Creation. productivity part1.

So we have to concentrate goals for start biggest enterprise in our known universe.
The most important goal is to start any self-reply technology by not line but geometric progress for make – any structures ( at start just for play and sub preparations) on complexity level according to ( already known)natural structures complexity or even more complexed that could allow copying or over hole nature and its… law for very much more efficient space travel, rebuilding supporting life (fight cancer etc) and whole environment at our wish, needs, and hopes.

By previous and today (line)technology-productivity we (have and will)take never in our mind(psychological effect – illusion… mitologize of nature) that we can really change or discover structures of nature and by the way their features like for example the famous maximum limit of speed. – so by the way, I must admit that the formula Emc2 is ok but only for a very limited perception of nature based on knowledge like it was one time ago with heliocentric (the sun centrum of the universe ) theory.
So as I promised to go back to take in consideration the Emc2 but only to say that for FURTHER development it (the formula) is unacceptable and is subject to full disqualification.

to be continued

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