Paradigm of subduing forces of nature and their replacement. part 1 – a real teleportation.

Proposed changes in the approach to infinite physical, chemical, technological, and organizational, intellectual potential – a paradigm with a very intense inculcation of the potential for making changes on scale in the full word of cosmic meaning and creation are the contribution, among other things, to the anyway not so revolutionary approach to formulas like E- mc2 where it has already been marked, that it refers to the so-called normal natural conditions – without being involved in the ( “quantum genotype”) manipulation of  normally quantum construction.
The consequences of using this paradigm are like … for the practical use of teleportation, thanks to deep technological and construction changes, using intensively the ever-faster (in geometric height) replicating and improving super nanorobotics in “quantum” of quantum reconstructions.
Unlimited investments and reconstruction of entire objects, teams of space objects on a scale that I will not even mention due to its unbelievable speed and size.
We are talking here not only quantum engineering, planetary, stars, black holes, etc. but above all about our biological life, individual and economic economics, which is later in the next steps and chapters of this crazy pursuit of our most secretive and not yet fully revealed and realized dreams.

The main assumption of the Moonnow project was effective, efficient, safe, low-cost colonization on the moon, preceded by intensive automatic expansion.

I mentioned about using a model of self-driven automatic, autonomous technology development, expansion of production of robot’s facilities basis, metropolises on the moon, under the surface of the moon, beyond the moon i.e. on earth and in the micro(nano) version in our bodies too.

I mentioned that our universe will be within our reach like it is on earth. I have mentioned that our universe will be within achievable reach, that the new trend is emerging in more than a century old Einstein’s and Newton’s paradigms.

This new proposed trend will be the paradigm of subduing forces of nature and their replacement in a better version as it was with a galloping horse 50 km/h and later rockets “galloping” many thousands of kilometers per hour.

The same style of subjugation of our nature according to our needs, dreams, and hopes can also be applied to constructions and journeys between planets, stars and beyond and convert them and … closer in our bodies to the pursuit of the eternal health of our body.

to be continued

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