Science-“alchemists” model parts as forwarding steps for a further mechanism of -nature- development. Part1.b.

We will always reveal new areas of cognition and creation in a way of increasing a perception of nature. So we always need religion, science shaman, astrology, alchemy in achieving new areas of cognition and development.
I do not mind.
It is one of the elements of the mechanism of global historical as well as future development.
But only they -shaman science (dogmas) cannot effectively send specific methods to further foundations of development and further … at a higher level of the mathematical-scientific shamanism, which is to provide further foundations for also “nonshaman”- more practically science-  technological development in industry, urbanization, biology, medicine, astronautics, and influence (mutually) on (changes) individual, social, economic and political behavior and actions.


What at the same time allow us and nature (as one environment) to be not so destructive and on the contrary, very constructive transformations of the current (individually) environment and us socially, technologically and biologically at a pace that surpasses all imaginations and visions.

So I’m thinking about fundamental changes. They will never tolerate the present state of “life” and nature.
One need for fundamental changes and they will come from ours or without our participation …

Generally, our bespoken mechanism consists of three parts

a) An open model of scientific studies is the natural ones that are needed and are currently obtainable in a technological process for a further intensive transformation of these natural states according to our needs and purposes.

b) In order for these plans not to change against us, we will need to consider a global supranational individual (ethical) and socio (political) -economic model, it is to set a framework for really development boom.

c) And the (cell-like, explosion-like)factory technological process of the mega-production fulfilling these intentions.


To be continued of speed up of evolution on a total scale

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