our view on other issues for shaping our nearest and further environment.
Of course, I am not going to discredit old formulas just we can use them as points on a map that we can build new explorations sometimes in quite different directions
Sometimes we have to be innocently ignorant- looking on old formulas from outside- like kids, new young generations to be not so dazzled, dazed by doing further explorations and innovative enterprises as a way, alternative, a new way to really go further.

to be continued with all aspects of inspired the ( literally too) cosmic – physics and economic elements too-  changes together  with part 5.d. of “shaping evolution” too

Ps If someone interested I invite You to my first life small speech on behalf the book “Masters of life and the universe” on mini bookfair in (Denmark) Haslev Library on Jernbanegade 62 street at 03.02.2018 at 3.15 pm.

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