Definition of a mechanism of mega-production. (more) Human evolution…creation. part 2.a.


Our place in the (micro-macro) cosmos as a less passive but more active responsible and more effective attitude…

No more fate excuse for what happens in our life and environment.
Like garden worker, we can …and have ( if we want it) to avoid accidence, avalanche, flood, vulcanos, stars eruptions, diseases, death etc. …now!

A dynamic human model of an environment and its changes.
Not passive but active (a part of…man as the main factor of changes) model of the whole environment, cosmos.

We are talking here about more responsible and more efficient continuation of evolution on – its higher level – (we have already done so and we do a manual/line process of production-creation).

The mechanism of creation-continuation of tampering evolution
We do, for example, bikes, rockets, vaccines, etc.

But That proposal is about a millions times acceleration of a scale advantage leading to a breakthrough in (transforming more according to our needs and … dreams) shaping the hitherto known, almost never-achieved structures(including properties) on micro and macro cosmic mass scale.

Further evolving.
Supporting participation in it (evolution), but not by means of a manual-linear production, which will further influence a role of science, which was a necessary precursor of development but here the current (natural) science becomes a small (unnecessary? dogmatic), an obstacle, a moderator that does not,  can’t  follow the pace of reproduction proposed here, all of the present known nature in addition to the gigantic pace of mastery of the whole environment.
The model of super production – creation – proposed will not differ from the model of evolution but with an increased billions time-strength by means of additional human intentionally management “genome” geometric (not linear) pace of reproduction of a whole environment.

We are technologically ready to start this process now, but we are not organizationally and mentally prepared for this civilization’s hyperevolution.

Technologically, as I have often indicated, a group of robots able to reproduce themselves with simultaneous increase of the rate of quality and quantity and size (micronano of the scale) -the best in protected safe zones on the ground or beyond and as I have already proposed Mercury, the Moon and it is also due to mental for an extortion for not manual but through remote programming and control, for the further use (and restructuring) of local materials for urban, technological and biological processing as well as the chemical and physical materials and structures (stellar-, quantum-structures too).

The practical application of this hyperproduction or creation is the achievement of an amount of structural size that matches and prevails over atomic and cellular structures for a more sustainable, more effective support and development of our life and security of our civilization and environment … all further explored cosmos…on unimaginable speed.

To be continued.

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