Foundation of life.nr1.

We stand before an inevitable important decision of total reconstruction of a whole – inner and outer- environment.
We have to cope now with- by the support of globally economically technologically politically foundations( co-working with all governments) – nature by the geometric progress or… losing the race by our handy- line “developing” civilization by any cyber attack ( or diseases) of artificial intelligence in a split of a second destroying all even without our conscious of it!
I speak about really mass scale transformations of all known natural and present already all our technological sources head for changing any known artificial and natural features and structures in the whole surrounding – it can be a threat but also great chance for any creation that we need to support or develop our life and any known interesting us constellations … but I remind that in a split of a second can be changed everything in totally apocalypse like by super speedy cancer by unwanted side effects of the proposals for the super race.

We have to recognize and prepare for learning
use the new – cell self-replicating – technology before – to late… it can use us and it could take just split of second and we even will be no aver that it will happen. Like artificial cancer but this time in unimaginable speed. And our today’s “handy” technology with funny gadgets help nothing at all

We shall take it – preparations- in provident control now before it made it instead of us.

Foundation or foundations as parallel economy and politics tool – a safe margin of transition to more influential and effective global developmental constructions based on individual decisions and tools(mobile applications) to be in tune with the new technological transformation.

to be continued

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