Renature -a bypassed nature reconstruction – resurrection of… life and really whole environment.

Happy Easter!  Happy Resurrection!

How ideas from book “Masters of life and the universe” can be used for rescue – eg from cancer, injuries -support, improve our lives?
What kind of robotic revolution going to take in consideration?
The self-replicating robotic is replicating developing whole groups of machinery robots automatic as one semi-cell structure, that first at all shall develop in a micro direction ( it is going on precisions- quality and quantity.

So the cell-like group of robots should be smaller and smaller, faster and faster in his micro and multiplication development. And only after this period we could speak about the real development of new generation of new robots, that parts of them will be the micro ( ever smaller) cells consist from the group of micro- nanorobots that further can sufficiently improve not only medicine, cosmonautic, urbanization on sustainability but also revolutionary ( not evolutionary any more!)way of development on ever bigger and ever smaller sizes.
I remind that whole process should start from town self-replicating (toy)models (as cells)of robots.
So the towns will be the first egg ( the cell of robots) of a breakthrough for speed-up further development for medicine, physics, chemistry, urbanization, cosmonautic etc included ecology, an economy as a super independent factor completely change (swallow) the entire environment by bypassing currently stand (skeleton) of the whole development.

Happy Easter and …
Happy – renature (nature revolution) – resurrection – Future

To be continued

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