Limits to growth?… yes but only in our current mind. Part2 of universal life.


In the start of the seventies of previous century Club of Rome announced limits for growth because of finishing the amount of resources like petroleum, coal, etc As we know resources we have without limit – only lack of hold environment standard of sustainably grow.

Like our planet, micro and the macro universe the are no limits of growth, material, energii resources and …speed and life!- all depends on our current and future perceptions and by the way technologies for/by the perceptions and by the way technologically, efficiently grow.

We can transform whole structures for new resources and materials ( also whole structures of life like forests, oceans ecosystems, whole generations of species) – by using proposed self-replicating systems  model metropolises of automation and robotic, starting this experiment on the moon, moonzones, Mercury to built super bases, super – catapulted by  the Sun laser beams and the Sun atomic energy mega-engineering- spaceships on mass chirurgie system of shaping whole structures of whole or partial asteroids, moons, planets, in time sun and another entire objects.

Alos by the way – using experinces of above draftet enterprises penetrating whole structures of our body system.

How to effectively use living structures according to our wishes – let’s not just forget we’re taking care of what in this world, the cosmos is going on and is going to happen. We (fully responsible) will influence and influence the processes of life in us and around us – whether we like it or not.
We are the creators of the continuations of this life which we got or found – and we do not count that God everything will do for us – after our thought.
We got a gift of space and life and it only depends on us that it will proceed with fewer disease, catastrophes, tragedies, deaths – that nature in us or around us will not a ruthless slaughter in the struggle for survival and development but a more civilized safe environment for our existence in nature – space.
There will be no tolerance in my project for so-called no interference with nature – I have long left the caves and have no intention of returning there – if someone wishes to do so, I invite to Amazon or Siberia for a cultural exchange.
I am staying with those who want a little more in our lives than a terrible fight for survival in nature – one is in a deadly fight of the other – thank you. Yes, I am a man from the cave, but I have no intention of staying in it.
He wants to be immortal and live the colorful life of a space traveler.

How to get to it.
The technology of self-replicating robot teams has been proposed.
And it is the key to the effective use of developmental mechanisms in the outer and inner space, but this time more in line with our needs and desires.

So billions of trillions of billions of trillions of robots method are not linear so that they continue to develop – by the way in smaller and smaller versions, according to nano size, to fight cancer, for programs to reconstruct biology any organs, improve them, and (nano)surgically modify the immune system.

Please do not forget about the main contents of the book “Masters of life and universe”, which affect the whole process of this technology of creation, which I can remind you below. At the end of this part.2 in a new concept of creation for progressive life.
A concept book about instant self-replicating plants, towns and … cell robots – by
“Masters of life and universe” So have we discovered finally the right holy grail?
We can’t be effective accordance or develope with nature by using old point or line methods of growing- proposed cell reaction or ( geometric rate)development is the right tool to successively copy and overwhelming nature.
We are the masters-of-life-and-universe, we just shall not lose our talents and opportunities to go out from our cave of mind and technology.
As I said we can do it without big enforcement. Building cell or if you like clone model automatic and autonomous towns using ideas from three programs:
-Apollo ( “deep” moon or ” moon zones” very intensive auto-investment),
-Manhattan ( instead of destroying explosions to use so-called construction-creation explosions for the investment ),
-and the micro version for fight eg cancer and…. environment diseases.
It is fantasy or not?
Futurism is about what impossible today.
But this time we speak about shaping our future for now too.
If You think that the concept book is inspiring for positive changes in our life, the world and … the universe.
Shocking appeals, inspiring drafts by organizational and economic preparations for breakthrough in technological changes – self-reinforcing self-replicated remote controlled and autonomous investments on the moon and beyond, on earth as mega eco-investments and nanorobotics in medicine, which already today may have application and will cause we will conduct ourselves differently look at our environment and the world. ” Made in Moon” inspired proposals for innovative technological investments, economically and environmental actions for protection and develop our civilization.
Moon and “moon” zones on the earth as an economic locomotive, as a testing ground for the new technology of mega-productions. Project MOONNOW is innovations supernova!
Formation of space towns and bases in a blink of an eye!
Remote and automatic control over own body and health from help of an army of micro-robots!
Shaping climate and more! Planetary engineering ( not only climate!!) and all celestial objects!
So as to tame the horses and even replaced them by cars and rockets !!, we can also – using autonomous technology- do it with all natural forces and resources here on earth, on the moon and beyond!!! starting intensively ( by the autarchic “moon technology” economy) it from now!!

“Multiplication of constructions’ speed” and another giant ( futurology but not so far) technological concepts and projects of
changes, that can be used for positively shaping climate and anything in our universe and in our bodies – and that by own view by using mobile remote control applications!!
Economics and society of the cosmic future.
Yes, we can and we have to do it !!! Change the world! change the universe! From NOW!!!
Technological and organizational shocking concepts for effecting and shaping world and universe and its … laws, by using a self-propelling autonomous and automatic investments systems (like viruses operation)
But take it easy! Everything should be organized in comfortably and joyfully conditions. Remote-control self-replicating toy town models of robots…

to be continued -apparently insane- hyper race for…new changes and …new chances

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