It is time for start finally unconditional race for life and space there WILL be no brakes of speed, no excuses, no…sorrows no… limits and….. death anymore.

Moonnow project is very ambitious, giant and enorm complicated.
It is very difficult to describe deep involved each other issues.
Generally, the are many parallel channels and subchannels of the project. From economy, politic, ecology, astronautics, chemistry til most advanced quantum biology and physics
Til now some of them more or less I just pointed out.
I need help with any suggestions, inspirations for cope with such cosmic complex.
I will try to take more time now for the most important channel such as life structures in spatial formatted…space/very macro and very micro/ world structures -very important of our being in time and space and…speed.

“Constructions til quantum sizes”

The inspiration for the Moonnow project reminds many parallel channels – programs of enterprises each other deep dependent.
Many factors influence the issue channels.
I mentioned already many issues on behalf the inspiration project Moonnow.
I pushed some issues to other schedules for next future time.
Now I would start a discussion on I think the most important issue and channel of the project – life.

Possibilities of using the cell model self-reliant towns idea in directions of structures of our body’s organs and cells.

Of course, we can’t seriously think about replacement of our organ and cells without well-exercised constructions of the towns ( earlier very often mentioned)on normal scale on earth or even out in space by training building telecommunications so to called artificial intelligence like trained dogs or dolphins will do services according our goals of ecology or health – fighting cancer ,reconstructing on better conditions organs

Again we speak here about first Adam and Eve but in cell towns version…
that will going to small Adams and Eves versions to support and rebuild inner organs – replace them gradually really evaluate real artificial cloning -on our conditions, goals and …dreams.

The new Emcd2(earlier mentioned reconstructed most famous formula) also very important for shaping whole universe macro and micro version one another influencing quasi-artificial quantum world made by still ” a bit” components from.the self-replicating micro model towns bases cells – bigger size atomic elements – so upside-down developing from macro til microstructures and replace them/ replace… normally quantum world ( in some circumstances) on our conditions. By the way, exactly the artificial cloning could be good alternative support parallel path for the micro( and macro)world-universe lively for our changes in entire existence.

ps. Mercury (from previously suggestions in space investments matters) can be used as effective investment factory for components, that would be directly sent to… rebuild moon, mars, spaceships and stations and … catapults for chasing other stars etc.

sorry for language – but this already just very superficially describes the complexity of the project.
to be continued…with explanations, innovative visions and inspirations of constructions for a new perspective of oure!!! life. Be patient!

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