Mega production model. Definition. part 2.c. “cancer”model of reconstructing.

Reconstruction of cells, genes, atoms and their smallest parts with the help of billions of robot groups, that further duplicating developing one’s selves as effects of the mega production project – at the start “just for fun”(exercise).
Base new structures on new components. Overhauling speed of precision of all previously known by completely new artificial structures of life and a rest of the whole physical (chemical) space for new models of artificial structures that will affect or affect the whole or part of the environment and life we are interested in.
Of course, nature, space is infinite but not completely unmanageable. In other words, mostly partner like -like direct and creative (and not passively – “waiting for evolutions”) _ will have to treat it.
As more equal (“more aware of own life and spice equal rights for creation”) contractors and subcontractors of further development, expansion of the evolution of nature and the entire cosmos of life of each of us.
They will not resemble the existing models of atoms, cell, genes, etc. it’s already their own artificial worlds dynamically with possibilities of profound changes of everything “for a snap” here and now and so changeably forever.
Active intense aggressive (like aggressive cancer) permanent intervention models of deep, complete transformation of takeovers of transformation structures, however with the addition of alchemy but already on a different level, for further exploring of structures of us and a whole environment.

to be continued with the model of “cancer”(as a human vaccine)  for shaping own existence and development by building, investing in own self-replicating,-developing programmed system of self-developing robot mega towns…as first self-replicating – duplicating, human programed really megastructures…

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