Absolute relativism -“naturally” environment according to everybody. part2

What’s in my little different of nature and her right?

The nature and present and older creators of her rights and visions of behavior  – Newton’s law, Einstein’s law, etc. can be beheld – it is ok.
I go much further in the (relativistic) approach to nature and its laws but also equal rights to nature! – to shape its structures and rights and properties, and this is according to mass (according to the earlier described self-replicating accelerator – Amanhattan project) production, the processing of the environment, nature and so on! like a partner ( or responsible leadership) with its affiliates…atoms, stars, galaxies and so on.
Powerful changes through the previously indicated self-replication technology (processing on the occasion of whole environments and whole systems) on the truly cosmic scale-causing that old law … mass, energy or time in older or current views – Einstein’s view too! will be meaningless under the pressure of huge transformations of all obstructing not only matter-energy.

It is like the power of a million horses with their weight and energy in relation to the power of billions of billions of trillions of ( artificial bricks of cells and molecules supporting, by the way, each life individually) rockets built automatically ( on Mercury, Moon etc starting on the Earth) in … only the indicated
but already quite other organizational, social, economic and political constructors, which will be a key element of the start and continuation of this revolution of nature – absolute relativism but according to our wishes, each individual (special application programs for every citizen-client) and proper coordination of social movements, economic and any individuals.

to be continued with the – new technology new civilization new era-  big bang relativistic formula and her explanations.

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