Life part 3 – first draft

Proposed enormous changes by self-replicating technologies – earlier drafted- “devour” whole physics, biology, chemistry, medicine, astronomy, economy systems.

The devaluated Emc2, engineering with telomeres are just mascots compared to offers that will be described next time-posts…

…according to 📖 Masters of life and the universe – lunar holy grail or tool of creation – by Pawel Kozycz.

One need just little more time and… posts for explanations and sort out a number of issues for the cosmic lively breakthrough, to further suggestions and concepts for speed-up progress of our really sustainability development.

Ps Devaluated Emc2. As I written heliocentric and Emc2 – dilatation of time etc- systems can be used by today’s stand of (hammer ) technology and perception of nature opportunities, that we have, but it not means that in another natural or artificially environment we couldn’t use more elastic description system for better understanding and subduing nature by our wish and… newer theoretical calculations and technologies(that are very influentially one another)
…one time Michio Kaku commented about controversies about faster things than light – shall we threw away all the books about current(bourders of speed etc)physics – my answer – of course… we have to always evaluate our knowledge… Not standing stubbornly on “proved” – according to current technology -dogmas!

To be continued.

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