Prediction but … ENFORCEMENT of nature.

Prediction – definition – perception – enforcement

What is the main meaning with ideas that I try to spread around the world and….more… over one year already?
Prediction of nature structures development by explorations? NO!!!
That made by Newton, Einstein, Bohr way of discovery by definitions that could sharply show ways of nature perceptions….enforcing further development…shape of nature according “nature” law.
Enforcement for a restructuring of nature according to our needs and possibilities and newer methodically perceptions of nature and her features and mechanisms for further more effective enforced sustainable changes of and for nature our life and really whole (micro and macro) universe.

definition of nature and perception of nature – their one another influencing further progress

Like the start of computing era from system zero one (a forced cell self-replicating explosion of technology) in automating the development of external and internal environment research robotization
My proposal is to start finally era of building a parallel new world, new nature for supporting our wishes ( like it was one time ago by exchanging – by development- horses with cars)
– molecular world… our bodies…our environment (all objects in the universe) bypassing with robotic cells path of development earlier suggested.

To be continued

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