A new way of ( more active – not linear ) obey rules and structures of nature – life, universe.

Last chapter of the old passive natural world that opening a new active one by people for breaking limits of life and speed(space)

This article is finally irrepressible pushing of a button  by Self-replicating
Explaining absolutely core goal of a book “Masters of life and the universe” –
already just now irrepressible powerful hyper explosion domino effect.
The beginning of a new era
New and much more powerful (artificially) big bang.
A parallel reconstruction explosion – bypassing and replacement of the old world – opposite to Manhattan (destruction) project.
Supporting skeleton (autarkic economically developing support structure) and exchanging current stand of the organisational economic world, material world, biological-ecological climatic organisms.
Absolutely absorbing all structures – time, space, matter of whole ( micro and macro), restructuring structures of life whole genotype, biologically cell constructions by the way at once restructuring whole immune systems.
Laws of physics, chemistry- they can stay but their meaning lost forever by the power of enormous technological changes of all possible structures on the way of the explosion.
Nothing will resist of the unimaginable hyper supernova ( destroying -reconstructing old world for a new one) no any black holes, other big bangs, other universes, spaces etc will stand to resist that.
One time start the process of earlier described programmed ( automatically on ever higher and faster level)  self-replicating toy towns model, will wake-up irrepressible monstrous explosion of reconstruction at all.
 Power of God is from just now in our hands. We now can decide – when and how- to finish butcher nature world and beginning the new one. The New Jerusalem revelations – quoted at the start of the book.
According to and finally annex  to book “Masters of life and the universe”

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