Part 3 of rebirth Adam and Eve

Why so different way of thinking… because using different tools… because of desperations to use new tools of creation now for another decisively stand up for mankind development.
An enchanted wand of technology gives an answer to unresolved questions or dogmas of barriers not to go through apparently.
Don’t give up responsibility and possibility of our entire environment in us and around us.
We stand up to the edge of a revolution that will very actively influence literally our living environment. We can and we have taken full responsibility for it.
We still looking for God or fate. Observing entire inner and outer universe form very passively observation position.

Pretending not interference in nature we, in reality, harming it in any way by not active coordinate development with and for nature. It should be like a dance with very closely partner.

To fight cancer another any deadly diseases, to achieve stars we have to cope with nature by building bridges to effective two ways! transfer of know-how, technologies with nature.
So my proposals are not exchanging nature but subduing her wild uncontrollable, very often butcher character.
First steps of the revolution through the space are practically economically autarchic the self-replicating(self-reliant) towns models of groups of robots that we take under full control some areas of earth, whole moon(inside also), Mercury as full automation sources mega main and factory space base to launch on some stages further very extensive explorations of Moon, Mars, other planets, Sun etc.
On the outer space sources, objects will be very intensively experiments on building an artificial life with his structures that can maintain carry experiments for chirurgical engineering on molecular stage for achieving new energy, and structure resources to the raised level of controlling and …subduing nature according to our life and… wishes – for example, raise level of achieving higher boundaries of maximum speed by structurally locally (atomic) features changes on really mass production scale ( for raising max speed level in Einstein’s Emc2 model)- on really hyper nano level- of environment!
to be continued… cosmic (hurdles – barrierles) race for life

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