Hand painting(production)? No… making pictures(super production)- of own future!


Apparently, chaotic sentences, suggestions on edge between social, political, technological, physical, economic issues enforce for thinking for taking own conclusions of my cosmic proposals attempting to heavy globally and historically changes.
I post quite short articles ( ” scientific songs, poems manifestos about a fight for life and space”) – predictions and definition according to perceptions for enforcing decisions of everyone interesting, believing of shaping own future now and further.
Of course, in time I also will take suitable conclusions and definitions for help me and others to go through the difficulty of criss-cross issues written in the articles.

The main motive for this seemingly chaotic articles is a future prophecy … the replacement of (hand)painting images by an automatic painting (or better to say making fast pictures…in 3d instead of slow painting)production (or super fast productivity) for your own image of the surroundings on a scale so far unimaginable in terms of size, quantity, and space of changes… that ( the own prophecy) will be shaped- self-invoked exactly by ie the articles.

I don’t want to make the same mistakes (previous) inventors that have neglected socially, economically, politically, ecologically, morally issues, effects of offered technologically proposals.

That’s why my articles are also so heavy framed by tweeted propositions about a social or economic thread that further in feedback effects will influential further development.

to be continued

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