Out from stone age technology! part2


This paradigm of a self-reliant development is the
mechanism that replaces nature is absolutely
superior to old already Einstein’s or Newton’s theories,
ultimately determining the directions and
opportunities for the development of our technology.

Consequently, our entire civilization as well.

Of course, I, we can fully agree with those who absolutely negate my attempts to change old rules and formulas like famous E=mc2, so long as we really not go out from still stone age level of today technology especially quantum “technology”. But unfortunately, we should not forget that holding by old rules inhibits real progress. So these factors heavily influence one another.

That is why  I am trying to explain is a
statement of subjugation and taming of any object.
The full automation of the first stage of this
subjugation-venture, the expansion of the moon gives
guarantees to intentions, like Einstein’s theories laid
foundations for atomic energy, to reshape our minds
through devotions, world, and a universe in enormous
scale. The technological and social effectiveness of
this undertaking will radiate very strong and positive
effects of real progress also in technologies including the quantum ones.
I mentioned about a well-known over 20-year-old
model of a micro robot funny care toy under a name
Tamagotchi from Japan. This Tamagotchi will now be
developing a mobile telecommunication application
system that will give everyone ability to take care part
in the construction of a new parallel- technologically
bypass- …toy civilization, robots that will continue to
lay the foundations for our spatial and qualitative
At the beginning, there will be a trifle for games, toys,
more or less training or development models and
specifically occurring in very extensive programs of

cooperation in the development of database system,
production’s plants, and activities of space flights on
an unimaginable magnitude.
These new Tamagotchi “care” toy will be the
architectural modular in cosmonautics in all possible
aspects, based on it will be determined by the
architecture of expansion of new space on earth and
Creativity means action – not passive evolution. Do
not be passive!
As I have already mentioned about evolution issues,
we must remember that in process of evolution, only
those will survive and have a chance to develop into
creative individuals who aren’t passive in expectation
of some “evolutionary” fate or salvation.
We must courageously, actively develop the optimal
conditions of effective progress – do not give up! We
should not tolerate such pronouncements like”no
chance, no hope” and so on.
Because there is always chance and hope especially
for sick people and suffering and ecological situation
of our planet.

to be continued

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