Tools for reshaping “natural” environment for everybody. part1


Partnership or better responsible leadership of nature – evolution-  for everybody by mind, politically, economically and technologically tools evolvement for taking part of the enforcement- more aware- shape a whole inner and outer environment.
The other, not so – apparently ( we are finally at least equal partner of nature!)- natural features can be very influential by working out our potential behaviors for
the sharpness of nature perceptions(new tools) and further shapes of the nature …by earlier many times showed proposal of ever faster self-replicating “town” models as first creation tools(cells,”atoms”) for super fast reshaping all that one needs.

By further enforcement of changes and further in feedback for permanently restructuring and featuring whole inner and outer environment with ever faster speed – the new environment will generally change influence old features and, “old” law of nature. the new evolvement part (by and for everybody))of nature will be influential for further factors, features …tools- predictions definitions perceptions enforcement.

Surprisingly they are more economically, and political issues to work out to effective and responsibly push further the cosmic(natural) proposals of technologically evolution- revolution
that is described in the third chapter of the book “Masters of life and the universe”.

to be continued of the literary scientific manifesto for the really responsible lively environment movement …revolution

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