(no)Boundaries (but)and perspectives of creation (productvity).part3.

There are no natural boundaries of knowledge and reconstructions of old (primitive) formulas or models and other dogmas, that at first glance quite on time but only in accordance with a current-past level of technological and mental perception (actually on an alchemical level) of our surrounding the inner and outer worlds, but …of real possibility of us and nature.
They shall not stop of further development- going out of glass sphere of knowledge.
The proposed technology of controlled self-replication confirms a potential of the theory (religion) of creation on cosmic scale and speed.
A structural efficiency of a developmental structure – the entire present civilization – is not higher than a structure of one biological cell, therefore we cannot achieve their level or exceed them in subjects of … many diseases or physical-chemical performance in controlling our terrestrial environment and beyond.
Not arrogance – mythology – the “all knowing” ego of scientists already pointing to “practical” boundaries of further development … science but real deep awareness of our and our nature potential will allow us to take the initiative – practically enterprises- of not copying life and chemo-physical phenomena but to create creating new replication structures of creation (life), and thus achieving new and higher structural quality levels from Newtons, Einsteins etc formulas, and dogmas

The proposed perspectives may not propose the final sorcery abracadabra with time, but a final constructive solution to a problem of immortality and … resurrection, confirming the potential practical realization of creation in creating, rebuilding worlds, living bodies, in… a blink of an eye.

This ultimately changes perspectives of a development of science technology, economics … social political individual biological and spiritual, each of us every creature, our entire civilization as well as the impact on the transformation of the whole known environment on the earth and beyond.
This is not a proposition of a revolution in development, but simply a proposal for continuation only with a speed of supernatural transformations on the apocalyptic scale – on the Big Bang scale – but this time under … our control without mythical descriptions of development boundaries or other worlds according to these mythical development boundaries but more with a specific path in these world-for wider surroundings for achievements and transformations.

to be continued …according to a path …beyond our imagination? No… – will be presented ( in many parts and subdivisions) – proposed mechanisms of self-replicating combinations of construction that duplicate, replace + change the current natural and artificially structures.

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