Megaproduction. Model definition. part 2.d. Multiplex robot cities.

Duplicating robots cities as precursors of reconstructions … constructions … according to our needs and dreams of ourselves(body) and a whole environment.

Further definition of “the construction of the reconstruction” as an expansion of a parallel world to take over interesting us functions(features) that we are interested in.
It will allow for further practical steps in the planning of production of investments of this project, so the project will no longer as a faraway vision but concrete enterprise to fill up as soon as possible.
The reconstruction model starts with build up groups of robotic cities capable for independent duplication repair and expansion and development towards cities (without people) megapolis and further aimed for increasing a capacity of precision and miniaturization on a massive scale of structures created with a little man-control, peoples programs, but also to further increase in a miniature directions of development, but by the way further like maxi size transformations and development according to our needs – as equal partners of the (r)evolution of – jump for- mega creation.

The task of these robot cities – in fact as a developing mega multiplex of city microrobots – cells like – serving for most effective implementation of tasks according to the needs of each of us.

to be continued for “finally”- productivity definition of- our evolution = creation.

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