Breaking code of the universe. E≠mc2.


“Breaking code of the universe – discovering a new world of Ed..md2 but c2 only in certain circumstances.”
Spread(catapult) artificially – changed(more efficient exploited)just locally -structures on our wish and speed to achieve goals in our nearest and furthest environment. What seemingly can’t be possible today, tomorrow – but not so far- is within our reach. We can rebuild world (and his features by the way) on our dreams and wishes. Futurism is what is impossible today is possible tomorrow. Of course, taking in considerations our environmental sustainability – with new smarter structures.
In respect to Copernicus – that Sun ..was center of the universe, – Einstein – that we shall use the entire energy of universe for achieving the speed of light, they were anyway very important steps for further development.
-“Cort case” -So long one does not prove ( to the end) based on current knowledge about energy and material resources and their features, that
_about quantum horses – natural “machines” resources, which proposes on the occasion of replacing with quantum machines – (streamlining) cars _
sufficient( naturally + discovered + artificially)further exploitation of energy can be not enough to achieve or overhaul speed of light one may not go finally conclusion like E-mc2.
-Case of two (quantum as well)cars with the same mass but different efficiency of speed, where we can also use quotation of E-mc2, where c(speed of light)we could exchange for new achieved “d”speed efficiency by”Ed” , achieving by the cars “features” construction.
I can conclude E-mc2 is ok but …that if c would mean really infinitely speed, E energy use for it also shall be infinite… so because of it please not restrict all to the speed of light because never was proved to the end( practically impossible – at least for now- how really the really whole parabola chart of the energy( interest of -not yet discovered, not artificial made sources of energy also- their amount ) requirements will go.
It can be sufficient ok with the thesis that all known( excluded not discovered and artificially made one)- but only for now!- stored energy sources shall be used to achieving the speed of light.
Whole nature of the entire universe is- still infinitely for efficient discovery, for use his( any micropart) feature and restructuring, exploiting for achieving any speed and other goals of our wish and dreams and unfinished potential of our ingenuity and really ( not fully discovered yet!!!) whole nature of micro and macro cosmos.
We can further search and …develop structures of nature for achieving all us interested goals included structures of micro and macro cosmos and finally life structures also by restructuring- improving -our technological perception! and further really restructuring, exploiting them like it was and is with all ( also not discovered and not structurally- artificially made up -replaced yet) natural sources and resources.
Ps we can build rockets
– by for example concept of Amanhattan project offered already by the book ” Masters of life and the universe “and earlier posts ( self-replicating robotic development) –
with millions of engines(best to construct on Mercury) – so like new first primitive artificial quantum in maxi size and so further shaping structures – and features – in micro and macro cosmos directions partly and …entirely.
Anyway like Copernicus conclusions after hundreds of years ,Einstein’s ones after tenths years, my conclusions after few…?years of technology developing – ….No! Immediately start by offering the “Amanhattan”(explosion speed of automation autonomous investments) can go in practice for more really shaping planets,stars,particles of cells and atoms on our wish…of speed.
One more thing. No one may take for granted any conclusion from just very superficially knowledge about anything, microelements ( there is infinitely universe of not yet fully discovered elements and their features) as well.
So no more E-mc2 but Ed-md2 – amount exploited energy-mass with (artificial or discovered) features times speed depends on the energy exploitation and their utility efficiency …dependent on our technology.
Not me but technology caused degradation of Emc2. We can’t wait we have to go further!
I’m leaving, – don’t worry only, for now, the Emc2 -we can achieve more from the classic Emc2(anyway very important contribution of Einstein) than we think.
It was just (but I think very important) episode for looking further for broadening our life progress chances and potential in the micro and macro universe.
More -innovative spacey inspirations -and ( some times very hard) dialogs in Masters of life and universe Fb, Moonnow Fb  , and book


to be continued

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