E = m (c + d) 2 – artificial sources generating velocities exceeding the speed of light many times, using self-replicating quantum technology .

On behalf book “Masters of life and the universe”

So finally I have to explain the quantum self-replicating technology¬†aspects used for the¬†E=mc2 that I a little improved to¬† E=m(c+d)2 by…artificial ” quantum car that use less fuel for drive faster” replacement of physicochemical properties to generate this factor d.

What it – “d” means? It is a really important¬†factor for us?

I think Yes not only technologically, physically, biologically, economically but first of all mentally¬†that the “d” influentially will impact entire future of all of us and really entire universe.

Very advanced¬†quantum engineering with help of steady very neglected self-replicating – main core¬†of the book idea and concept. The new factor of the “d” show¬†us incredibility possibilities not only¬†quantum. nanoengineering but also, by the way, shaping literally whole universe¬†exploration by constructing any size and powerful constructions for generating any speed¬†artificial¬†light- “d” for further¬†speedy moving and obeying whole environment on cosmos scale but also microcosmos scale – our¬†body explorations and really engineering¬†of our entire life literally on a¬†nanorobotic surgical level.

continuation of part 6 of shaping evolution

As I have written abilities and telecommunications
now and in the near future, are at least very
promising. We lack harnessing to our brain
telecommunications, agile hands, able to use the
potential of ICT. May these hands be autonomous
robots fully cooperating with ICT systems, which will
continue, of course, subject to the power of the
people? How can these robots operate? Evolution or I
would here call mandatory revolution consisted of
robots to the relatively simple principle – one hand
washes. The robots could autonomously produce his
own incubators. Of course, by our proposals and
disposal of ICT, so that they would serve as our hands
to build the big and small things, but with the great
difference that they will do so in an infinite and ever
shorter time and in the infinitely any number and size.
These robots are automated as our children – taught,
educated, prepared and refined to be self-sufficient
and at the same time help to further ours and their

To be continued – also further¬†explanation of¬† “d”

Ps If someone¬†interested I – Pawel Kozycz – invite You to my first life small speech on behalf the book ‚ÄúMasters of life and the universe‚ÄĚ on mini bookfair in (Denmark) Haslev Library on¬†Jernbanegade 62 street at 03.02.2018 at 3.15 pm.

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