Part 4. LIFE part 1


It has happened!

-First draft-

we got it – another side of our nature… of our life

that we have to fight, subduing or better cooperate
it is such as cancer we have to subduing to building up, reconstructing, by the way protecting, developing our nature…life

the self -replicating technology geometric expansionary developing- micro and macro directions in the book and previous posts described- that will be used for

– eg evaluating model Emc2 by more real Edmd2 ( where eg an infinity of Ed equals m times infinity of speed) can be used to achieving speed as one need – and so much as can by current level of technology – by changing quantum structures…features

– but most important is not crashing the Einstein model for the maximum speed

support our life by previously described dance – “tango subduing” with elements that could support but also harm the process to rescue and progress of life in us, the earth whole cosmos environment.

More the life explorations, evaluations, and explanations for me and you in “shaping life” series

No one and nothing will be abandoned!

to be continued

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