Fundations- Pillars of creation.part 3


Absolute relativism concept – a path of (geometrical)progressive symbiosis with nature by evaluating cell self-replicating technology, that can also overhaul nature.
-at one time ago Einstein’s theory ignited further practically atomic development.

This time we talk about on quite another level of an enterprise.
A project proposed by me to implement the concept(absolute relativism- on our wish) of a technology partnership or even leadership with nature in a form of pace and methods of transformation is the largest undertaking in history. Futuristic or present – it depends on us.

It is based on two pillars.
The first technological and scientific pillar – a project of evolving production ( more about it next time) development according to a natural path of development – according to geometrical progress- no more line production.

in this way, on the basis of scientific assumptions concerning energy and mass, the Manhattan (A-bomb) project was initiated, which was also initiated by social…war relations at that time, in this case,

the second pillar driving this proposed process will be a social and economic pillar, which in turn will be supported by a kind of technological bypass from the first pillar, supported by, inter alia, multiple (billions-fold) economic growth.

I will consistently, step by step, aim at presenting the concept and consequences of the foundation’s mechanism that would fit for health, ecological, social, economic as well as political, scientific and technological needs of everybody.

to be continued

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