Towards a code of universal life. part1

We further upcoming to most crucial aspects that decisively will influence entire knew – for now- micro and macro environment.”Transformation for new speed and life.” – breaking dogmas for progressive life.
For today’s level of technology, even Copernicus heliocentric system and the classic E-mc2 is enough sufficient for stand standard of development. But to go further we need something more as I earlier suggested on brave factor ideas – it depends on really intensive work( take into practice like it was and is with classical E-mc2).
Next choice or step is Yours to take the innovative ideas in practice or at least in considerations by any enterprises.

One more thing. No one may take for granted any conclusion from just very superficially knowledge about anything, microelements ( there is infinitely universe of not yet fully discovered elements and their features) as well.
So no more E-mc2 but Ed-md2 – amount exploited energy-mass with (artificial or discovered) features times speed depends on the energy exploitation and their utility efficiency …dependent on our technology.
Simply- (quantum) cars of the same mass…and gasoline, can have a different efficiency of speed.

More about the cosmic code and another astronautics aspects like the moon, Mercury platforms etc for further space exploration and development by the way (in the margins) or after series of posts about new inspirations for progressing steps for life.
Now also important or most important aspect is to go further in an area of biology – life.
Find out new ways effects but not expensive on time and resources for support and improve our biological life condition here on earth and in space.

Construct towns that their goal of development would different after while. Different for space explorations another for micro space explorations – on quantum level and smaller and a bit different but most important biological cell level or smaller – building this time not quantum cars(( rockets, robots) but cells car that would copy or support elements of our bodies or cell parts on mass scale with support of artificial genetic. For the enterprise, I will also need more posts and time for thinking over and work out some inspirational proposals or suggestions like it was with Ed-md2.

Build, constructing towns of cell capability to self replicating – on very massive scale-by the way improving, building body metropolises of the (apparently toy model) towns, that could self repair and repair his surrounding areas, that will show that we ready to do it in more and more in micro version of biological cells engineering and further quantum cars engineering, by the way broadening front for search for energy and material resource
to be continued about the search for life support.
More in previous and next posts on Moonnow  Masters of life and universe blog, book “Masters of life and the universe” – Amazon and other publishers.
To be continued.

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