LIFE. part 2- first draft.

LIFE Part 2 -First draft- Edmd2…telomeres. A way to speed and life… infinite.
Reconstruction/engineering of structures that can cause changes of efficiency of them by using energy for attempting faster speed.of moving and… very expansionary further explorations and reconstructions.
So we can use the scheme, by the way, using the old kinetic formula of Emc2 but by already another – reconstructed or discovered environment (world) in maxi/micro versions…by more elastic and effective formula Edmd2 – previously described(“quantum cars instead of quantum horses”).
The reconstruction for the efficiency can vi also use for medicine for conditions of improving and extending life by using on mass scale reconstruction of telomeres( very influentially for cells multiplication and so life extension)by
USING EARLIER MANY TIMES ISSUED SELF-REPLICATING TECHNOLOGY ( starting the process from towns model geometric domino effect development) by programmed ever faster self-perpetuating in developing in two directions – macro and micro(nano mass- trillions of supplements) productions.
According and 📖” Masters of life and the universe” – Amazon etc, and also previous (and next)posts on Moonnow and Masters of life and universe.
To be continued


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