new”natural” lunar transition of technology. part3. ( E…<mc2)

We continuing unconditional ( book inspirations for future -present life and really his whole environment) hyper race further to explore macro and micro universe. So as we see the microcosmos – also infinitely in exploring and supporting- will be very helpful to achieve goals like timing whole planets – I thing first really promising will be Mercury ( more about it in extra post series), stars after achieving first methods of work out by super speedy nano developing self-replicating, reliant. cloning robotic system of massive quantum exploring and real engineering on mini big bang fuel special designed areas – mostly far out of the earth. But more about it and the new ways of cosmos exploration in other further capitals of and further books.
Now we start more take attention of most important issues for us by microcosmos path for really artificial cell cloning but as I earlier said evaluate cloning.

continuations of the new “natural” forces paradigm

But now we have to go further to the most influential point of constructing the mega sustainable developing empire on the moon and beyond as well as …within us. Many of people will ask, how on earth we can start such hyper mega giant project on the moon. We are not prepared so. I give that most important answer of whole project Moon now.

This answer gives chance and impetus for our entire civilizations first on earth, in us, after this on the moon and the rest of the cosmos. We have to prepare for this moon revolutions. The proposed preparation will influence not only space industry but entire economy, ecology, medicine, politic and our mind as well.

Even small countries, big technical, medical universities, institutes of physics and chemistry, also any relevant foundations, societies, organizations and private companies could start right now to construct, build and develop in special dedicated closed, toll-free, tax-free, “people free”, international zones here on earth. The zones will have incubators, accelerators for self-replicating and remote controlled self-developing bases of robots, plants of robots and towns, as a great reproductive cell.

We should just not forget that most important rule of the project is “NO HANDS (that means not manually construction works anymore) IN THE CLOSED ZONES ON EARTH, MOON AND BEYOND” but only fully automated (developing in size, quality, and quantity and eventually, remote-controlled system.

At the starting point, it could be hard, frustrating and not so effective like when first cars were constructed, they were slower than horses even men.

Finally, we come to the heart of practical launch of the Moon now project. The devil is in the details. It is already known that these automatic remote-controls developing and evolving lunar database systems can be duplicated here on earth in form of uninhabited islands, high-tech cyclone eye zones to force and encourage more intensive actions toward the development of automation.

This will lead to a breakthrough in space technology, ecological technology, (Nano) biotechnology and nanotechnology of chemistry supported extra by artificial intelligence to maintain and improve the health condition of all our biological organs and gradually replace them.

We need to create a simple way for the development of this lunar transition of technology according to our hopes and dreams on an unprecedented scale. It will be like a jump over evolution, an age of 1000 years ahead.

Ps As one time it wasn’t possible to landing on the moon like today impossible to  speedup faster than light -so in very next future with really artificial quantums engineering… we can do it….E<mc2. – on behalf previous and further posts about borders and resources of speed. – that will be continued next possible time.

On behalf book “Masters of life and the universe ”

to be continued

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