A mechanism of intentional megaproduction (evolution)-creation for changes. Part1.

So far, I have presented quite visually (futuristic?) proposals, concepts of a different approach to the unresolved nature *of its potential*, which is not known to the end and requires further learning and more effective use.
We, and in this discovery of the potential for development, our ingenuity outside (at least from the assumption) of dogma and schemata and technologies have greater chances for a powerful civilizational leap in shaping the whole environment known to us so far and living in a more sustainable and more effective way.

I will try to myself and others outline, work out, describe, explain mechanisms, models of this alternative development taking into account the current potential, social, economic, technological, and environmental. This is a slightly different look than hitherto related chemical, physical, biological and social models.

It is an uncompromising proposition of a quite aggressive and at the same time partnership model – we have the same rights to absolute transformations as the rest of nature – influencing the transformation of the whole known environment using technology (production-creation) self-replicating, multiplying in geometric speed progression.

And as in nature, for example, a development of biological cells, a development of entire cosmic areas including planets, we will not see the final essence of the evolution of its effectiveness, there is proposed a crazy pursuit of creation ( apparently aimless – like the rest of evolution) in all natural and so-called unnatural areas – created by a human as nevertheless an equal partner of nature as any stars or any objects or beings.

As any model (Einsteins, Newtons, Bohr and Copernicus models too!) it will never be able to reflect the whole nature or nature of the project due to the further prospects for the development of the perception of nature through the use of this project and other projects with an accelerating feedback effect. And that’s good because we should not close in the next bounds of  “all knowledge” further areas and potentials for development.

To be continued

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