“d” or a new power of mankind and God against the old power of … E-mc2


“Changing ” genotype” of quantums and their environments.”

One time ago Nicolaus Copernicus showed a model of a cosmic sphere that the sun was viewed as centrum of the universe, that planets not bent (their way) making own path around the earth but simply they orbit around the sun and their path is simply round.
A new Copernicus of today can also use extra other views or extra dynamic feature “d” on factor like on quantum construction-

E- mc2 but E- m(c+d)2 where d show potentially speeds of … new really artificially affected quantum (“better and better quantum-cars,- fuel efficiency”)constructions with the help of accelerating chasing self-replicating developing system on a geometric domino effect.

-and other factors changing today’s resolte “astrologist” or “alchemis”t attitude to “unchanged” law of astronomy, physics etc braking “unchangeable” glass sphere ( like was described outer bourders of universe in middle ages) of border of knowledge, saying at the bending time and sphere ( like planets bending orbitine paths “resolutry”described in middle-ages) is just …! like it was one time ago with planets and sun “orbiting” around the earth description, saying that our knowledge is not finished yet about chances and possibilities of a speed of movement or constructions of any natural or artificaleial objects or groups of objects using naturally and artificially processes of changing any structures in fewer than split of time in any place on (really billion x billions x trillions… lights of distance and space) macro and micro universe .

Today also we can have copernicuses that could too much or not enough to prove for and by today’s level of ( too) old static pieces of knowledge- may be enough for navigation or a-bomb-energy but !!! not sufficient for our environment and our life and our – at least my aspirations.

Anyway, I will use as much as possible the dynamic factor of changes what need one to real changes. But by the way, I will not fight – losing time- with all burden of old bits of knowledge.

The most important factor of changes that I offer is the self-replicating and improving system of constructions development in (very)micro and (very)macro attitude of level and quantity. That can help to incredibly speed up of transitions, a transformation of our environment and us on ecologic, economic, technologic, scientific, political, socially and first at all in medicine -influencing each other – level.
Of course, I propose also the practical steps for the changes.
By starting (just for play and education – apparently) self-replicating model cities and bases on moonzones on earth ( previous many times described)and the moon further using powerful possibilities building automatics bases and factories on mercury preparing to chase planet Mars…the Sun and …

to be continued

sorry that my groups of articles remind dug op a place of constructions of many started factors like
astronautics, physics, economics the will more about it and other factors like biology, ecology etc because they have to influence each other to make more efficient effects of the whole – concept experiment.

Ps If someone interested I – Pawel Kozycz – invite You to my first life small speech on behalf the book “Masters of life and the universe” on mini bookfair in (Denmark) Haslev Library on Jernbanegade 62 street at 03.02.2018 at 3.15 pm.

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