Innovation inspirations on behalf new-age tech evangelism “Masters of Life and the Universe” -a concept of instant self-replicating(developing)cell-cities in micro and macro directions. Reminiscences part1.

Future developing project ready for implementation!

Formation of space towns, bases in a blink of an eye! Programming expansionary automatic investments.

Remote control over own bodies and health from help of an army of microrobots!

Shaping climate and more!

Engineering planetary and all celestial objects!

Economics and society of cosmic future.

The proposed robotic technology, which already today can have the application, and will cause we will conduct ourselves differently look at our environment and the world.
Proposals for innovative technologically and economically actions for rescue and develop our world.
Moon as an economic locomotive, as a testing ground for the new technology of mega-productions.
Project MOONNOW is innovations supernova – written on parallel topic channels on behalf definition ideas book “Masters of life and the universe”  available on  , Amazon, and many other publishers platforms.

I remind some inspirations of the book and the blog topics because we – me also- shall not forget core ideas of the Moonnow project. Science fiction – not science- project because of sometimes crazy quasi present-futuristic brainstorm( or better brain typhoon ) sub-proposals of the project.

So prime ideas we get into consideration circa one time a week and the reminders-reminiscences more often for new readers to show whole meanings of new prime topics and old readers for encouraging for holding their dreams of real winds (typhoons) of changes and for changes.

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