Mega production model . Definition. part 2.b – …for taking over, chasing structures and their features.

Scheme model of the project – directions, goals(model, features) of development is
not (mega)producing for any family 1000 cars etc

…but trillions of micro(nanonano)-robots(per person) supporting literally our life and any space around us,
…but shaping evolution of general development of our cells, microstructures of an environment(all possible -perception- of body and universe) steering much more efficient of her development on our condition by productizing duplicating structures that self can duplicate and develop but this time- more- by our condition not any more by line or alchemy technologies…
and here we can really changeable shape environment by our program conditions definitions.
We going inside physics chemics biomedical structures and models as -responsible-creator- active factors_ of further evolution and development (of production)_for literally shape, structuring our life (of cells – repair and develop – against diseases and death)_ and space ( of atoms- new artificial world of energy, time, mas…)
I remind its open not finished project /not dogma to memorize/, written life for braver and brightly broadening view of living space of life
in technologically, economically, politically, socially, personally steps – or jumps- of/for further (life)development.

to be continued of the scheme

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